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Thursday, June 4

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Here are the highlights:

  1. The police abuse the press. Again.
    Journalists must apply sharp scrutiny to the police, not fuzzy credulity.
  2. The story has gotten away from us
    Six months of life and death in America.
  3. The real apprentice
    A reality television producer explains how Trump learned the ways of the medium, and how journalists enable him.
  4. MSNBC public editor: Take Trump's words seriously
    "If a person is waving a loaded gun at you, the immediately newsworthy thing about it is the gun." 
  5. America's labor crises hit a depleted beat
    With so few labor reporters in the US, and a corporate-friendly administration, who's left to be a watchdog for workers' rights?
  6. NYT public editor: Enough of "all the news." Time for what's fit to print. 
    Stakes are too high for the New York Times to continue its "both-sides" framing––it should instead return to its discerning roots.
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