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Issue 275 - 26th March 2015

Hello, and welcome to issue 275 of CHEX-Point Snippets. As always, this issue contains all the latest news and information relating to community-led health. If you have any news or updates from your own work locally that you would like mentioned in Snippets please get in touch. Click here if you would like to view this e-bulletin online or read any previous issues of Snippets. 

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You can send information/material for inclusion in CHEX-Point Snippets by sending an email to or phone CHEX on 0141 248 1990. You can also tweet @SCDC_Sam. CHEX-Point Snippets is provided by CHEX – Community Health Exchange and this edition was compiled by Sam Jordan. Thanks to all contributors to this edition.

Sam Jordan
Information and Communications Officer, SCDC


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CHEX News and General Information

Conferences and seminars


News from the Network: Edinburgh Community Food (ECF) AGM
On 23rd March ECF once again managed to make their AGM interesting and inspiring. Interesting in telling us about the breadth of the work they are delivering and inspiring by illustrating the impact their food work across Edinburgh has on those who take part in their range of activities.

Chairperson Debbie Adams spoke of the challenges faced by those working in the charitable sector and the importance of tackling poverty and health inequalities. She told us of the strategic approach taken by the Board of the organisation and how they link to the Health Inequalities Priority Framework. 

Staff took us through their different work programmes with presentations on Food Poverty, and the rising demand for food banks; Food Waste, which we were told costs the average Scottish household over £400 per year. Staff also provided practical demonstrations of their work on the Eat Well Plate, Fibre, Salt, Sugar and Fat as used in workshops with local participants. 

When it comes to impact we were provided with two presentations which showed the difference ECF makes to people’s lives. The first from Student on 10 week placement Nicola Murray provided us not only with information about her work around fibre in the diet but she spoke of what she had gained personally. “I never could have done this before I started, I have gained in confidence as well as knowledge by working alongside staff in ECF”

Then mother of three Judith McLean told us that going along to cooking classes after the birth of her third child had changed her life. Not only has cooking become her hobby, she attributed the lesser experience of post-natal depression on this occasion to the increased social connection she had with other mothers through the cooking course. 

A further key impact the member of CHEX staff attending this event is now eating salad regularly for lunch putting in place her new found knowledge of the importance of fibre in our diets – a much neglected section of the food labelling grid on packages!

You can read a more full version of this article here.

Community-led health in action - photography opportunity
CHEX is currently looking to commission a photographer to take a series of photos of community-led health organisations 'in action'.

We're hoping to refresh our photography bank to help us illustrate our publications, briefings and newsletters with these photos and ask any community-led health organisations who are interested in being 'subjects' to get in touch.

In exchange, we will give you full, high resolution copies of the photos which you can use for your organisation or group.

This is an extremely limited offer and we will only be able to visit a handful of organisations. Organisations will be chosen based on various themes (location, type of work etc.) to ensure we have a broad range of different types of organisations featured.

To submit your community-led health organisation, click here

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General Information

eHealth Strategy 2014-2017
The eHealth Strategy 2014 – 2017 sets a national direction through a common vision and set of key aims. The Strategy maintains a significant focus on healthcare and the needs of NHS Scotland, but has been redeveloped to recognise the rapidly evolving environment of integrated health & social care and the need to address not only NHSScotland requirements, but also the expectations and requirements of partnership organisations, and citizens for electronic information and digital services.

More here.

Can anti-poverty policies benefit everyone equally?
The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has published an article examining the overarching equalities issues faced by Scotland as we move to reduce the gap between the richest and poorest in our society. 

It uses the example of the Modern Apprenticeship programme to demonstrate that while it has a positive impact on some groups, women, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities all face compounded challenges, or are simply under-represented in these programmes entirely. It states:

"If women, ethnic minorities and disabled people were flourishing in Scotland today this would be less of an issue. But the reality is that poverty amongst lone parents, disabled people and ethnic minorities is often higher than the Scottish average."

The article outlines the steps to address these issues, with the foundations in our existing equalities legislation.

Read more here.

New HIIC Tutor Training open course 3rd & 4th June 2015
The next HIIC Tutor Training open course will take place on the 3rd and 4th June 2015 in the STUC Centre, Glasgow.

