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Thursday, May 23

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Last month, CJR and The Nation announced a new project to improve climate change coverage
    We recently published more details about it, including how other journalists can get involved.
  2. New York reporters react to de Blasio’s White House bid 
    Journalists had a lot to say about the mayor's 2020 aspirations.
  3. A British newspaper published an unintentionally funny headline 
    Bloopers editors probably wish they could take back.
  4. Kentucky student papers persist as schools sue to stop record releases 
    “It’s all about the university trying to save face."
  5. The story of Ernest Hemingway’s $187,000 magazine expenses 
    Editors at a NY weekly were unimpressed by articles submitted by the legend.
  6. CNN and NYT made the same mistake when reporting on Alabama's abortion bill
    Ban coverage sows confusion within local communities.
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