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Issue 288 - 5th November 2015

Hello, and welcome to issue 288 of CHEX-Point Snippets. As always, this issue contains all the latest news and information relating to community-led health. If you have any news or updates from your own work locally that you would like mentioned in Snippets please get in touch. Click here if you would like to view this e-bulletin online or read any previous issues of Snippets. 

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The next issue will be published on 26th November 2015 (there will be a three week break due to annual leave). Please send anything you would like to be included before Tuesday 24th November.

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CHEX News and General Information

Conferences and seminars


News from the Network: Getting Better Together
June Vallance, Executive Manager at Getting Better Together, has written a piece for the Fairer Scotland blog outlining some of the health and wellbeing issues faced by carers in Scotland.

Getting Better Together, a member of the CHEX network, is a community centred health initiative that aims to promote the education, health and wellbeing of the local residents in North Lanarkshire through a range of activities. In the article, June speaks about her personal experiences and the difficulties faced by carers working in a system:

"2015 dawned. Some 36 years since the conception of Care in the Community and 4 years into the Reshaping Care agenda.

Curiously, I’m now watching as other carers seek to survive.

Unquestionably, within those 36-years, support for carers has improved. In my opinion – some 4 years into the change plan - improvements are evident.

However, for carers it’s still no walk in the park."

You can read the full article here.

News from the Network: Edinburgh Community Food
Edinburgh Community Food has published its latest halloween-themed bulletin. In it, they speak about a successful older men's cooking and nutrition course and highlight some of the feedback and comments from participants 

"It wasn't just, you know, "here's a recipe, go for it boys". It was the whole the whole package. Hygiene, safety, shopping, balance your diet, here's how to do it. I'm very much aware, more aware of diet and how it affects health. More thoughtful about the whole eating process."

You can read the issue here and visit the ECF website here.

LGBT Health & Wellbeing
LGBT H&W have released their 2014 / 15 annual report, detailing their activity over the course of the year. Download it here.

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General Information

Latest trends in health inequalities give scant cause for optimism
The Scottish Government has published its latest report on its Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities.  It reports that inequalities in healthy life expectancy have not changed significantly since 2009-2010, and that inequalities in mental wellbeing have increased since 2008/2009.  Based on the latest statistics from 2012/13, adults in the most deprived areas are around five times more likely to have below average wellbeing than those in the least deprived areas.  

Although relative inequalities in premature mortality rates have widened over the long term, they have stabilised more recently in the years since 2006.  The absolute gap in mortality rates between most and least deprived areas has reduced every year since 2002.  This includes deaths caused by alcohol and coronary heart disease in adults aged 45-74.  The data has been gathered as part of the work by the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities, established in in 2007 to explore how to reduce health inequalities in Scotland.  Read the report here.
The report shows the extent of the public health challenge in Scotland in terms of reducing health inequalities, something CHEX has reflected on in our briefings on the subject which you can read here.

Fairer Scotland: social security update paper
The Scottish Government has published an update paper for its Fairer Scotland campaign on social security. 

It details the new social security matters that are due to be devolved from the responsibility of the UK government, and highlights some of the views that have been collected as part of the engagement work so far. 

The Scottish Government says it will continue to engage with people around these issues and will publish a paper around its vision for social security in Scotland in December.

Read the full paper here. There's more information about the Fairer Scotland planning events here

Animating Assets learning event: 19th October, Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow
Animating Assets was a collaborative programme facilitated by SCDC and GCPH. The programme ran from January 2014 – September 2015 and aimed to support the use of asset-based approaches with a range of health and social wellbeing issues in Scotland. Animating Assets adopted a process of co-creation, experimentation and action research, through which our goal was to produce new evidence of the impact made by assets based interventions on health and wellbeing. 

We want to tell you about  our findings, hear about your experiences of working in an asset-based way and discuss some of the questions arising from all of our experiences. 

At the event, we will hear from people living and working in the four communities; as well as members of the Animating Assets team. Time will, also, be dedicated to discussions about how all of us can take asset-based approaches forward. Copies of the final report will also be available.

We would be delighted if you were able to join us and share your experiences. Places are by invitation only, and booking is required. To book a place please contact Alex MacDonald by 12th November, at or 0141 248 1924.

