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Thursday, February 20th

Our most popular stories this week, along with editors’ picks:

Here are the highlights:

1. The unresolved case of a reporter from El Salvador seeking asylum
Manuel Duran Ortega must wait until March 2022 to find out his fate.

2. The alarming rise of government agencies spying on journalists
What can journalists do to better protect themselves?

3. Bloomberg ascends as a serious candidate
How have his tactics exposed flaws in the United States’ horse race campaign coverage?

4. Britain’s plan to give broadcast regulator power over social media
How might Ofcom enforce the removal of illegal content in a timely manner?

5. American journalists must make climate a priority in the wake of the election
Can 2020 become a climate-emergency story?

6. The comic book metaphor, as applied to political journalism
Be careful of equating Trump to the Joker.


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