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Thursday, February 13th

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Here are the highlights:
  1. The media, 'Klomentum,' and the 'erasure' of Elizabeth Warren
    A case study in "the horserace journalism model's obsession with momentum"
  2. What the media should look like now
    How does the media express its alarm when it becomes convinced that the country is in crisis?
  3. Coverage of Bernie Sanders suffers from a lack of imagination 
    "Our coverage is constrained by the deadweight of conventional wisdom, which is a bias in itself."
  4. A Q&A with Hamed Aleaziz
    An immigration reporter from BuzzFeed News talks about sparking an investigation into ICE's medical care.
  5. It's not misinformation. It's faith. 
    Embedding with an anti-vaccination group on What'sApp
  6. Mister Rogers and the Reformation of Tom Junod
    How Junod's friendship with Rogers changed the way he approaches journalism and faith


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