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Thursday, November 12

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  1. What the polls show, and what the press missed, again
    "Trump will, sooner or later, be gone––no doubt under duress. What is left for the press to understand––and it may be the biggest story of our lifetimes––is a vast, complicated country."
  2. Republican election denialism isn't scary or funny or pathetic. It's all of the above.
    On covering the GOP's wink-wink nudge-nudge style of authoritarian action.
  3. A confrontation in public media
    Public radio has struggled to retain and promote women and people of color.
  4. Now we need to rebuild local newsrooms
    Many of our civic challenges can be tied to the destruction of local news. It's time we act like it.
  5. A Q&A with Matthew Desmond
    On Evicted, moratoriums, and humanizing housing coverage.
  6. For Big Tech, what follows 'free expression'?
    Tech platforms' embrace of free speech was always about their bottom lines. That's no longer working.
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