Health Issues in the Community is a training programme aimed at increasing community capacity, increasing community participation, and establishing / consolidating community development approaches to tackling inequalities in health.

This 2 day HIIC Tutor Training course is a credit rated course, 8 points at level 7, and aims to equip participants to deliver Health Issues in the Community training to a wide variety of people in a broad range of settings.  Applicants should have a reasonable knowledge of community development and/or delivering training in a community setting.  The Tutor Training gives participants an opportunity to find out about the pack content, how to use it, the learning methods that are used and the expectations/responsibilities of tutors.

Anyone wishing to attend, who is not already on the waiting list, should contact Alex Macdonald for registration details at

There's more information about HIIC here

People with disabilities facing increasing loneliness and isolation
Disabled people are becoming increasingly isolated from society – with welfare cuts making it more difficult to socialise and maintain friendships.

Research by disability charity Sense found that 23% of disabled people feel lonely most days, rising to 38% for young disabled people.

More here

Additional funding to support health & social care integration
Health Secretary Shona Robison announced during a visit to Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre on 19th March further funding for the integration of health and social care. 

£200 million is to be allocated over two years and will extend the current Integrated Care Fund into 2016/17 and 2017/18.  The money will be distributed among the 32 local NHS and social care partnerships that have been set up as part of the move towards integrated services. 

On 1 April 2015, all partnerships across the country are required by legislation to have their plans in place detailing how they will bring together health and local authority care services, to be fully implemented by 1 April 2016. 

The Integrated Care Fund supports the implementation of these plans, giving partnerships the resources to focus on preventative care and early intervention as well as support for people with multiple and long-term conditions. 

More here

Scottish Government report on Severe Poverty in Scotland
This report investigates the extent of severe and extreme poverty and how it has changed over time for different population groups, in the context of a decade when relative poverty has been falling in Scotland.

In 2012/13, of the 820,000 individuals (16% of the population) in relative poverty, 510,000 individuals (10% of the population) were living in severe poverty, and 230,000 individuals (4% of the population) were living in extreme poverty.

Factoring in housing costs makes the considerable extent of severe and extreme poverty still more evident. In 2012/13, 710,000 individuals (14 per cent) were living in severe poverty after housing costs (AHC, and 500,000 (10 per cent) were living in extreme poverty after housing costs.

Looking over the last decade, although relative poverty has fallen (despite a rise in the most recent year) a greater proportion of households in poverty are now in severe or extreme low income.

Read it here.

NHS Health Scotland briefings
NHS Health Scotland has published a series of parliamentary briefings on three subjects:

Health and Social Care Integration:

"The challenge for partnerships is to move beyond planning only for individual responses to health and social care problems towards a preventative, population approach, and the solution is to apply systematic planning that has a clear aim to reduce health inequalities"

Health Inequalities:

"The policies most likely to reduce health inequalities act on their fundamental causes (inequalities in income, wealth/resources and power). Examples include increasing welfare benefits, redistributive taxation and raising the minimum wage to the living

An End to In-Work Poverty:

"The best available evidence suggests that, to address health inequalities effectively in Scotland, ending in-work poverty would make a substantive contribution to this goal. 
“work is good – and unemployment bad – for physical and mental health, but the quality of work matters. Getting people off benefits and into low paid, insecure and health-damaging work is not a desirable option”

Latest welfare reform news

With welfare reform continuing to dominate the headlines, CHEX brings you some of the latest news from around Scotland relating to welfare and community-led health: 
  • Aberdeenshire has been revealed as Scotland’s benefit sanction hotspot with 10 sanctions for every 100 claimants, say Crisis and Sheffield Hallam University.
News from other networks

CHEX has found the following e-bulletins interesting over the last fortnight
  • NHS Health Scotland's Mental Health Improvement e-bulletin is as usual an excellent resource for news and info around mental health. You can read the latest issue here
  • Paths for All's newsletter as a range of useful and interesting information. Read the latest edition here

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 - 11-17 May
This year, Mental Health Awareness Week will run from 11-17 May and the theme is 'mindfulness'. 

Want to know all about Mindfulness and how you can get involved with Mental Health Awareness Week 2015? Find out everything you need to know including receiving your supporter pack and registering your event.

You can find out more here

The Big Lunch Pack Request
The Big Lunch, an Eden Project initiative, is calling on communities to take part in the UK's annual get-together for neighbours by hosting their own Big Lunch events on Sunday 7 June.

