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Thursday, March 28

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Journalists weren’t part of a conspiracy. They were doing their jobs.
    "Reporting, especially of the mythical investigative sort, requires relentless obsession of a kind familiar to conspiracy theorists."
  2. Do technology companies care about journalism? 
    Google’s foray into local journalism is not just a matter of help.
  3. Clerk who took over for racist Alabama editor speaks 
    The black woman who replaced the klan-loving newspaper editor has quit. We talked to her about working at the paper.
  4. News outlets made unfortunate error when reporting on New Zealand massacre
    What we learned from analyzing thousands of stories on the Christchurch shooting.
  5. The Washington Post's problematic op-ed 
    The byline editors would be best to avoid.
  6. A journalist wrote a story that became a legend. Then, he discovered he made a big mistake.
    "It felt like someone I had been married to for years had been cheating on me all along."
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