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Issue 258 - 12th June 2014

Please note due to annual leave there will be a 3 week break in Snippets.

Hello, and welcome to issue 258 of CHEX-Point Snippets. As always, this issue contains all the latest news and information relating to community-led health. If you have any news or updates from your own work locally that you would like mentioned in Snippets please get in touch. Click here if you would like to view this e-bulletin online or read any previous issues of Snippets. 

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The next issue will be published on Thursday 3rd July, 2014. Please send anything you would like to be included before Tuesday 1st July.

You can send information/material for inclusion in CHEX-Point Snippets by sending an email to or phone CHEX on 0141 248 1990. CHEX-Point Snippets is provided by CHEX – Community Health Exchange and this edition was compiled by Sam Jordan. Thanks to all contributors to this edition.

Sam Jordan
Information and Communications Officer, SCDC


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CHEX News and General Information

Conferences and seminars


New from the Network: CHEX National Conference 2014 - Full report now available

We had a great time speaking to colleagues from across Scotland at our CHEX annual conference on 1st May at Townhead Village halls.
View the online conference report here

Trouble loading the image? Click here to watch the video.

We were delighted to have so many colleagues who travelled to attend from across Scotland, particularly those whose work we highlighted in a recent publication of case studies. We were also pleased to be joined by Paul Gray, Chief Executive of NHS Scotland. Although the conference saw evidence of progress, we resolved to challenge ourselves and others to further address the three key messages in relation to community-led health:
  • addressing organisational and cultural resistance to community-led health approaches
  • building the necessary leadership that is committed to this way of working
  • realigning resources to fully invest in this way of working
We have brought our notes from the story dialogue sessions, speakers and discussions together with pictures and video together as a short report which you can view here. It’s well worth a read.

A great thanks again to all who attended!

CHEX-Point Editorial Board
Following our most recent issue, CHEX are inviting applications to join the CHEX-Point Editorial Board. CHEX-Point is our quarterly newsletter which goes out to over 1500 readers across Scotland. The Editorial Board meets quarterly to decide on content for the CHEX-Point Newsletter. 

As the Newsletter profiles good practice and policy issues the Board reflects a mixture of interests in health improvement and community development.  Editions of CHEX-Point may reflect a single theme or cover a range of topics, identified by the Board.  Articles are written by organisations from the CHEX network and a range of different health agencies. Our readership of approximately 1500 people typically includes community-led health initiatives, voluntary organisations, NHS staff, local authorities, researchers and interested individuals. Read CHEX-Point here.

We want to hear your great ideas for the newsletter and help us ensure we cover the issues you are interested in as our network. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Editorial Board then please get in touch with

Supporting Trans Parents within a clinical setting
This case study primarily written by Runima Kakati from the Sandyford Clinic highlights the conditions that a clinical setting can provide to support Trans Parents in coming together to meet their own needs.  

Download the case study here

CHEX policy briefing on the integration of health and social care
CHEX has produced a briefing summing up the recently-passed Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Bill and the implications/opportunities for community-led health.

At the end of February 2014, the Scottish Parliament passed the Bill, which sets out the legislative framework for integrating health and social care in Scotland. This CHEX briefing is intended to summarise the Bill and its implications for community-led health within the context of wider public service reform. Throughout, we highlight the potential interest and role for community-led health organisations.

Click here to download the briefing.

Supporting Communities
SCDC is pleased to offer our expanded package of community capacity building support, Supporting Communities, to even more community organisations. The support is intended to enable community organisations (at all levels and stages) to improve their effectiveness and influence over the community needs and priorities that they are involved in tackling.

In particular, the support package is designed for groups that are operating in areas of disadvantage or that are facing high levels of exclusion or disadvantage, and/or have a commitment to tackling disadvantage or inequalities. We are also interested in working with groups who are going through a period of transition or change within their organisation, and are motivated to work with others and share their own experiences and learning.

SCDC has started working with 31 groups who applied to the programme since we first announced it in late 2013. These include community organisations from across Scotland doing a wide range of activities and with a diverse spectrum of support needs. For example, we are currently supporting Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust to communicate their work and message to the wider community and other agencies. In March, we assisted Thrumster Park Regeneration Fund to engage with local people and identify their priorities. We are also helping to build the capacity of the newly recruited board of the Scottish-wide Sierra Leone Support Association.

Please visit the Supporting Communities webpage on our website for more information or contact Alex MacDonald on 0141 248 1924 or email  You can also download the flyer here.

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General Information

Communities Channel Scotland website launched on same day as publication of Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill
CHEX's parent body, SCDC is pleased to launch its new website for community groups, Communities Channel Scotland on the same day as the publication of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill.  The Scottish Government has funded the development of the website, which puts communities in the spotlight by connecting people and sharing ideas.

Communities Channel Scotland logoThe Communities Channel will share the stories and experience of community groups and organisations in their efforts to improve their communities, and highlight resources that can help groups in their work. The website will provide regular news stories on any developments affecting community groups, whether at a national or local level.
  To make the Communities Channel as relevant and up-to-date as possible, SCDC would like you to send them your news and stories. If you would like your community group to feature on Communities Channel Scotland, have any news, or know of any resources and other content that others would find useful, please contact Andrew Paterson at SCDC.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill
Published today, the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill is designed to strengthen and nurture community participation and encourage enterprising community development.

