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Thursday, May 2

Our most popular stories this week, along with editors' picks:

Here are the highlights:

  1. We held a conference with top journalists about covering climate change
    Did you miss it? Here are some highlights.
  2. How an online magazine avoids the internet’s impact on the environment 
    De Decker launched a self-hosted, solar-powered version of the magazine’s website.
  3. Dictionaries recently added more than 1,500 words. Here are some new entries. 
    The OED added a term used a lot after the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.
  4. How teen climate activists get—and make—climate news 
    Teenagers have become the stars of a new climate-change media narrative.
  5. Teacher facing possible firing over student sex worker profile 
    "They just fired legal threats at us without knowing anything about the story."
  6. A $23M startup fires its own founder. We published a spreadsheet that caused a lot of outrage.
    See the document and hear the latest on the clash at The Markup.
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