Join in by popping your details into the form and apply for your free pack. Please note, only one pack can be sent per address and packs will be sent out within two weeks.

Live outside the UK and want to take part? Request a downloadable pack by emailing

More here.

Young STAND Awards
SCPHRP and Mentor Scotland are excited to announce that applications are now open for the third year of the Young STAND Awards.

The Young STAND Awards is an innovative awards scheme aimed at recognising and rewarding projects in Scotland that can help prevent children and young people from misusing alcohol and drugs – both now and in their future lives.

Awards will be made in two categories:
  • for work in schools
  • for work in the community
Applications are now open with a closing date of 20th April 2015, with the awards ceremony taking place on 8 June 2015. More here.

Power down for Earth Hour
Earth Hour 2015 will take place from 8.30-9.30pm on Saturday 28 March.

More here

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Consultations and surveys

Living in the Gap: a voluntary health sector perspective on health inequalities in Scotland 
Living the Gap is the first study in Scotland to examine the voluntary sector's role in tackling health inequalities. Featuring ten organisational case studies as well as analysis of 161 organisations surveyed online, Living in the Gap illustrates the activities of the sector, its views and hopes and the challenges and opportunities it faces. It reveals a sector that is vibrant, committed, innovative and effective - above all, a sector connected to the people who are 'living in the gap'. As one respondent commented: 'Often the individuals who are in most need are not accessing statutory services and therefore remain in the shadows'. 

Download it here.

Health and homelessness Consultation 
Scotland's Public Health Network (ScotPHN) has commissioned Dr Neil Hamlet, consultant in Public Health at NHS Fife, to produce a report on health and homelessness for Directors of Public Health. Neil is working with Katy Hetherington, Equality team in NHS Health Scotland, and both would very much like to make you aware of this work and hear from you about how you currently work with colleagues in inequalities-focused healthcare such as prison leavers, looked-after care leavers, ex-military, housing and substance misuse to prevent homelessness and to ensure those who are experiencing homelessness receive the best possible health outcomes. 

Also of interest is links with local authority housing services and third sector agencies working with people at risk of homelessness or living in temporary accommodation. The report is due to be presented to Directors of Public Health in May and Health Scotland will have an ongoing role in health and homelessness, including facilitating a health and homelessness steering group. Please get in touch with either Neil or Katy to discuss this work further.

Women and welfare consultation
In March 2015 the Committee agreed to conduct an inquiry into the experiences of women when dealing with the recent welfare reforms. The Committee wants to know:

“What is the impact of welfare reform on women?” The Committee would also like submissions to address the following questions. When answering the questions they would welcome, where appropriate, comments or examples of the particular ways in which you see women’s experience differing from men.
  • What is your (or your clients) experience of being on benefits or employment support?
  • How has your (or your clients) experience with the benefit system changed in recent years since the introduction of the welfare reforms?
  • Are there any challenges involved in being in receipt of your (your clients) particular benefits?
  • What would be your priorities for change when certain benefits / elements of employment support are devolved to Scotland?
  • Do you have any suggestions of practical improvements that you would like to see when certain benefits / elements of employment support are under Scottish control?
While the Committee is seeking a woman’s perspective on the issues of welfare reform it welcomes views from all interested parties.

More here.

SRN want to hear from you if you deliver volunteer peer support
The Scottish Recovery Network want to hear from people who provide volunteer peer support. Your experiences are invaluable to their research. 

More here

Social Enterprise Census Scotland 2015
A consortium of support bodies and government agencies have come together to launch a high profile and ambitious study. This large-scale Social Enterprise Census will take an official count of the entire population of non-profit-distributing organisations that are carrying out some level of trading for the good of Scotland.

The findings will be made widely available to ensure that this type of enterprising activity is better understood and better supported, and its contribution evident to all.

