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Thursday, June 14

Our most popular stories this week, along with editors' picks:

Here are the highlights:

  1. Meet your new public editors
    CJR is pleased to announce a new project to hold media outlets accountable.
  2. What journalists can learn from a problematic CBS report 
    What international coverage of Tiananmen got wrong.
  3. Many sites ran a story about troubling links between activists and big name reporters
    Well, we dug into it and discovered a big issue.
  4. Severe weather pits meteorologists against some viewers
    “They’re often the only scientist the public ever sees or has an ongoing relationship with."
  5. NYT heavily criticized for questionable story on Google study
    The paper published an article with an eye-opening allegation that was met with skepticism.
  6. Don Lemon confronts Chris Cuomo, and the bigger issue of guests on CNN
    What is the value to the viewer?
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