The Bill will include provision for communities to take over public sector land and buildings where they can show they can deliver greater public benefit with those assets. It will also  streamline and extend the existing community right to buy, and embed Scotland's performance framework in legislation, ensuring the Scottish Government remains focussed on improving outcomes for communities.
  • Read the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill here.

  • Read the full Scottish Government news release on the Bill here.

Acknowledging that community empowerment can only be achieved with proper support, Local Government Minister Derek Mackay, in announcing the Bill, confirmed an increase in funding from the People and Communities Fund by £1.5 million to £9.4 million per year in 2015-16.

Links GP programme three year extension
The Links Workers programme, which helps practitioners support people to live well by making more use of the support in their local community, is to be extended by three years, it has been announced. Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Alex Neil MSP announced the extension of the now 5 year programme.

The Links Worker Programme is a partnership between the Health and Social Care Alliance (the ALLIANCE), General Practitioners at the Deep End (The Deep End), the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and Scottish Association of Mental Health (SAMH). The programme offers a new approach to primary care that has seen the creation of a new specialist role, a Community Links Practitioner to join the primary care team. Seven Community Links Practitioners are currently working in some of the most socio-economically deprived areas in Scotland. 

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Alex Neil said:

“As part of Route Map 2020, the Scottish Government is committed to reducing health inequalities and supporting initiatives which reduce pressures on GP practices and empower people to take more control of their own conditions with community support. This emphasis on self management and co-production is at the heart of our strategy”

More detail here.

Expert Working Group's report on a fairer welfare system
The Scottish Government's Expert Working Group on Welfare was set up to consider the options and choices for creating a fairer welfare system in an independent Scotland. The Group has just published its second report which makes recommendations for a more compassionate and progressive system in the event of a 'Yes' vote. 

More here. SCVO also has a useful analysis here.

BBC News: Why is Glasgow the UK’s sickest city?
This excellent article examines the problems around the so-called 'Glasgow Effect', that sees one in four Glaswegians not living past their 65th birthday. It examines the historical context, as well as speaking to organisations and individuals often in featured in Snippets (GCPH & Harry Burns to name two) to help gain an insight into the issues of health and wellbeing in the city. 

Read the article here. Along with this there is an accompanying BBC World Service radio programme, available here.

CFHS Development Fund opens soon
Community Food and Health (Scotland) has an annual development fund available for groups and agencies in Scotland that wish to improve access to, and take up of, a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

Funding from £500 to £3000 is available and funding recipients are expected to spend their money within one year.

The 2014 development fund will open on Friday 13 June 2014. Further information will be available on this website and in our free newsletter, Fare Choice.  Application packs will be available from 13 June only.

More here.

Climate Challenge Fund - £7 million remains for 2015
Substantial funding remains available from the Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund for community groups to run projects in the financial year 2015. 

Grants up to £150,000 (per project) are available for community groups to run one year projects commencing in April 2015.

CCF advice surgeries will be taking place in a number of locations across Scotland for community groups interested in applying for grants. The surgeries have been organised by Keep Scotland Beautiful and you can view locations in the 'CCF Surgery' section of this newsletter or book your free place online here.

Keep Scotland Beautiful have also produced an FAQ guide which provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on applying for the available funding.

What's Going On newsletter
The NHS launched What’s Going On, their new bi-monthly briefing on the latest news and information from across NHS Health Scotland, including upcoming health inequality events, research and resources. 

View the latest issue here.

Latest welfare reform news

With welfare reform continuing to dominate the headlines, CHEX brings you some of the latest news from around Scotland relating to welfare and community-led health:
  • 'The new report, A Fair Start for Every Child by Save the Children UK reveals that children have paid the highest price in the recession, with families being hit by flat wages, cuts to benefits and the rising cost of living. New projections show that the number of children living in poverty could increase to almost 5 million by 2020, a rise of 41%.
News from other networks

CHEX has found the following e-bulletins interesting over the last fortnight: 
  • Mentioned before, SCVO's Welfare cuts: TakingItOn bulletin is a really useful resource for highlighting the latest news surveys and reports relate to benefits reform. Sign up here.
  • Paths For All has a useful newsletter which features local events and activities. Latest issue here, subscribe here.

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Self-Management Week 2014
The ALLIANCE is now promoting this year’s Self Management Week which will take place the week beginning Monday 29th September.

The aim of the week is to promote Self Management throughout Scotland: what it is, how it works in practice and how it benefits those living with long term conditions. Self Management Week 2014 will draw on the My Condition My Terms My Life campaign, the Self Management Impact Fund projects, and other self management work that is happening across the Third Sector, Health and Social Care.

More information here.

Refugee Week - 16 to 22 June 2014
 A celebration of the warm welcome that Scots give to refugees seeking sanctuary from around the globe and the unique contributions refugees make to our communities. For details of events see here.

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Consultations and surveys

Glasgow Women's Voluntary Sector Network Service Review 2014
GWVSN are currently reviewing the service we provide to women and organisations. Please take a few minutes to complete the short evaluation survey below to help ensure they are providing the best service to women and organisations in Glasgow. This survey is for individual women as well as workers (paid and unpaid).

