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Thursday, May 7

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Op-ed: Covering science at dangerous speeds
    A veteran science reporter takes newbies on a tour of the beat.
  2. Inside the Black Vault
    A FOIA obsessive’s UFO-filled empire
  3. For Trump, the medium is not the message
    The president shall, from time to time, conduct a spurt of interviews with mainstream news outlets before going back to Fox.
  4. William F. Buckley and Argentina's Dirty War
    Behind the international public relations campaign on behalf of  the Argentine dictatorship.
  5. Podcast: How did medical masks become a signal?
    Fear and uncertainty devolve into paranoid tribalism.
  6. After violence in Delhi, journalists face new dangers.
    India’s press was in fetters well before the global pandemic.
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