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Thursday, September 24

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  1. Ten questions for the Trump ally who runs US-funded media
    Who is Michael Pack working for?
  2. How can we stop Trump from using the debates to lie?
    Armed with real-time fact-checkers, moderators can help voters see which candidate is more capable of handling and delivering the truth.
  3. CNN public editor: A tale of two stories
    Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, doesn't keep his job, and the power it grants him, by pushing risky, complicated stories. We should celebrate when those stories do appear.
  4. Reporting today, with yesterday's context
    Despite the resurgence of historically-informed journalism, academics fear that the makeup of the college curriculum may result in a generation of reporters without an appreciation of media history.
  5. The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and covering the Republican push to replace her
    Much of the media––with its insistence on equating "both sides" of any given argument––has long abetted the tactic of using made-up rules to shift the terrain of public debate away from outrageous behavior.
  6. Happy hundredth, Roger Angell
    Celebrate the New Yorker contributor's hundredth birthday by reading his favorite selections from his past 76 years of writing.
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