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Thursday, November 14

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Here are the highlights:

  1. The New York Times’ obsession with Trump, quantified
    The way the paper covers Trump is unlike other president in modern American history.
  2. Jacob Wohl likes attention. Reporters have given it to him. That needs to stop.
    It is time to move on to harder targets.
  3. A meteorologist in Iowa makes climate reporting local
    Eric Sorensen translates local weather events into larger climate patterns.
  4. Has climate news coverage finally turned a corner? 
    A tally of the thousands of stories and hundreds of millions of social media impressions for #CoveringClimateNow. 
  5. We need to ban these seven words/phrases
    Journalists must be stopped.
  6. Journalists are revealing their salaries in a Google Doc
    Reporters at BuzzFeed, the NYT, and others are confessing.
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