Is your organisation trading for the benefit of others? If you can answer ‘yes’ to all or the majority of the following questions we want to hear from you:
  • Does your organisation have social or environmental goals?
  • Are you operating independently of the public sector?
  • Are you earning some level of income from delivering contracts or selling goods/services?
  • Do you aspire to greater financial independence through earned income (not reliant on grants)?
  • Do you reinvest your profits and retain assets entirely in pursuit of your social or environmental goals? 
You can take the survey, and get more information, here

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Could a citizen's income work? - JRF
Calls for a citizen’s income have raised the prospect of a simpler method for ensuring everyone has enough to live on. However, its introduction would require changes in how society views the role of the state in redistributing income. This paper:

  • identifies what would be the main implications of introducing a citizen’s income in the UK;
  • considers what this might mean in terms of redistribution and taxation;
  • identifies changes in how the public and policy-makers think about the level and conditions attached to state support that would be required for a citizen’s income to work.

More here.

Humanising Healthcare: Patterns of Hope for a System Under Strain
A practical strategy for transforming the UK and other healthcare systems... offering an affordable, sustainable and compassionate alternative to the present mess.

More here

Affordable credit discussion paper
The Carnegie UK Trust has published a new discussion paper on how we can improve access to affordable credit. The paper includes a foreword from the Moderator of the Church of Scotland.
Recently introduced rules and regulations in the high cost credit market are highly welcome and are playing a vital role in protecting citizens from harm. However, Carnegie UK are concerned that as the high cost credit market contracts those citizens who previously borrowed money in this market may find themselves without access to credit. They believe that much more needs to be done to provide citizens with a range of affordable credit options, delivered on a not-for-profit basis

This paper calls for a widening of the debate about how we can provide more affordable credit for those who need it. 

More here.

Glasgow digital divide
Glasgow experiences some of the highest levels of digital exclusion in the UK. What are the key barriers citizens face to getting online? How do these vary by demographic group? What might be the most effective solutions for increasing digital participation in the city? And how can other towns, cities and communities from across the UK learn from the challenges and the solutions in Glasgow?

More here.

Paths for All & Alliance report
The aim of the Walking Towards Better Health project has been to support members of the ALLIANCE to encourage and empower those who are disabled and living with long term conditions to become more active by walking and provide them with another tool for self management.

Walking Towards Better Health:
  • consulted with 400 disabled people and people with long term conditions including 70 ALLIANCE members
  • trained 30 volunteer walk leaders
  • distributed over £5,000 of small grants to third sector organisations and community groups to develop walking activities and support people to become more active through walking.

Read more here.

Tackling Poverty
Renfrewshire’s Tackling Poverty Commission has published its findings and announced its recommendations with a call to organisations in Renfrewshire and beyond to step up the fight against child poverty.

The Commission was the first of its kind in Scotland to look specifically at child poverty at local level and now hands over a legacy of 24 key recommendations that can shape a local partnership approach and which also have the potential to influence national policy.

The Commission was initiated by Renfrewshire Council in April 2014 to bring a fresh and independent approach to consider how best to break the poverty cycle. It gathered evidence on a wide range of issues including health and wellbeing, education and attainment, housing and community, childcare and the impact of welfare reform.

More here.

Walking group case studies captured
Step It Up Highland have compiled a series of six case studies telling the difference everyday walking makes. Featured are walker's personal health stories, details of their different walk levels (Step Out, Step It Up Highland, Step It Up Further), partnership working with NHS Highland staff and condition specific walks.

Read more here.

Monitoring poverty and social exclusion in scotland 2015 - JRF
The seventh in a series of reports monitoring poverty and social exclusion in Scotland since 2002.

Combining evidence from official statistics with supporting information about a number of anti-poverty actions and initiatives, this report focuses on low income, social security and unemployment, health, education, in-work poverty, low pay, housing and anti-poverty priorities and actions.

Download it here

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Watkin Jones Community Fund
The Watkin Jones Community Fund is run by construction and development company Watkin Jones Group and offers grants of up to £1,000 to support projects aimed at promoting communities throughout the UK, with particular emphasis on enhancing the physical environment and improving quality of life for local people.

Who can apply?
Any not-for-profit group or organisation running projects aimed at improving the quality of life for local people. Grants cannot be awarded to
individuals or companies who aim to distribute a profit.
What kind of projects are eligible for support?

The Watkin Jones Community Fund supports community-based projects that aim to make a real difference. These may include regeneration,
environmental/sustainability, educational, capacity-building and skills development, renovation, arts, culture and sports projects.

