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Thursday, January 16

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Here are the highlights:

  1. The visual legacy of Life magazine
    The first picture an American news outlet ran of US forces killed in action.
  2. Brazil’s attack on Greenwald mirrors the US case against Assange 
    "A heinous attack on freedom of the press protections."
  3. When a woman faked her abduction, the press turned on her 
    The need for a “gendered perspective” on news stories.
  4. In Haiti’s uprising, journalists are caught in the middle
    “Sometimes they take your picture and put it with a head of an animal or they design a fake nude of you.”
  5. The man most responsible for disinformation about Australia’s fires
    Have the blazes forced a reckoning in the local media?
  6. How Deadspin fell: a story in three meetings
    "I went into a vacant corner office to cry for a couple of minutes about my job."
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