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Thursday, January 30th

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Here are the highlights:

1. Felicia Sonmez and the tyranny of the social-media policy
How The Washington Post tried to correct its mistake

2. Why did Matt Drudge turn on Donald Trump?
Drudge wasn’t pleased with Trump’s unfulfilled promises.

3. In California, a long struggle against ‘online-only
Digital News Media members can now fully participate in the California News Publishers Association

4. How The Washington Post pulled off the hardest trick in journalism
The Post has combined “prestige journalism with a shadow clickbait factory”

5. But Hunter Biden…
The press should beware of repeating the mistake it made in 2016 with Hillary Clinton’s emails

6. On Cheer, and journalism beyond news pegs
"Reading long stories that must always be justified and intellectualized can be a chore. But the point of Netflix is to escape all that."

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