It is completely confidential - you will not be identifiable through any feedback you provide. Please reply to their survey by 30th June 2014. Click here.

Government consultation to extend benefit waiting period
The SSAC has launched a public consultation on the UK Government's intention to extend the period a claimant must wait before they are entitled to receive certain benefits from three to seven days. The DWP estimates that the average loss of benefit for JSA and ESA claimants to be £40 and £50 respectively.  Paul Spicker's recent blog provides further insight.

HIV Scotland Survey
HIV Scotland is conducting research about health and social care services available in Scotland, and would like your help.They want to get a picture of the services available to people in Scotland - from sexual health services used by the general public, to all services available and used by people at risk of or living with HIV. 

They will use the information we gather to better understand what services are available, identify any trends or issues, and highlight areas of best practice and potential improvements.They will publish a report with the findings in October 2014.

People with or without HIV and organisations related to HIV can contribute. More here.

ScotPHo Profiles survey
From their inception in 2008, the ScotPHO Health and Wellbeing Profiles have been a key product on the ScotPHO website and are used widely by many people in a variety of different settings. Last year ScotPHO launched an online portal to help further enable the creation and distribution of topic specific profiles (as well as the existing National profiles) from a single unified resource. This is now known as the ScotPHO Online Profiles Tool.

In order to further develop the ScotPHO Profiles they are now looking to consult with end users of our Online Profiles Tool.

They would appreciate it if you could complete the following survey which will help to guide the direction of future developments and also provide a means of feedback for the tool as it currently stands. The questionnaire should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. This survey will remain open until 30th June 2014 at which point all responses will be collated and analysed. A report on the findings will be created and made available on the ScotPHO website.

Please click here to access the survey: ScotPHO Profiles Development Survey.


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Getting our bearings right - the equalities journey in east Glasgow
Neil Quinn discusses examples from East Glasgow of how to effectively use opportunities within health services to tackle health inequalities.

See more here.

New GCPH report - Alcohol-related harm in Glasgow: a national, city and neighbourhood perspective
This new report by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) explores the increasing burden of alcohol-related deaths in Glasgow from a local, national and international context. It presents and discusses:
  • Trends in alcohol-related deaths in Scotland, Glasgow and the neighbourhoods within Glasgow over the previous 15 to 30 years.
  • The implications and challenges for policy of the report’s findings (Appendix 1).
The report can be accessed here.

Transformative leadership for women's rights - Oxfam
When men and women lead in a way that embodies human rights, gender equality, participation, consultation, and respect for dignity, they can create transformative and lasting change. Oxfam's new guide to transformative leadership for women's rights explains this approach and how it links to the promotion of women's rights and gender justice, with practical examples and case studies. 

More here.

Engage and Inspire newsletter
The ALLIANCE's Engage and Inspire newsletter from the Change Fund team has a selection of useful reports and publications related to the Re-shaping Care for Older people agenda. You can download it here.

Child Protection and Disability Toolkit 
The Child Protection and Disability Toolkit has been produced in partnership 
by WithScotland and the Scottish Government’s Ministerial Working Group on 
Child Protection and Disability. It is aimed at practitioners and managers in 
child and family and disability services and it’s the only toolkit of its kind 
available to practitioners in Scotland. 

More here.

Communities at the Centre' case studies
Following on the national conference CHEX launched a new publication at its national event ‘Community at the Centre’ on 1st May. The resource demonstrates the work of community-led health organisations on local health outcomes.

It features five case studies of community-led health organisations and highlights the activities, processes and outcomes involved in community development, community leadership, partnership working, long term sustainability and tackling health inequalities.

The five community-led organisations, Burnfoot Community Hub, Borders, Health All Round, Lothian, PAGES, Aberdeenshire, North Coast Connection, Highland and Stepping Stone, West Dunbartonshire (featured above) respond to a range of local health priorities from transforming a local pub into a local hub and building mental health wellbeing to strengthening social cohesion and community empowerment.

The publication was well received and hard copies will be distributed to key decision makers and community-led health organisations.

You can download the case study in PDF format here

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Emergency Food Fund
The £500,000 Emergency Food Fund (EFF) is now open to applications from projects responding to immediate demands for emergency food aid and helping to address the underlying causes of food poverty. £1,000 - £10,000 grants will be awarded with up to four larger grants available at between £30,000 and £50,000 each.  

More here.

'see me' Launches two new Funding Programmes
See me is launching two new funding programmes and is inviting applications for funding from organisations from all over Scotland. 

The ‘see me’ Local Fund and the ‘see me’ Community Innovation Fund provide two new opportunities for those who are committed to challenging mental health stigma and discrimination in their local area.  ‘see me’ is committed to supporting the full engagement and leadership of people with lived experience of mental health problems and both funds reflect that priority. 

The ‘see me’ Local Fund is an opportunity for community and voluntary sector groups and organisations to fund specific short term project ideas and initiatives, up to a total project value of £4,000.  The Local Fund will be focused on changing behaviour in relation to mental health stigma and discrimination and will support activities by local groups and organisations across Scotland who have innovative and effective ideas to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination in their  community.  The deadline for applications to the Local Fund is 1st August 2014.  More information about the Local Fund is available here. A total of £40,000 is available in this fund this year.

