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Thursday, May 30

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Jennifer Hudson meets freed Reuters reporters at the Pulitzer lunch 
    "Servers brought out risotto, beef, and a buttery portion of fish while devastating images of children starving... flashed on two large screens."
  2. Is ‘viral book’ an oxymoron? 
    What can authors hoping to garner a book deal learn from this newfound interest in virality?
  3. A new report adds another disturbing detail about journalist police raid 
    “Press freedoms can be threatened in any city, regardless of how conservative or liberal it is.”
  4. Report reveals new details about DOJ’s seizing of AP phone records 
    The DOJ also considered subpoenaing phone records of WaPo, NYT, and ABC.
  5. The site where journalists anonymously comment on their newsrooms
    A former reporter created ‘Rate my Professor’ for TV news.
  6. CNN and NYT made the same mistake when reporting on Alabama's abortion bill
    Ban coverage sows confusion within local communities.
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