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Thursday, April 4

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Headlines editors probably wish they could take back 
    A newspaper had an unfortunate headline, picture combo.
  2. You may hate metrics. But they’re making journalism better.
    The Guardian made an important discovery about a story that recently gained a lot of page views.
  3. How covering undocumented immigrants changed my standards for journalism
    "I had to find a way to communicate the essence of this man after removing signifiers of his humanity detail by detail."
  4. Flores, Biden, and deciding what’s newsworthy 
    "When deciding to share a story of abuse... a person is making a journalistic judgment."
  5. Cartooning candidates: how the press borrows from Trump 
    An ABC News story on Elizabeth Warren says a lot about 2020 coverage.
  6. Freelancers are at odds with editors over what they call 'scope creep'
    "The fact that the power is shifted to editors, it’s hard to push back."
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