The ‘see me’ Community Innovation Fund will support longer-term pieces of work up to a total project value of £20,000.  The Community Innovation Fund has a two stage application process to support groups and organisations develop local change networks, take part in innovation labs and develop innovative ideas and activities that will change behaviour on mental health stigma and discrimination.  

The deadline for stage one applications in 30th June 2014 and for stage two applications 30th August 2014. More information about the Community Innovation Fund is available here. A total of £120,000 is available in this fund this year.

Money and debt problem support programme extended
Families with children who are facing debt and money problems will be able to access new forms of help as part of plans for further partnership funding in Scotland.

An existing programme from the Scottish Government, Money Advice Service and Scottish Legal Aid Board is being extended after supporting 96 grant funded projects in the last year. The new programme will run from OCtober 2014 - October 2015.

The new programme will support implementation of the Scottish Government’s revised Child Poverty Strategy, and tackle barriers to addressing money problems for low-income families which have been identified by Money Advice Service.
The agreed plan for the new programme has been published today following approval by Scottish Ministers. SLAB has been asked to open the new programme for applications by the start of May.

More here

Engage - Equalities Go & See Funding
 Applications are invited from individuals working in creative organisations from all art-form sectors in Scotland for Equalities Go & See Funding to support good practice in equality and diversity in the arts.
This final round of Equalities Go & See Funding will support research trips with the specific aim of developing better creative practice in equalities and influencing organisational equality plans. 

Awards are likely to be in the range of £500 - £1,500. For full details visit the Engage website. Deadline: Monday 23 June 2014, 12pm 

Wellcome Trust - Peoples and Society Awards
 Funding is available under the Wellcome Trust's Peoples and Society Awards for projects that encourage public debate and understanding of biomedical science.
Projects can include:
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Arts projects for various different audiences and age groups
  • Teaching materials or techniques to encourage wider discussions; etc.
The People Awards (up to and including £30,000) are for innovative and creative projects in the UK and/or the Republic of Ireland that engage the public with biomedical science and/or the history of medicine. 

Society Awards (above £30,000) can fund the scaling-up of successfully piloted projects or projects that are more ambitious in scale and impact than is possible through a People Award.

For more information, visit the Wellcome Trust website. Deadline: 25 July (People Award) & 3 October 2014 (Society Award).

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust: new programmes
The first deadlines for applications under the new policies will be 18th August (for Northern Ireland, Rights & Justice and Sustainable Future) and 1st September (Peace & Security and Power & Accountability). The Trust will continue its pattern of three grant rounds per year.

For more information, click here.

Previously listed

Comic Relief UK Grant Making
In the UK, Comic Relief funds work that aims to achieve at least one of their five themes. We do this by supporting organisations with the people, ideas and ability to tackle complex problems and create positive social change across the UK. Young people and older people are important to us, as are others who face disadvantage, particularly in areas with high levels of deprivation. They also welcome proposals from projects that use sport to transform lives.

Their UK grants team follows a flexible and responsive funding strategy, allowing organisations to select the approaches they feel are most effective in tackling pressing issues.

More here

£2m Funding for Vulnerable Young People
The Scottish Government has announced that CashBack for Communities funding of more than £2m will be used to create life-changing opportunities for vulnerable young people in Scotland. 

The money, which is confiscated from criminals, will be distributed by YouthLink Scotland to projects that assist vulnerable young people in Scotland to a more positive future, by offering skills, activities and training and a place to turn to when experiencing difficulties with their lives.  

More information here.

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National Youth Independence Referendum - 15th June (Stirling)
This is an opportunity for young people aged 14-25 to put their questions to the panel of representatives from both sides of the independence debate.
  • Sunday 15th June 2014
  • 9am-12:30pm 
  • Stirling University(Free Event and transport can be provided) 
The National Youth Independence Referendum is delivered in partnership between BEMIS Scotland, Youth Scotland and A&M Training, as part of Youth Scotland's National Youth Conference. 

The event will involve a 'Question Time' style debate followed by an opportunity to vote in our mini-referendum. Young people can then attend an 'Aye Naw Mibbe' workshop with the Scottish Youth Parliament.

BEMIS Scotland and A&M Training are organising FREE bus transportation from Glasgow to Stirling University for those young people who wish to take part in this event. Young people from other areas in Scotland can contact us regarding transport arrangements.

Please contact BEMIS to confirm places and transport

Welcome…Celebrate the Commonwealth / Glasgow Life - 20 June (Glasgow)
Come along to a fun filled evening of performances from local groups, international food tasting, face painting, henna, arts ‘n’ crafts, pre-5 activity and much, much more.
  • 20 June, 6pm-9pm 
  • Barmulloch Community Centre, G21 3PX
More information here.

Edinburgh Pride Youth Space - 21 June (Edinburgh)
The March: we will be meeting young people and allies at 11.15am at the Scottish Parliament; The March leaves at 12 noon sharp; it stops at the City Chambers for speeches; We then head to Bristo Square where there will be a Health and Community Fair at Teviot and a Youth Space at the Dome, Potterrow.