More here

Welfare tracker report launched
A report highlighting the impact of welfare reforms on individuals, families and the third sector in Glasgow has been launched. It follows a 15-month project by Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, Scottish Drugs Forum and Poverty Alliance and outlines several recommendations to improve the delivery of social security. 

More here.

Fundamental Facts About Mental Health 2015
The Mental Health Foundation have recently produced Fundamental Facts About Mental Health, a comprehensive summary of mental health research, providing a unique handbook of key facts and figures covering all key areas of mental health. 

More here.

Inaugural Lecture with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP: Creating Wellbeing
The Health and Social Care Academy hosted an Inaugural Lecture in partnership with the University of the West of Scotland and the Herald Scotland on Tuesday evening. The national conversation featured heavily throughout the event with some interesting views emerging.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP  delivered a lecture on: “Creating wellbeing – what is needed to transform Scottish society so that all citizens are able to thrive?”
The first Ministers speech can be found here. A nice round up of the event from The Health and Social Care Academy can be found here

Latest welfare reform news

With welfare reform continuing to dominate the headlines, CHEX brings you some of the latest news from around Scotland relating to welfare and community-led health: 
  • Personal stories of the bedroom tax
  • Inverclyde is the latest area to begin Universal Credit applications. This presentation from CVS Inverlcyde includes an input from the DWP as well as the local council. Downloadable here.

News from other networks

CHEX has found the following e-bulletins interesting over the last fortnight.
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Scotland’s Climate Change Pledge for Communities
Scotland’s Climate Change Minister, Aileen McLeod MSP, has congratulated communities from across Scotland for taking local action on climate change and has called for more people to step up, help tackle climate change and champion climate justice.

Over 150 community groups from the Scottish Borders to Shetland have committed to taking Scotland’s Climate Change Pledge for Communities, run by Keep Scotland Beautiful on behalf of the Scottish Government. Many more groups across the country are encouraged to also sign up to the cause and help to do their bit to help their own local environment.

The Pledge links community activities to the bigger picture contributing towards Scotland’s ambitious targets to cut greenhouse gasses. Groups taking the Pledge acknowledge the increasing impact that climate change will have on their community, across Scotland and internationally, and commit to tackling the causes and effect of a changing climate within their local area.

Find out more.

Equal Recognition Campaign
The Scottish Transgender Alliance (STA) and Equality Network strongly believe that the human rights of trans and intersex people should be protected. Intersex equality must include recognition of the right to bodily autonomy, and trans equality the right to self determination.

We are calling for the Scottish Government to recognise intersex people’s right to bodily autonomy and trans people’s right to self-determination. We know that achieving these calls will not resolve all trans or intersex equality and human rights issues – there is other work to be done. These four calls are key strategic priorities and are all within the power of the Scottish Government to act upon.

Find out more.

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Consultations and surveys

Shaping Health and Social Care for Scotland’s Future
A consultation has been launched on the draft human rights and wellbeing principles that underpin the development of new National Care Standards for health and social care services in Scotland.

Last year the Scottish Government announced a review of the National Care Standards. A development group led by the Care Inspectorate and Healthcare Improvement Scotland has worked to draft the new standards, working alongside people who use support and services, providers and other agencies.  The development group has developed a set of draft overarching principles and is running this consultation to gather people’s views on these, and how they will be put into practice with the new standards. The consultation will run until Thursday 10 December 2015

More here.

LGBT Health: Tell your story
LGBT Health would like to hear from you if you have a learning disability and are lesbian, gay or trans. LGBT Health would like to make a recording of your story using actors to help support staff understand the issues that are important to you and also let other LGBT people with learning disabilities to know they are not the only one. They will keep your stories anonymous and there is an opportunity to have an actor portray your voice if you do not want to be recorded and it will not be filmed.
If you are interested please contact George at: Phone 0131 652 3281

Integration consultations
The Alliance's Engage and Inspire has helpfully outlined the details for the health and social care integration consultations taking place across the various health boards. They are detailed below, and you can read the Alliance's newsletter here, which is always excellent. 

