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Thursday, March 5th

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Here are the highlights:

  1. The infinite scroll
    We have given up on the basic notion that publications should not make it difficult for readers to read.
  2. The media primary
    After Super Tuesday, Narrative-Shift Wednesday
  3. Preserving a 'national memory' of an outbreak
    Efforts to document Chinese-language reporting on COVID-19 highlight the determined work of many Chinese journalists. 
  4. What TV stations' public files tell us about Mike Bloomberg
    For researchers, at least, Bloomberg’s campaign is on Easy Mode: His ad buys are under his own name.
  5. Why ethics dilemmas are harder for freelancers
    Financial pressures and limited resources present challenges for freelancers facing ethical dilemmas.
  6. The coronavirus and Trump's diseased credibility
    Trump’s poor record with the truth has bad real-world consequences.
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