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Thursday, October 31

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Why Netflix is facing a lawsuit over one of the streaming giant's miniseries
    The exchange at the heart of a suit recently filed by a police consulting firm.
  2. What teens think about Washington Post's much-discussed TikTok account
    The paper might not be happy with the reviews.
  3. Indian Country Today joins the Associated Press
    "Most Americans have a fundamental misunderstanding of how tribes fit into the country."
  4. Things got pretty messy at Deadspin
    A digital uprising against management, followed by the firing of an employee.
  5. A NYT op-ed with an enticing headline, and a questionable writer
    "The Times bent over so far backwards to show that it was not 'liberal,' it fell over."
  6. NYT accused of pushing 'Republican conspiracy theory' in front-page story
    Is the article a seminal journalistic work, or clickbait better suited to Breitbart than the Times?
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