Aberdeen – Consultation on the detailed strategic plan has now started and runs until the 30th November. The Partnership has also launched a new website to coincide with this. Details of how to get involved are available here

Aberdeenshire – Consultation on the detailed strategic plan started last month and runs until the 6th November. The strategic plan is available on the NHS Grampian website and there is an online survey to submit your views. 

Argyll and Bute – Consultation on the detailed strategic plan started on 17th September and runs until the end of November. The plan and details of their consultation can be found on the Healthy Together Argyll and Bute website.

Dumfries and Galloway – Consultation on the detailed strategic plan has now started and runs until early December. They are also simultaneously consulting on their four locality plans. Full consultation details along with other useful information can be found on the Dumfries and Galloway Change website

Dundee – Consultation on the strategic plan has now started and runs until the 13th of November. Those wishing to offer their thoughts can do so via a questionnaire or by attending one of a series of drop-in events throughout October and November. More details are available on the Dundee City Council website.

Edinburgh – The draft strategic plan is being consulted on until the 31st October. The consultation website includes links to a full, summary and easy read version of the plan a full and summary version of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, as well as a link to enable you to submit your comments online.

Fife – Consultation on the detailed strategic plan has just started and runs until 6th January 2016. The Partnership’s online consultation page has full and summary versions of the plan, as well as an online feedback form. The full report from this consultation is expected on the 26th of February. 

Glasgow - Consultation on the strategic plan has just started and runs until 31st December 2015. A link to the plan and online survey can be found on the Glasgow City Council website

Midlothian - Consultation on the detailed strategic plan has now started and runs until the 25th November. Links to the plan, supporting documents, online survey and a response form can be found on the Midlothian Council website

West Lothian – Consultation on the strategic plan will open on the 1st November – keep an eye on our twitter feed and website for more information.

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Mental health and human rights
The Mental Welfare Commission and the Scottish Human Rights Commission have published a report which aims to improve recognition of people’s human rights when receiving mental health care in Scotland. Increasing the focus on human rights is a core commitment of the Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy, 2012 - 2015. The report, Human Rights In Mental Health Care In Scotland, was delivered to the Scottish Government by both Commissions at a recent event. 

More here.

Report calls for focus on health equity
The Commission on Health Inequalities has published a report (for the Scottish Labour Party), commissioned by Neil Findlay in his time as health spokesperson. The report calls for a shift from health inequalities to health equity. Among its wide–reaching conclusions are calls for greater community participation in health decision-making, backing full employment, the establishment of a Scottish Health & Safety Executive, abolition of the sanctions regime, reform of council tax, building more social housing, tackling mental health problems and the creation of a dedicated Cabinet Secretary for Health Equity.
More here.

ScotPHO Health and Wellbeing profiles
ScotPHO has published the Health and Wellbeing Profiles 2015 Interactive Storymap. This is an interactive adaptation of the existing ‘Health and Wellbeing Profiles 2015 - Scotland Overview Report’ published on 2 June this year. This interactive version allows users to drill down and view the intermediate zone level data for the key indicators, whilst maintaining the context of the report.

More here

Reducing social isolation across the life course
This new report from the Institute of Health Equity highlights the importance of good social relationships for health and wellbeing, and discusses what can be done at local level to reduce social isolation. 

More here.

Introductory Guide to Participatory Budgeting
The UK wide PB Network has commissioned a new guide to Participatory Budgeting. Written by leading experts on PB in the UK, the booklet and covers all the basic information you need to understand how PB contributes towards the democratic community engagement work of local authorities and public bodies.

More here.

Running a Community Growing Project
The Climate Challenge Fund’s Community Action Support Programme has launched a 20 minute presentation which gives advice and tips on running a community growing project, using examples from current and previously funded CCF Projects.

More here.

Going Round the Houses
Going Round the Houses discusses the poor connections between housing and health professionals and maps out emerging opportunities to improve connections and the benefits of doing so. Although exploring the English context, it provides some insights that may also have currency in Scotland.

More here.

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Community Greenspace Funding
Do you know of a local community greenspace project that would benefit from funding?  If so, then get ready for a new community grant programme! 

The first funding round of the programme opens for applications across Scotland, England and Wales on 19 October and will close on 30 November. This will be your first chance to submit an application for a grant of up to £12,000 to create better and happier places where you live, although there will be two funding rounds per year over the next three years. The grants programme is managed by Groundwork, working in Scotland with greenspace scotland, and funded by Tesco customers from the proceeds of the 5p charge for plastic carrier bags as a result of a government carrier bag levy. More here.