Closing date 31 March. More here

Spirit of Achievement - Arts and Culture Challenge Fund
Grants from £100,000 to £250,000 are available over 2-3 years to create opportunities for disabled people to participate in arts and cultural activities. The funder is particularly keen to see partnerships coming forward, applications from Disabled People’s User-Led Organisations (DPULOs) and inclusive opportunities for both disabled people and their families and friends.

Deadline is 20th April 2015. More here.

Shared Care Scotland – Creative Breaks Grants Programme
Grants averaging £23,000 are available for third sector organisations in Scotland that want to improve the range, choice and availability of short breaks so that carers and the people they care for have a better quality of life, and feel better supported in their caring relationship.

Deadline is 8th May 2015. More here.

Kelly Family Charitable Trust
The Kelly Family Charitable Trust is open to applications from registered charities for projects that support and encourage the family to work as a cohesive unit in tackling problems that face one or more of its members.

The overall objective is to reinforce the potential benefit and support that family members as a unit can give to each other. The fund also welcomes applications from sports and health-related charities whose activities comply with the above criteria. Grants are between £1,000 and £5,000, but higher grants may be considered.

The next closing date for applications is the 1st September 2015. More here.

The Hilden Charitable Fund Summer Play Schemes Grants
These grants will help community groups run summer play schemes for the benefit of children from refugee and ethnic minority families. Trustees look to fund: Projects for children aged 5 to 18 years, locally based schemes lasting two to six weeks and schemes with strong volunteer support. Deadline is 14th May 2015.

Applications are accepted from voluntary agencies with an income of less than £150,000. Trustees will not support: Play schemes with a budget of over £12,000; Club or family holidays or day care costs & agencies with an income of over £150,000.

More here

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Women Faith and Feminism - 1 Apr (Glasgow) 
Engender are running a free conference on 'Women, Faith and Feminism' on April 11th at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. This will be a chance to hear from a range of exciting speakers from different faiths and none, and have a discussion with women across Scotland about their views and experiences of faith, feminism, gender and identity. 

Book your free place here

The LINKS Event - 1 April (Glasgow)
The role of Links (learns, inspire, network, know, share) Workers, Community Connectors, Navigators and Practitioners is increasingly being recognised as a vital role in supporting people to live well in their community. 
  • 1 April, 9.30 - 4.30 pm
  • Glasgow
Across Scotland there are a number of innovative approaches that aim to support people to connect in to their local community assets. Many of these approaches see the primary care team as key to this approach. This event will share learning across people and programmes interested community-connected primary care and 'links' approaches.

Further details can be found on Eventbrite where you can register for the event, here

How do you get that Lonely - 8 Apr (Glasgow)
Part of Theatre Nemo's 15th Anniversary events. "How do you get that lonely" uses movement, poetry and music to portray the emotions that might lead to mental illness or suicide and also investigating how the creative arts can be helpful in recovery.

9th April, Glasgow, 7pm, James Arnott Theatre, Glasgow University

More information here

The Invisible Population - Creating Better Healthcare Experiences for Older Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Patients: A Conversation Café - 28 Apr (Glasgow)
Much is known about ageing and health. However, we know relatively little about the healthcare experiences and needs of older LGB people and how they compare to those of the general population.  This conversation café event is designed to develop discussion between NHS providers, support services and patients who use our services to identify how we can ensure better experiences of healthcare for older LGB people. 
The event is open to anyone with an interest in issues relating to health and social care or sexual orientation or who is working in a support role with older people. 

More here

Public Health Review - Scottish Government Regional Events
As part of the public health review, the Scottish Government is organising regional engagement events. The agenda for these will be broadly the same, including presentations on the Public Health Review, themes arising from responses to the Scottish Government Engagement Paper, and facilitated discussion. 
  • 6 May 2015 - Dundee (Apex Hotel)
  • 19 May 2015 - Glasgow (Strathclyde University)
  • 21 May 2015 - Inverness (Ironworks)
Register on the Eventbrite website here.

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Conferences and seminars

Exploring perspectives on active travel - 31 March (Glasgow)
You are invited to the GCPH 16th Healthier Future Forum on the morning of Tuesday 31st March in St Andrews in the Square, 1 St Andrews Square, Glasgow G1 5PP. 

The 16th Healthier Future Forum will focus on active travel and physical activity within an urban environment. Active travel is an important cross-cutting issue which is relevant to policy on health improvement, air quality, sustainability and climate change, and also to how our cities develop in the 21st century.

