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Thursday, October 1

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  1. The logical endpoints of debate in America
    "If you insist on grading a serious process as shallow entertainment, it should be no surprise when a shallow entertainer turns up and exploits it."
  2. A guide to Trump's reality TV debate techniques
    "Deny everything, admit nothing, make counteraccusations": a long-time reality TV producer explains the debates.
  3. Ohio's whitest home newspaper
    The Columbus Dispatch has never looked like the city it covers. Can it change?
  4. Last man standing
    The Red Hook Star-Revue wants to be the next Village Voice.
  5. The Times drops the motherlode on Trump's taxes
    Talk of whether the New York Times investigation into Trump's taxes will have an electoral impact misses the point.
  6. Deconstructing the news desert
    Experts disagree on what really constitutes a news desert.
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