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Thursday, October 15

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  1. Catching on to Q
    Political reporters largely missed the rise of QAnon.
  2. Is wildfire preparedness reporting a waste of time?
    "I never got an evacuation alert for my city, despite the fire burning nearly everything across the street from my house."
  3. Google and Facebook have a news labeling problem
    Google applies its "news source" label inconsistently, while Facebook allows virtually anyone to register as a news company.
  4. What does a news organization owe its essential sources?
    Natalie Edwards leaked documents from the Treasury Department to BuzzFeed News and now faces a jail sentence; BuzzFeed has hardly written about her.
  5. In El Salvador, a beacon of truth under threat
    How President Nayib Bukele attacks digital news organization El Faro.
  6. How are we feeling?
    A survey of more than 1,400 journalists covering COVID-19 in 125 countries finds widespread struggles with mental health and personal finances.
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