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Thursday, October 22

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  1. Q&A: E. Jean Carroll, sexual assault, and a lesson in perspective
    "So it's the same as it was two thousand years ago, as it was in the Renaissance, in the 1800s, in the 1900s. Women come forward. They are not believed."
  2. We won't know what happens on November 3 until November 3
    Journalists are not clairvoyants. Let's just tell our audiences what is happening today.
  3. How to cover Election Day and beyond
    The media's responsibility in a democracy is greater than conveying a vote tally.
  4. Washington Post public editor: The powerful have realized they don't need the Post
    What happens when politicians and billionaires no longer need papers like the Post for publicity?
  5. Medical mystery
    What American journalists can learn about covering the president's COVID diagnosis from journalists in the UK, Brazil, and North Korea.
  6. The legal landscape for frontline student journalists
    Where (and what) the schoolhouse gate is, and what it means for student journalists' legal protections.
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