Youth Space: This year our Youth Space is being held at The Dome, right next to the square; Live music & poetry slots (if possible let us know soon if you would like to book a slot); Youth based information stalls; Face painting; C:Card – free sexual health supplies and information; FUN!!!

Health & Community Stall: launching our new Silence Helps homophobia SHH! materials and Campaign

Contact: Ann Marriott - 0131 555 39 40 Email: web:

Call for dance groups to join in the Big Dance Weekend - 12 July (Glasgow)
As part of The Big Dance Weekend (12 – 13 July 2014) and to mark the closing of the first ever Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival (10 - 12 July 2014), a major dance commission by internationally renowned choreographer Rafael Bonachela will take place in Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

More info and registration here

Project Scotland event - 25th June (Edinburgh)
Are you interested in helping a young person to get on in life, while getting an extra pair of hands, new insights and a fresh perspective within your organisation?

If the answer is yes, then it's time to find out about ProjectScotland: a charity that helps young people build their skills, confidence and prospects through volunteering.

ProjectScotland specialises in creating full-time volunteering opportunities for young people across Scotland.  With over 180 charity (and not for profit) partners across Scotland, this year ProjectScotland will be providing over 900 volunteering opportunities for young people (aged 16-30).  From national partnerships with Scottish-wide charities such as National Trust for Scotland and Royal Voluntary Service, right down to small local partnerships with organisations like Inch Park Community Sports Club and the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop - all ProjectScotland partners are looking to add capacity to their operations through utilising volunteers, and at the same time invest in young people – providing life-changing opportunities, new skills and increased confidence to young Scots. 
ProjectScotland will be visiting the Melting Pot on the 25th of June at 1pm – you’ll get to find out more about how the organisation works, how their partner charities benefit, hear from an organisation using volunteers and from a current volunteer – all in the space of 30 minutes! 
There will then be the opportunity to have individual conversations with ProjectScotland staff. 
If you can’t make it for 1pm then they’d love to see you on the same day (that’s 25th June!)  at 2pm – when they’ll be repeating the whole exercise! To find out more email: or telephone ProjectScotland on 0131 226 0700. 
 To reserve a place at this event click here.

South Ayrshire Volunteering Practice Forum - 25th June (Girvan)
This new Volunteering Practice Forum provides the opportunity to discuss all aspects of managing and working with volunteers and find out more about the latest volunteering developments within South Ayrshire.
  • Wednesday 25th June 2014, 10am - 12 pm 
  • Carrick Opportunities Centre, Henrietta Street, Girvan, KA26 9AL
It provides a platform for organisations to share ideas and experiences in volunteer management, discuss best practice and focus on specific volunteering related challenges.

Inverclyde Third Sector Forum - Various dates (Various)
I3SF is your opportunity to network with others, find out what is happening, influence decisions and develop partnerships. The dates & times for the next meeting of each of the networks is below. 

Thematic Networks
Aim to develop better partnership working and strategic direction by those working in a particular types of services.
  • Children's Services - 19 August 10am-12pm
  • Older People's Services -  21 August 2pm-4pm
  • Intergenerational - DATE CHANGE: 26 August 10:30am-12:30pm
  • Adult Health Services - 26 August 2pm-4pm 
Practitioner Groups
Are an opportunity to share good practice and find peer support from people who are in a similar position.
  • Accessing Funding - 3 June 2pm-4pm
  • Chief Officers - 8 August 12am-2pm
  • Social Enterprise - 13th August 2pm-4pm
Subscribe to information and updates here.

Multicultural Homecoming 2014 (Various)
BEMIS, in partnership with Visit Scotland and the Scottish Government has launched ‘Multicultural Homecoming 2014’, a programme of events to showcase Scotland’s rich cultural diversity, and a small Grants Programme to help community groups put on local events.

For information click here.

Previously listed

Achieving Impact with Community Benefit – 19 June 2014 (Lochgilphead)
Argyll and Bute Council in partnership with Foundation Scotland are hosting the above seminar which is focused on community councils and community groups which receive, or are likely to receive in the future, community benefit funds from renewable energy developments.  The programme for the day includes sessions on the policy picture, how funds are managed and where the money is going and can be viewed here.
Before the event commences at 10 am and during the lunch break we will be hosting a market place event in a side room which will enable those attending to speak directly to organisations such as Scottish Community Development Centre which may be able to provide them with advice and assistance. You are invited to take a space at the market place which should offer an excellent opportunity for you to meet community representatives from across Argyll and Bute. 
Spaces are limited to a maximum of 14 tables and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. To book your table space, please confirm your attendance before 29 May 2014. Please also confirm your requirements in relation to equipment such as chairs, access to power supplies etc.
We will make space for those attending the market place to sit in on the presentation sessions however if you wish to participate as a delegate please email Rosalind Becroft - – to book a place.

Unequal lives, unjust deaths; Transitions - 24 June (Glasgow)
Health inequalities are differences in health status and outcomes between different groups of people. People who are living with social, economic, physical, or political disadvantages are more likely to experience ill-health and to die earlier.  People suffering from ill-health in turn have an increased likelihood of staying or becoming disadvantaged because of the multiple ways adverse health affects their lives.