See Me Community Innovation Fund
The See Me Community Innovation Fund has grants of up to £20,000 available for larger pieces of work to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.

The funding will be open to Change Networks with more formed and longer term project ideas that are already established or will be established by the start of the project.

Funding will support year-long pieces of work focused on behaviour change within communities that adhere to 'See Me' values and contribute to their national aims and objectives. More info here.

Cycle Friendly Community Award
Community groups in Scotland can now apply for development grants of up to £20,000 to begin working towards the Cycle Friendly Community Award, which aims to encourage and support communities to take a leading role in increasing the number of people who cycle locally.

A recognised Cycle Friendly Community may offer cycle parking, bike hire or bike loan schemes, cycle training and a range of information on local cycle networks. It will have defined cycle routes and infrastructure linking popular locations. Local businesses should support and encourage an increased cycling culture. More info here.

Hilden Charitable Fund
The Hilden Charitable Fund is open for applications. Within the UK, the Hilden Charitable Fund makes grants to projects that address disadvantage, notably by supporting causes which are less popular. In particular, the Fund wants to support projects that address homelessness; supports asylum seekers and refugees; support community based initiatives for disadvantaged young people 16 - 25; and penal affairs. The average grant awarded is £5,000 and preference is given to supporting small community organisations with an income of less than £500,000 per year. The Trust will consider funding project as well as core running costs of organisations.

The closing date for applications is the 16th December 2015, more info here.

CashBack for Communities – Small Grants Scheme
The next closing date for applications to the CashBack for Communities small grants scheme is the 1st December 2015.

Cashback for Communities is a Scottish Government initiative that uses funds recovered from criminal activity to support positive activities for young people. Through the scheme Volunteer lead youth groups in Scotland can apply for funding of up to £2,000 to enhance their programmes for young people and get their projects off the ground. More info here.

Grant Seekers
Since launching its inaugural Grants Programme in 2011, the Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation has rapidly become regarded as an influential and strategic grantmaker with the funds to make a big impact in the improvement of health of local people.

Over the years, many thousands of people have benefited from the generous donations and bequests made to hospitals and healthcare across Edinburgh and the Lothian region. The Trustees want to continue funding innovative new ideas and projects that will continue to make a difference to people’s health. More info here.

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Taking The Chance: Progressing Mental Health and SDS
On Monday 23rd November Mental Health Foundation are hosting a free key event on Self-Directed Support and Mental Health in Edinburgh.

Mental health remains a challenging area for the implementation of self-directed support in social care in Scotland. There should be a strong relationship between the self-management and recovery movements in mental health, and the ability to set and be supported to achieve personal outcomes using self-directed support. This isn't always the case, and even now, people with lived experience are telling us that they are afraid of self-directed support, do not deserve self-directed support, or have no choice or control over the self-directed support they have been given.

More info here.

Closing the Inequality Gap: in Scotland and around the globe
Tackling inequality and poverty is crucial for people, planet and economy. Join us to discuss how the new Sustainable Development Goals can create a more effective Scottish approach to tackling inequality both at home and across the globe. Featuring workshops and guest speakers from government, academia and civil society to explore the opportunities and challenges ahead.

9th November 9.30am – 4.30pm at Radisson Blue Hotel, Glasgow. More info here.

DECADE: Letting People Lead – supporting community led regeneration
In Scotland there has been a significant shift from physical regeneration lead by publicly funded urban regeneration companies towards a more people based approach that addresses physical, social and economic change. Scottish Government funding, policy and the Community Empowerment Bill intend to open up ownership to communities and encourage them to take the lead on change.

10 Nov 2015, 10.15am – 12.30pm at The Lighthouse, Glasgow. For more information, click here.

Celebrating Digital in Scotland
You are invited to an evening of celebration for the digital participation movement, in partnership with Digital Leaders and SCVO and sponsored by Sopra Steria, to bring people together to network and share ideas in the beautiful surrounds of Mansfield Traquair.

This event is an opportunity for anyone interested in Scotland's digital future. Guests will hear about the big issues, share their stories about how digital has made a difference for the people they work with, and make new connections.

