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Thursday, May 9

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  1. Britain’s royal family made tabloids furious with an announcement breaking tradition
    After a month of privacy, a very public birth.
  2. The survivor who broke the Shambhala sexual assault story 
    “It was not about getting justice about specific situations. It was about raising awareness.”
  3. Caster Semenya, and the myth of the uneven playing field 
    "Stories about so-called dominant trans athletes are cherry-picked for use in moral panic narratives."
  4. As the republic teeters, will the news media get serious?
    The press is heading into 2020 without studying what went wrong in 2016.
  5. Reporter says TV station news director initially passed on Sandra Bland video
    "He didn’t think it was newsworthy at the time."
  6. On Twitter, news outlets amplify Trump’s false statements: study 
    "The general way journalists construct articles doesn’t work."
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