Alasdair MacDonald, Sustrans will chair the event, which will include a keynote address from John Lauder, Sustrans and a presentation from Bruce Whyte, Glasgow Centre for Population Health. The latter part of the morning will include pop-up presentations, round table discussion and feedback to allow the opportunity for further comment and more in-depth discussion. Duncan Booker, Glasgow City Council will sum up and close the event.

The event is free to attend although places are limited, therefore registration is required. To view the programme and register for the event click here

Rights for Life: Save the Date - 2-3 June, (Glasgow)
SRN and See Me are hosting a free 2-day national conference. Rights for Life: Supporting Recovery and Challenging Discrimination will be a mass participation, solutions-focused event for people to come together around mental health rights and recovery. 

More here

A One Day National Conference - 18 June (Edinburgh)
With further welfare reform proposals made in the Smith Commission and the General Election fast approaching, it is vital to get prepared for the significant impact of the welfare devolution settlement.

Our Welfare Reform Conference provides leading examples of delivering Universal Credit, improving employment opportunities, supporting the most vulnerable claimants and successfully delivering financial and digital inclusion.

Do not miss this opportunity to develop an effective response to the opportunities and challenges presented by the welfare reform agenda and learn what further devolution means for Scottish social security.

More here.

ASH Scotland: Towards a generation free from tobacco: turning the vision into reality - 18 & 19 June (Edinburgh)
Bookings for this conference must be made before 31 March to qualify for an early bird rate.

To encourage you to bring delegates from your community and voluntary sector partners we are offering a FREE PLACE for every three, two-day bookings (student discount available). Capacity is limited so please book now to secure the early bird rate.

ASH Scotland aims to focus specifically on national actions to achieve a tobacco-free world, changing the cultural stigma around putting tobacco out of fashion, and supporting individuals to lead tobacco-free lives.

With thought-provoking contributions from Europe, North America, Australia and South East Asia, the conference will celebrate the success of health professionals in inspiring the public to adopt healthy, smoke-free lifestyles. It will also draw on the knowledge and experience of tobacco control advocates to plot a confident course to a generation free from tobacco.

More here

The annual children's mental health conference - 27 June (Glasgow)
This years conference is a "must"  attend event for those working in education, social care and health settings. 

Knowledge updates, current developments and
best practice on key hot topics including:

  • Autism and Mental Health.
  • Adolescent Substance Abuse.
  • Self Harm.
  • Anxious Children and Adolescents -how we can best help children in the context family and school settings.
  • How Diagnosis Helps and Hinders Children & Teenagers
  • How Traumatic Experiences can Impact on Children and
  • Young People and What You can do to Help.

More here

National Early Years Conference - 21 May (Edinburgh)
The 2015 National Early Years Conference will take place on Thursday 21 May at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh. This year’s conference theme is the ‘Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014’.

The theme of the 2015 Conference is ‘The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014’ with a sub theme of working in collaboration to accelerate existing work and progress action in delivery. The programme will have a strong emphasis on third sector partnerships. The programme includes plenary presentations from NHS Health Scotland, Scottish Government, Education Scotland and Third Sector colleagues, with a focus on how partnerships are enabling responsive action to delivery.

Further information on this year’s conference programme and registration options can be found on the Maternal and Early Years website, here

Previously listed

4th National Co-production Conference 2015
You are invited to register your interest in attending and contributing to this year's national conference: 'It's time to walk the walk - making co-production the way Scotland work'.

Across Scotland people and communities are continuing to work with local services to achieve positive change through co-production. This year’s 4th National Co-production Conference aims to help us bring it all together, learn from each other and plan for the future.

Once again the conference will be brimming over with activities, work sessions, training opportunities, discussions and debates.

This is a free event, with everyone welcome.  In previous years we have been oversubscribed so please register your interest early. 

We are particularly keen for the conference to hear from groups of people with lived experience of co-production. We are happy to support the attendance of local or unfunded groups – get in touch to discuss.

Find out more, register and see how you can contribute here.