16 November, for more info email

Social Firms Scotland 15th Birthday
Social Firms Scotland, the support agency for Social Firms, celebrates its 15th Birthday next month. To mark the occasion they’re hosting a celebration of their work and that of their members at Oran Mor on November 24th.

Social Firms provide a supportive inclusive workplace for people who face significant barriers in the labour market; they address employment and health inequalities whilst also making a significant contribution to the economy and social inclusion.

Speakers include their members (DNDP, Freedom Unlimited, SCARF and Workforce Creation), Social Firm participants, partners and Alex Neil, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners' Rights.  Please see the flyer for more info or click here to book your place

Ensuring Equality and Diversity in your Project with CEMVO
How do you ensure equality and diversity in your projects - from staff to volunteers and participants?  In employing staff and supporting volunteers it’s important to offer equal access to all and encouraging diversity in your project means a more diverse set of experiences and understanding to contribute to your work.  
This workshop will help identify some of the issues and challenges faced by individuals from all of the protected characteristic groups. We will be looking at current legislation and the equalities act to ensure inclusivity but beyond this we will also be focusing on cultural differences, languages, rituals, and meeting needs on a practical level.
This workshop is run by the Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations.  It is open to members, volunteers and staff of community groups who are taking action on climate change.
Inverness – Tuesday 8th December 2015. More info here.

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Conferences and seminars

Scottish Empty Homes Conference 2015
The 5th Annual Scottish Empty Homes Conference will take place on the 17th November 2015 at the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel in Edinburgh.  The conference is THE empty homes event of the year for empty homes practitioners, senior council officers, elected members and anyone with an interest in private sector empty homes work from Housing Associations to landlords and community groups.

17th November 2015 at the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel, Edinburgh. More info here.

Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory
The Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory team are pleased to invite you to attend our first national conference exploring the role of evidence in health improvement for people with learning disabilities and autism.
We are excited to welcome speakers from Scotland, England and Wales who will talk about how they are working to address the health inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities by improving the evidence base for policy and practice.

1 December 2015, more info here.

Health and Social Care Integration: Better Connections, Better Outcomes
This event has been organised for communication professionals leading on health and social care integration to network, share good practice, explore and discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with integration.

Tuesday 1st December, 9.45am – 3.45pm at Surgeon’s Hall, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. To book a space visit the Eventbrite page.

Introduction to the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act
The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act brings new rights, duties and responsibilities which could have a huge impact on community growing and allotments in Scotland.  This event will act as an introduction to the Act, so that people who are affected by these new rights, duties and responsibilities are aware of them and better able to implement them. 

2nd December 10am – 2pm at Victoria Quay, Edinburgh. More info here.

Adolescent Substance Abuse- Working Effectively with Adolescents
Teenagers in the UK are amongst the heaviest alcohol and drug-users in Europe, the consequences of which are wide ranging and include non-attendance and poor attainment at school, poor health, committing crime to support ‘habits’ and sexual exploitation. In addition to this, many children and young people who live with substance misusing parents and carers are suffering its ill effects.

At this conference, key experts and front line practitioners will update your knowledge and understanding on adolescent substance abuse, evidence based approaches and best practice, so you think in a new way about your work and work more effectively with this population group of young people. The conference will also provide a great opportunity to network with others and gain resources.

Tuesday 8th December 2015, Glasgow. More info here.

Diverse Identities in Sport
This LEAP Sports Scotland conference, will take place in Glasgow on March 4th 2016.

The conference which will focus on issues of inclusion of transgender, intersex, non-binary, genderqueer, asexual and other diverse identities related to gender and sexualities in their intersections with other identities within a sport context, and look at practice and strategies for inclusion. We will look at a range of pathways but will focus primarily on access level, grassroots and recreational sport. More info here.

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Scottish Air Quality Public Workshop
Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) are hosting a Scottish Air Quality Public Workshop with Ruth McNeil, Project Manager. The SEPA Scottish Air Quality Database Development project team is seeking views from members of the public who are passionate about Scotland's air quality.

The project team is developing a Public Interactive Tool which will be available on the Scottish Government's Air Quality In Scotland website, to help members of the public to visualise data gathered from air quality monitoring stations, from the Met Office and from other data sources.

