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Thursday, September 3

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Here are the highlights:

  1. Different shades of feminism: Me Too in the French Press
    "Me Too is a global, not a national, movement, and we cannot fully understand its reach and scope through a strictly American lens."
  2. In defense of populism
    On the careless––and sometimes classist––misuse of the term 'populism,' what populism actually is, and why precision is important in journalism.
  3. San Quentin tells its own COVID story
    When COVID lockdowns shut the media center inside San Quentin and barred reporters on the outside, the journalists of the Prison Renaissance Zine Project rushed to put out an issue telling their COVID stories.
  4. Journalism beyond competition
    In Colorado, newsrooms that were once rivals are now working together––largely by necessity.
  5. Washington Post public editor: Political conventions are always propaganda
    There is nothing of news value to be found in the RNC or DNC.
  6. For BIPOC communities, the local news crisis extends beyond major cities
    What the local news ecosystem looks like in small towns with significant populations of color.
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