SWC Hustings Event
The Scottish Women's Convention is organising a Hustings Event in the lead up to the UK General Election on 7 May 2015.
  • Venue: Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor, 1-9 Grosvenor Terrace, Glasgow G12 0TA
  • Date: Friday 10 April 2015 
  • Timings: 10am – 1.30pm
The main political parties in Scotland have been invited to send a representative to the event who will give a short presentation.  You will then be invited to question the representatives on issues which are important to you.

To register your interest in attending please click here to get tickets via Eventbrite or email or Telephone 0141 339 479.

Health and Loneliness Roadshow 2015 (Various)
The Health and Loneliness Roadshow 2015 offers an exciting new learning opportunity for health and social care professionals in Scotland in the form of lunchtime workshops taking place all over the country throughout the year.

Facilitated by Befriending Networks and funded by the Scottish Government, the Roadshow workshops will offer practitioners, managers and policy makers within health and social care services across Scotland the opportunity to explore the latest research on the impact of loneliness on health and by consequence on health and social care services.  Roadshows are taking place in all 14 health board areas of Scotland. 

More here

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Mentally Healthy Workplaces Training for Managers
(Online + 1 Day Training Course)

Line managers have a crucial role in supporting the health and wellbeing of employees. From communication, to clarity of job role, line managers can influence the success of a team. This training includes good practice in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing as well as offering practical examples of how to support employees experiencing mental health problems. 

This training can be used as HWL award evidence for silver criteria 6.

The aims of the course are:
  • To give employers and line managers a broad understanding of mental health
  • To identify key factors that contributes to a mentally healthy workplace
  • To improve managers confidence in dealing with this issue
  • To ensure that managers are aware of their legislative responsibilities in relation to health and wellbeing
  • Date: Wednesday 1st April 2015 
  • Time: 9:15am for 9:30am start - 4:30pm 
  • Venue: Festival Business Centre, 150 Brand Street, Govan G51 1DH 
Completion of the online course is a prerequisite for attending the 1 day training course which completes the blended learning - For further information or to book a place please contact Mariam Abbas at

Students and benefits update course
CPAG are running the following half-day students and benefits update course in Edinburgh and Inverness. This course is for experienced advisors who want to know what benefit changes are in the pipeline and likely to affect students. 

Students and benefits – an update 
  • Wednesday 29 April 2015, Edinburgh (1pm - 4pm)
  • Thursday 25 June 2015, Inverness (1pm - 4pm)
Welfare reform is changing the face of our benefits system with many changes made and others still to come. This half-day course focuses on recent developments and forthcoming changes in benefits and tax credits aimed specifically at students, and the impact more general changes might have on students.
The course includes:
  • An overview of universal credit for students
  • Personal independence payment 
  • Changes in student support – impact on benefits and tax credits
  • Other changes in legislation and guidance 
Course fee: £75 CABx, £85 voluntary organisations, £120 statutory/other organisations. More here.

Inclusive Communication (Glasgow)
This is a new 1 day training course. It builds on the learning from SCLD’s ‘Easy read basics’. We recommend that you have attended ‘Easy read basics’ or a similar course before coming on Inclusive communication.
  • Thursday 30th April 2015, 10.00 – 4.30
  • SCLD offices, Merchant Exchange, Glasgow
Clare Mills and Cath McKay will deliver Inclusive communication training. Clare and Cath have been making information in inclusive ways for many years.
The aim of this course is:

To make inclusive information that looks appealing and can be used for paper documents and web pages.
Together, we will:

This course is really useful for those who make information for people with learning disabilities.
Cost: £110 per person.To book email or call John Somerville at SCLD on 0141 559 5720 alternatively you can book online here

Effective Listening for Life, Health and Community
Modern technology has totally changed the world of communication today. What has not changed, however, is the need at the deep personal level for every individual to feel that when they need it, their voice, their story, their concern is listened to. The teaching is interactive and includes presentation, discussion and opportunities for listening practice in twos.
  • 15th & 16th June 2015
  • SBC Family Life Centre, Stirling
  • Cost £50
Throughout the course, rather than using role play as a learning tool, you will be invited to draw on and share your own life’s experience within a safe and confidential environment. The course consists of four units over two days. Each unit depends on the one before. We ask that you only apply for the course if you expect to attend all units.