The event is free to attend, however places are limited. You can find out more and book a place here.

Know Your Rights Workshop
Are you a disabled person, or someone with a long-term condition? Do you want to:

• Improve your knowledge of your rights
• Increase your ability to self-advocate?
• Learn how to make a complaint if your rights aren’t met?

Wednesday 25th November 10.30-1.30, Edinburgh. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and we can organise and pay for transport if needed.

To make a booking or find out more information about the sessions, contact Emma Wynack at LCiL on 0131 475 2554 or email

COSCA-certified Certificate in Counselling Skills
Gain a professionally recognised qualification in Counselling Skills. This training is accredited by COSCA - Scotland's professional body for counselling and psychotherapy

 Four modules, delivered at the Albany Learning and Conference Centre over 20 sessions, from November 2015 to May 2016. More info here.

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Glasgow Equalities Forum- Equalities Forum Manager
Salary: £32,000 pro-rata  

An exciting new opportunity has arisen with GEF to make a real improvement to equality issues in Glasgow. You will be familiar with equalities legislation and policy and have the ability to draw together equality agendas and to support GEF to effectively contribute to the strategic policy environment across the city.
The role will be suited to an experienced professional who thrives on managing their own day to day work and performance targets. The post-holder will be employed by the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights.

Closing date: 09/11/15. More info here.

WEA Scotland- Educational Development Manager (Interim)
 Grade D: £29,865 per annum pro rata. Fixed term - until 31 May 2016
We are looking to appoint an interim Educational Development Manager, who will be expected to lead, manage and co-produce development and delivery of the full range of WEA adult learning, focussed on tackling poverty and inequality. 
The post-holder will work collaboratively to develop, maintain and grow our business; will have the ability to win resources, prepare funding applications; manage a range of budgets and projects and manage the work of sessional tutors and other staff to ensure the highest quality of adult learning.   The post-holder will be a creative thinker and effective at networking.

Deadline: 10 November, more info here.

Directorate of Safety and Improvement- Associate Improvement Advisors
This is an exciting opportunity for an individual who can demonstrate that they have the skills, attitude and attributes to become an associate improvement advisor within the Directorate of Safety and Improvement.
The Directorate is currently developing a range of new approaches to support improvements in health and social care and the successful candidate will be given the opportunity to support the design and implementation of a range of improvement programmes.

Deadline: Mon 16 November, more info here.

Falkirk’s Mental Health Association - Receptionist
£14,500 pro rata

We are looking for someone to provide a welcoming reception at our centre. A warm and reassuring manner is essential. You must be reliable, have excellent interpersonal skills and have experience of reception work and administration. You will need to be proactive in dealing with problems and supporting the staff team and you will be keen to learn and develop your role.

Application Deadline: Noon on 20/11/2015. More info here.

LBGT Health & Wellbeing: Development Worker (Social Programme)
We are seeking to recruit a motivated, enthusiastic and experienced person to deliver the organisation’s LGBT Age Social Programme.  You will lead on developing and delivering a varied and exciting programme of social events for LGBT people aged 50+ across Glasgow and the Lothians; develop a general programme of LGBT intergenerational events in Glasgow; and support the formation of community groups in Glasgow.

Closing date: 25/11/15. More here

LBGT Health & Wellbeing:  Project Assistant (Glasgow)
We are seeking to recruit a motivated and enthusiastic Project Assistant to play a key role in our LGBT Age and Glasgow services.  You will provide administrative support to Development Workers and the Service Manager including events management, data collection, office administration and project promotion and marketing.  Join us if want to help us to deliver our ambitious vision for LGBT health, wellbeing and equality in Scotland.

Closing date: 25/11/15. More here.

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Participatory Budgeting Scotland
PB Scotland is a new website for sharing and learning about the great work being done by participatory budgeting (PB) initiatives around Scotland. Funded by the Scottish Government, the website will provide updates on events, policy and resources relevant to PB in Scotland, and profile good examples of PB across the country and beyond.

More here.

Fairer Scotland Ideas
This site is used to post a variety of policy challenges. The Scottish Government want your ideas and comments about the things you care about and would like to influence, and this is where you can share them.

More here.

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