"Men are overrepresented in topics most significant to women." But some fellowship programs and online news organizations are making strides toward gender parity.

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Online news outlets employing more women than print, TV: Report

After House Republicans gathered in the White House Rose Garden to celebrate their passage of the American Health Care Act, a few news organizations published a photo from the event and noted that the only clearly visible figures in the photo were white men. Senate Republicans attracted similar criticism shortly after, when reporters pointed out that the committee tasked with advancing the GOP health bill initially included no men.

Those observations, however, come from an industry struggling with gender inequality. Men don't just shape legislation that impacts women's health; they also shape much of the coverage of issues that directly impact women.

"Men are overrepresented in topics most significant to women," says Julie Burton, president of the Women's Media Center. She tells CJR that male authors account for "over 52 percent of bylined articles and opinion pieces about reproductive rights in the 12 most widely circulated newspapers and wire services."

At CJR, Amy Zipkin quantifies journalism's ongoing gender disparity problem, but also turns up a few promising pieces of evidence, including this one: Women comprise nearly 50 percent of online-only news organization employees. Zipkin spotlights a few woman-focused online outlets that have attracted funding from legacy media companies, and also spots signs of progress at a few of the nation's leading journalism fellowships. Read her full report at

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