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Thursday, June 20

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Here are the highlights:

  1. The promise—and peril—of the Trump Stephanopoulos spectacle
    Trump’s unusual interview backfired spectacularly.
  2. A ‘disappointed’ newsroom walks off the job 
    What's at the center of the standoff between BuzzFeed staff and management
  3. Meteorologists discuss how to warn the public about extreme weather 
    There is no standard practice for alerting TV viewers.
  4. No male editor has ever accepted my pitches on abortion
    The consequences of the false division between a “women’s issue” and everything else.
  5. Radio host claims she was sent to vocal coach, told it was 'time to be a woman'
    After complaining about gender discrimination, she was out of a job.
  6. The normalization of Bryan Goldberg
    A profile of a media mogul takes a weird turn when he snoops around our writer's Venmo account.
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