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Thursday, December 5

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Big tech’s most feared journalist
    “The multiplicity of my enemies is quite something to behold."
  2. A new way for journalists to tackle bad information
    Disinformation is polluting our media environment. Facts won’t save us.
  3. In Chicago and elsewhere,authorities plant misinformation in the press
    A police department exists to protect the public and to protect itself, but can it do both?
  4. Has our investment in debunking worked? 
    Fact-checking organizations are becoming less attached to traditional journalism outlets.
  5. Tweet about Kamala Harris reposted thousands of times turned out to be false
    How disinformation campaigns impact African Americans.
  6. The case of a viral video shows how quickly the press can abandon ethics
    "Digital journalists seek the high that comes from posting first."
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