Throughout 2014, we will be holding the following 4 events to examine how the voluntary sector can collaborate to tackle health inequalities. Each event will support voluntary health organisations to gain a better understanding of health inequalities, to share learning and experience about the interventions that make a difference, and to encourage and support collaboration and partnership between public and voluntary sectors.

24 June 2014 – Health inequalities and transitions, in partnership with the Scottish Transitions Forum – from youth to adulthood, focusing on young people, who for reasons of disability or other social circumstances, face inequalities in the transition from youth to adulthood.

Click here for more information and to book.

EM3SN Independence Referendum Discussion - 22nd July (Edinburgh)
The Ethnic Minority 3rd Sector Network will follow up our series of white paper conversations earlier this year with an opportunity to discuss the Independence Referendum with representatives of the YES and Better Together campaigns.
The full report of those White Paper conversations can be accessed here

The Edinburgh event will take place as follows: 
  • Tuesday 22nd July, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Tay Room, Strathmore Business Centres
    Scott House
    10 South St Andrew Street
    Edinburgh, EH2 2AZ
Please note that registration is essential for this event as places are limited to venue capacity. To book a place at this event please contact or


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Conferences and seminars

Soon: Community Development: What Vision for Scotland?
At the moment there is no overview of whether the varied approaches to strengthening communities in Scotland are delivered in a coherent way. There is little explicit recognition in government policy of community development. Yet this can offer a set of unifying principles and objectives. 
  • Wednesday, 25 June 2014, 10.30 am (Registration 10am) - 3.30 pm
  • Scottish Youth Theatre, 105 Brunswick St, Glasgow G1 1TF
  • Free admission subject to demand - advance registration essential
Our organisations are working to establish a national dialogue and work towards a shared vision for community development. At the conference, with the help of a range of speakers and discussions (to be announced later) we will:
  • look at key areas of policy and practice where community development can make a difference 
  • seek a wide range of your views on how this contribution could be recognized and supported.
To register, please click here.
For further information please contact: CDAS: Peter Taylor, 0141 586 7588 SCDN: Susan Campbell, 07738 067 072

Scotland's Census Conference - 25 June (Edinburgh)
National Records of Scotland / British Society for Population Studies conference to share information about current and planned census analyses and to discuss where collaboration could result in improved understanding and benefits to Scotland and its people. 

For information click here or contact

Delivering Human Rights - A Constitution for Scotland - 27 June (Glasgow)
Human Rights Consortium Scotland conference to discuss how to raise awareness of human rights, and promote economic, social, cultural, civil, political and environmental rights.

For information see here or contact

PHINS Seminar 2014 - 10 October (Glasgow)
This year's PHINS (Public Health Information Network for Scotland) Seminar will take place on Friday 10th October 2014 in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

  • Friday 10th October 2014
  • Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

As in previous years, this event is free of charge. However, spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. You can register on-line to attend this year's seminar using the link below:

Register for the PHINS Seminar 2014. The full programme is available from the PHINS page of the ScotPHO website.

Previously listed

Annual Public Health Conference - Call for Abstracts 6 / 7 Nov. (Inverness)
The FPH Scottish Conference is an important opportunity for those working across the spectrum of public health to come together in order to provide context for their work, develop new and strengthen existing networks, and gain inspiration.
This year’s themes combine the established domains of public health practice with topic areas which represent extensive challenges and opportunities for a range of other agencies, but in which a strong public health voice is needed. We will hear
from interesting and motivational speakers from a variety of backgrounds, and hold what we are sure will be a lively panel session to get those critical juices flowing.
  • Thursday 6th & 7th November
  • Macdonald Aviemore Resort, Inverness
The organiser are now requesting abstracts for this event. You can find out more at by clicking here.

Scottish Learning Festival 2014: registration open - 24 / 25 Sept. (Glasgow)
The theme of SLF 2014 is raising achievement and attainment for all with a focus on maximising educational outcomes through:
  • early intervention and prevention - for children, young people and adult learners in order to maximise educational outcomes;
  • health and wellbeing - ranging from physical education and sport to the full range of health and wellbeing subjects which are the responsibility of all practitioners;
  • employability skills - to secure a highly educated, well prepared and well-motivated young workforce able to compete in a global market.
Find out more and register here

Scottish Welfare Rights Conference - 13 June (Glasgow)
The CPAG Scotland Annual Conference is a must attend event for all those interested in welfare rights and social security in Scotland. Workshops will look at a wide range of issues including the bedroom tax, sanctions, tribunals and many others. 
  • 13 June 2014
  • Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow
For more information and to book a place click here.

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SafeTALK training (Edinburgh)
The City of Edinburgh Council in collaboration with Edinburgh Tenants Federation is running a free SafeTALK training session on Wednesday 18th June 2014 from 9am-12.30pm in the Training Suite, Norton Park, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY. 

They have a few spaces available and would like to offer to voluntary organisations. The session will teach you to recognise the signs of suicidal thoughts in individuals and how to connect those affected to intervention resources.  If you would be interested in attending, please contact the Federation office.  Places are limited and must be booked in advance by emailing or phoning 0131 475 2509.

