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Thursday, October 29

Our most popular stories this week, along with editors' picks:

Here are the highlights:

  1. How the press covered the last four years of Trump
    Our newsletter writers look back on their Trump era columns to assess the media coverage. They found the press failing to transcend traditional, ineffective styles of journalism.
  2. To report on tech, journalists must also learn to report on China
    "If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we are globally connected and interdependent."
  3. CNN public editor: Television journalism will remain broken post-Trump
    CNN's obsession with ratings will not disappear if Trump loses next week.
  4. Q&A with historian Rick Perlstein
    On both-sides-ism, the media's "ideology of consensus," and why 2020 isn't 1968.
  5. At voters' service
    How local journalists, in Ohio and beyond, are informing their communities' voters.
  6. Showing the breadth of anti-Semitism
    Two years after the Tree of Life massacre, journalists still fail to grasp the complexity of anti-Semitism.
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