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Thursday, September 17

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Here are the highlights:

  1. What WikiLeaks tells us about America, and American journalism
    A researcher who worked on Julian Assange's memoir on the surprising intersections between Assange and American media.
  2. How the New York Times editorial page got sued by Sarah Palin
    Thousands of pages of documents reveal the sloppy editorial process that led to Palin's lawsuit.
  3. Fag Rag: The '70s paper of gay political revolution
    'What all peoples in struggle need is a picture more of resistance than how wounded we are.'
  4. We were all raised here: Rochester, Daniel Prude, and a terrible breach of trust
    On this week's podcast, two Rochester Democrat and Chronicle journalists on the experience of watching disinformation evolve in real time, and more.
  5. On grief, personal and collective
    Grief is messy and contradictory. The national news cycle is drenched in it.
  6. Reviving democracy requires reviving local journalism
    Finding a sustainable model for local journalism is a civic necessity.
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