Introductory Mental Health Awareness Training from FDAMH
For: Anyone interested in learning more about mental health including local organisations – their staff or volunteers.

Course Content: This 3-hour course introduces the concept of mental health, common mental health problems, discrimination, the importance of awareness in supporting people experiencing reduced wellbeing, and where to seek additional support.

  • Wednesday 18th June 2014, 3-6pm or
  • Wednesday 25th June 2014, 3-6pm or
  • Wednesday 16th July 2014, 4-7pm
  • Provider: Falkirk’s Mental Health Association (FDAMH)
  • Venue: Camelon Education Centre, Falkirk
  • Cost per person: £35, group discounts available.
To find out more and book your place click here.

Last Remaining Places: Alcohol Policy in Practice CPD Course from UKCTAS
There are only a few places remaining on the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies inaugural CPD course on alcohol policy in practice.  The course runs Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th September 2014 in Edinburgh and features inputs from Sheffield Alcohol Research Group, Sir. Ian Gilmore and many others.  It promises to be an excellent learning and networking opportunity with participants already registered from drug and alcohol partnerships, commissioning bodies, voluntary organisations, universities in the UK and internationally. 

Visit the UKCTAS website for more information or contact for an application form to secure your place (or reserve a place for next year).

Drawing Out Ideas with Graphics and Cartoons (Edinburgh)
The course is especially for people who work face to face with individuals and groups and who wish to make their work come alive with graphics and cartoons.

So if you're:
  • curious about capturing concepts in a visual, creative way
  • keen to learn how to create graphics and cartoons at meetings and workshops
  • feeling overwhelmed by by the emphasis on online communication and have a strong desire to ‘get back to basics’ and learn how to communicate using hand-drawn graphics and cartoons...
...then this is course for you.

Training is highly interactive and will involve a series of exercises and inputs on the topic. We aim to give you the opportunity to explore and adopt your own style of graphics and cartooning that best suits your needs.

View website for course details and booking For more information call 01314663309 or e mail

Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability training
  • 11th June 10am – 4pm, Glasgow – Easy Ready training
  • 26th June 10am – 4pm, Glasgow – Graphic facilitation training
  • 8th July 10am – 4pm, Glasgow – Learning Disability awareness
To book, or for more information email: or call John Somerville on 0141 559 5732.

Previously listed

Scottish Disability Golf - First Swing Clinics 2014
Free Golf lessons, tuition and practice for anyone of any age, with disabilities The SDGP has already held three First Swing Clinics at various venues across Scotland and England in 2014 and are now pleased to announce that an additional five Clinics have been arranged for disabled people and their carers/coaches.
The dates are as follows
  • Monday 23 June - Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course Scottish Borders 10:00
  • Thursday 14 August - Turriff Golf Club Aberdeenshire 10:30
  • Monday 1 September - Murrayshall Hotel & Golf Course Perth
  • Tuesday 7 October - St Andrews Fife.
There will be other events arranged throughout the season, so please keep an eye on their website here.

Getting to Grips With Graphic Facilitation (Edinburgh)
Animate is pleased to bring Helen Wilson of 'Envision' to Scotland to deliver a graphic facilitation course. The course will cover:
  • What is graphic facilitation? Why and when to use it
  • Tools and techniques 
  • Building your own repertoire of graphics
  • Opportunities to practice using graphic in a stimulating and fun training environment. 
  • When: 17th June, 10AM - 4.30PM
  • Where: Almond Room, Wighton House, The Thistle Foundation, Niddrie Mains Road, Edinburgh EH16 4EA
  • Cost £110 + VAT
For more information email You can also download a flyer here

Certificate in Counselling Skills Course at Falkirk’s Mental Health Association (Falkrik)
The Certificate in Counselling Skills is for anybody who wants to improve their understanding of other people as well as themselves. Counselling skills can enhance the quality of personal relationships and improve workplace performance. This course is useful and practical, whether you are a professional or volunteer, a carer or helper, a sales person, a parent or a manager or someone wishing to pursue career development. For those wishing to train as a professional counsellor, the Certificate is recommended as a platform for further study e.g. a Diploma in Counselling.
  • Central Falkirk, starting September 2014 and running to June 2015
There is a fee for this course. Spaces are limited so you should apply as soon as possible.
Full details and an application pack can be found hereOr for an informal chat about the course contact Liz Trodden on 01324 671615 or More info here.

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Job Opportunities with CVS Inverclyde
CVS Inverclyde is looking to recruit two highly motivated Development Officers for our projects: Community Capacity & Co-production and also EAGER for Change. The closing date for applications for these vacancies is fast approaching: Friday 13th June at 5:00pm. Please get your applications in as soon as possible. For more information on both of these positions, click here.