This course provides the opportunity to:
  • learn and practise the skills of active listening using a specific approach.
  • explore the place of compassion, vulnerability, trust and confidentiality within a listening context.
  • recognise the importance of listening for health and well-being
  • develop yourself as a listening person
  • consider how you might use listening in the future
Teas and coffees will be provided but you are asked to make your own arrangements for lunch. A number of facilities are available close to the venue. Confirmation of your place on the course will be sent to you on receipt of your application and course fee. Two weeks prior to the first day of the course, you will receive further information. For further information and to book a place please contact Maureen Wilson at or 01667 451865



Soil Association - Various
SA are currently recruiting for 3 posts within the Food for Life Scotland team.

They're recruiting:

  • Development Manager, Sustainable Places
  • Development Manager, Food for Life Catering Mark
  • Project Officer

Closing date 30th of March and all info here

NHS Health Scotland - Public Health Information Manager
NHS HS have a vacancy for a Public Health Information Manager in the team. The post-holder will lead NHS Health Scotland programmes integrating and analysing data and information from multiple sources (including surveys, routine data and ad hoc studies) to describe and improve understanding of current patterns and time trends in health, and the factors affecting them.

The post-holder will communicate findings to a wide audience so as to influence thinking on health in Scotland. The post-holder will also contribute to the overall planning and development of the Division’s work, and provide advice, guidance and leadership for the planning, development and review of national data sources, to ensure that they best meet public health intelligence needs. The specific topic areas on which the post-holder will work will include place and health, with ongoing work to develop a Place Standard for Scotland a current priority.

Closing date 31 March. More here

University of Glasgow - Knowledge Exchange/Community Engagement Officer (Glasgow)
You will play a lead role in developing community links and ensuring impact through knowledge exchange activities for University of Glasgow and Glasgow Centre for Population Health, as part of the establishment of the East End Social Science Hub. 

  • Grade 7: £33,242 - £37,394
  • Fixed term for 3 years

You will co-ordinate and deliver a range of community engagement and capacity-building activities for the two organisations who are coming together in the East End Social Science Hub and facilitate the preparation of new research and knowledge exchange grant-funding applications that draw on research expertise in the College of Social Science and GCPH. You will develop and implement an engagement plan that fosters open, collaborative and sustainable relationships with East End residents and local organisations, while ensuring that the impact of research expertise in the College of Social Science and GCPH is fully evidenced to meet funders’ requirements.

A degree in a Social Sciences/ Public Health/Humanities subject or equivalent, along with substantial experience of working in a role involving community engagement and/or capacity building processes, with community groups, third sector, and business or education institutions, is essential. You will have knowledge of methods and models of knowledge exchange and research impact and of the funding environment for academic and public policy research.   Highly developed interpersonal skills and IT skills along with excellent time management skills are essential.

Closing date: 5 April 2015. More here

SCDC - Chair of Trustees Recruitment 
The Scottish Community Development Centre is a successful and enterprising non-government organisation with an established track record of 24 years of achievement. It is now set to promote and support community development at new levels in national policy development and local practice. 

SCDC are looking for someone to lead our Board who has credibility and influence in the field of community development, combined with strong personal skills and knowledge of governance. Above all, SCDC want someone who shares the values on which all of our work is based - a strong commitment to equality and social justice.

Download a recruitment pack here and organisational overview here.

Closing date: Wednesday, 15 April 2015. The post is unremunerated but will pay all associated expenses.

For more information please contact Victoria Muir by email or call
0141 248 1924.

Participation by people who use Mental Health services in Angus - Various
A new project is starting in April 2015 to develop and support involvement by people who use mental health services in Angus.

The project is based in Community Enterprise, which supports community-led groups to develop new services and other activities across Scotland.

The other partner is Outside the Box, who support service user involvement projects in mental health and other settings, and also support the development of user-led services.

There a number of job advertisements around this position. More information is available here

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Information for patients about their health rights now available on the NHS inform website 
The Health Rights Information (HRIS) website shut down on 31 December 2014. So now you can find all the resources for patients about their health rights in the Publications section of the Your health, your rights zone of the NHS inform website :

This is where you can go for The Charter of Patient Rights and Responsibilities and leaflets and factsheets about health rights – including consent, confidentiality, how to see your health records, how to give feedback or make a complaint information – and publications for young people. Information about health rights is also available in a number of formats: audio, British Sign Language (BSL), easy read, large print and translated too.

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