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Thursday, November 29

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Here are the highlights:

  1. We recently unveiled articles from our new issue
    In the latest edition of our magazine, we explore journalism's efforts to combat disinformation.
  2. Egypt's legislative assault on the press
    As global world leaders attack independent journalism, Egypt’s assaults may be the most brutal.
  3. What would social media look like if it served the public interest?
    Digital services that don't exist now could benefit citizens of a democracy.
  4. The press can learn from its war against disinformation
    Journalists need more than facts to combat toxic information systems.
  5. Big tech’s most feared journalist
    “The multiplicity of my enemies is quite something to behold."
  6. The hypocrisy of CNN's one-hour special on the president’s lies
    The special report reflected a lack of self-awareness.
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