Head of Living Streets Scotland - Living Streets (Edinburgh)
The Head of Living Streets Scotland will develop Living Streets in Scotland (part of the UK-wide Living Streets), expand its funding base and promote its vision and objectives to the country’s stakeholder groups including community members, practitioners and policy and decision makers. The role will include leading the team to influence stakeholders, develop the organisation's presence in Scotland, and deliver our work with communities, schools, supporters and wider audiences, in line with funder and organisational requirements.
  • Salary: £41,591 - £46,922 
  • Hours: 35 hours per week
  • Location: Edinburgh and across Scotland
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Closing date: Monday 16 June 2014, 8am
  • Interview date: Friday 20 June 2014

The post holder will report to the Director of Policy and Communications, and as Team Leader, will manage the other staff in the Living Streets Scotland team. It will be necessary for the post holder to travel to London occasionally, when requested.

More here.

Wellbeing Adviser - Citizen Advice Bureau (Kirkintilloch)
The Citizens Advice Bureau offers a Free, Confidential and Impartial advice and representation service to the residents of East Dunbartonshire.

Salary: £24,088 pro rata to 21 hours (£14,453) plus 6% pension contribution
Hours: 21 hours per week
Location: Kirkintilloch
Contract: Part time, Fixed term for 2 years
Closing date: Friday 13 June 2014
Interview date: Thursday 19 June 2014

They are currently recruiting for a Wellbeing Adviser for an exciting new joint venture with East Dunbartonshire Community Health Partnership. More here.

Project Co-ordinator - Royal Edinburgh Hospital Patients Council
Based at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, the Patients Council is a collective advocacy group run by and for patients and ex-patients to improve the quality of life for current service users. We represent members’ concerns to influence and improve services at all levels within the hospital and NHS. In this post you will facilitate, promote and develop our work by enabling members to participate in all our activities. 

36.25 hours per week, Starting salary £26,860, rising to £29,256
Closing date for applications – 12 noon on 2 July 2014, proposed interview date - Tuesday 22 July 2014. More info bottom of the page, here

Community Engagement Executive - Resilient Scotland (Edinburgh or Glasgow)
Resilient Scotland provide social investment to enterprising community organisations ambitious to achieve sustainability and generate positive outcomes for local people across 13 local authorities.
  • Hours: 35 hours per week
  • Salary: £28,488
The Community Engagement Executive will develop and implement a portfolio of community based investment and development support activity for Resilient Scotland Ltd.
You will also be responsible for delivering a range of community engagement work with Foundation Scotland’s Community Engagement team, whose main focus is to design and deliver community benefit funds linked to commercial wind farms. Please note that secondments will be considered.

More information here.

Content Addictions Worker - Community Rehabilitation Services (Falkirk)
Working from Falkirk, using your assessment, care planning and intervention skills you will process referrals and provide a range of key working and group-work based, rehabilitation services focusing on psycho-education, relapse prevention and employability skills to promote service users recovery. 

You will:
  • have a recognised professional qualification at a minimum of SVQ level 4 and 
  • have a recognised award in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 
  • be familiar with managing a busy caseload and in monitoring and recording all aspects of your work 
  • be familiar with the SSSC Codes of Practice for employees and employers 
This post is full time (35 hours per week) with a salary of between £23,463 to £25,974. An application pack is available here.

If you are interested in this post and wish to have an informal discussion please call 
Paul Mooney Chief Executive or Narek Bido Service Manager on (01324) 874 969 or e-mail at or

Previously listed

Advisory Group Members - 'see me' 
'see me’, Scotland’s national programme to end mental health stigma and discrimination, is seeking  6 volunteer members for the programme’s new Advisory Group and is specifically looking for people with lived experience of mental health problems or experience of caring for someone with mental health problems.

Group members will contribute their expertise to the overall direction of the programme as well as providing links to key audiences.  They will play the role of a critical friend, and provide feedback to the programme lead partners, management and funders on the direction and performance of the programme. 

The Advisory Group will meet a minimum of four times yearly and will include the Programme Management team (The Programme Director and senior representatives from the delivery partners MHF and SAMH).  The Advisory Group will not have a formal governance role – that remit sits with the management team, but will provide essential checks and balances for the decision-making and the direction of the programme. 

These are not paid positions but all reasonable expenses, incurred in the work of the Advisory Group, will be reimbursed by ‘see me’.

More details here.

Engagement & Communications Worker – Voice of Experience Forum (Airdrie)
Based in North Lanarkshire we are seeking a highly motivated individual to promote the involvement and facilitate engagement with older people.
  • Salary: £20,388 pro rata 28 hours
  • Benefits: 6% Pension Contribution
  • Duration: 31st March 2016
The Engagement & Communications Worker will be responsible for increasing engagement with older people across North Lanarkshire. This will include implementing a new work stream, VOEF’s New Communications Strategy, as well as supporting existing networks and developing key aspects of area-wide consultation.

The successful candidate will have a proven track record of working with and for communities and considerable experience of working at an inter-agency level. A relevant qualification is essential as is knowledge of the policy and legislation for older people. An Enhanced PVG Disclosure is required for this position. To receive an application form or for more information contact Sandra/Maureen on (01236) 758855 or email Closing date is 13th June 2014.


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The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Scotland has produced an online framework to help community and voluntary organisations use equality and human right more effectively in their work:

"It has been designed to support new practices and should enable your organisation to fully integrate your commitment to equality and human rights in different areas of your work. The framework aims to spark discussion on equality and human rights issues and help build a stronger consciousness about them in your organisation." 

View the website here.

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