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Thursday, October 24

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Here are the highlights:

  1. How David Fahrenthold gets ahead of Trump stories 
    A reporter for the Post with a rigorous daily routine.
  2. Can a ‘nobody’ make a popular, financially stable podcast? 
    Why it's hard for newcomers to make enough revenue.
  3. The Colorado Sun, a year after the ‘Denver rebellion’
    After a dramatic rebellion, the paper is thriving.
  4. How to report on a data breach
    Journalists covering data breaches can accidentally break the law.
  5. An officer held a journalist at an airport until he 'admitted' to writing propaganda 
    Tracking journalist stoppages at the US border.
  6. No one working at Newsweek can tell me why it still exists
    Internal documents reveal a traffic-bonus system and low morale
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