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Issue 263 - 11th September 2014

Hello, and welcome to issue 263 of CHEX-Point Snippets. As always, this issue contains all the latest news and information relating to community-led health. If you have any news or updates from your own work locally that you would like mentioned in Snippets please get in touch. Click here if you would like to view this e-bulletin online or read any previous issues of Snippets. 

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Sam Jordan
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CHEX News and General Information

Conferences and seminars


This is an extract from the latest issue of CHEX-Point Newsletter, which was published late last month. You can read the full issue here

News from the Network: Community Transport Association Network
It seemed like the end of the world in 2009 when the letter arrived to say that their transport funding had been withdrawn. However, Creich, Croik and Kincardine Day Care Association (the Bradbury Centre) had a history of being resilient and set out to find a solution.


The Centre had been built by the community in the mid-90s to enable elderly and disabled people to have access to social activities and lunch locally. At the time the Council proposed to centralise services in Dornoch and the community felt they could do better.

Once funds were raised and the building ready to open it was realised that transport was likely to be a problem.  Public transport is virtually non-existent in the area and even with the use of the Council’s Services there were still gaps. In 2003 The Centre successfully obtained grant funding from a then Scottish Executive initiative but unfortunately when this funding stream was passed to Highland Council in 2007 they changed the criteria and in 2009 funding was withdrawn.

The Solution 

After a lot of soul searching, research, advice and support from the Community Transport Association, the Centre embarked on the innovative solution of buying their own minibus and registering their usual routes as bus services.  This had never been done before by a community group in the Highlands.  

Following on from the lead of the Bradbury Centre other groups across Highland have developed transport services specific to the needs of their communities.

The key to success is (1) establishing needs (2) introducing services that you know will be used (3) setting fares and charges that will cover costs (4) not being frightened to review, change and even withdraw if things are not working.

Read the full article and the rest of the issue in CHEX-Point Newsletter here. 

CHEX response to Scottish Parliament call for evidence on Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill
CHEX has submitted our response to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee's call for evidence on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill. In our response, we argue that the legislation will not empower disadvantaged communities unless they are properly supported to take advantage of the Bill's opportunities.

We also contend that the Bill should place stronger duties on community planning partners to engage with communities, including community-led health organisations, and that this engagement should be in line with the National Standards for Community Engagement

Download CHEX's full submission here

General Information

Challenge Poverty Week 12 - 18 October 2014
More than 800,000 people in Scotland live in low income households. In a rich country like ours this is unnecessary and unacceptable.

Challenge Poverty Week is an opportunity for you to help fight poverty and hardship in Scotland. More than 40 organisations and groups supported Challenge Poverty Week last year, and we hope even more get behind it this year. 

The main aims of the week are to:
  • Highlight the reality of poverty and challenge the stereotypes about exist about it;
  • Demonstrate what is being done across Scotland to address poverty
  • Increase public support for more action to combat poverty 
You can find out more here

Scottish Women's Convention Guide - A consultation on an interim constitution for Scotland
With the question of independence soon upon us, the Scottish Government has begun planning for the constitutional consultations in the event of a 'Yes' vote.

The Scottish Women's Convention has taken this rather lengthy and complicated document and produced a more accessible document which breaks it down to the key points and changes the jargon used into language that everyone can understand.

You can download it here. The consultation itself closes 20th October 2014.

Out now! CHEX-Point Newsletter Issue 47
We've now published the latest edition of CHEX-Point Newsletter - the quarterly magazine that brings you a deep dive into the issues affecting community-led health. We've got some brilliant articles, case studies and updates for you in this edition.
  • Gerry McLaughlin from NHS Health Scotland on the important contribution community-led health makes
  • Janet Muir from CHEX outlines her vision for community-led health
  • Bringing together the evidence - An examination of evidencing community-led health, with case studies from three excellent organisations: Community Transport Association Network, Healthy Valleys and Living Well North Edinburgh
  • CHEX Conference 2014 report
  • Scottish National Action Plan for Human Rights briefing
  • Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill update
  • CHEX News
Read the latest issue here. Don't want to miss another issue? Subscribe here and view back issues here

Disability Agenda Scotland: ‘Independence referendum 2014 – has your voice been heard’
The survey designed to find out whether disabled people in Scotland feel they have been involved in the debate and discussion surrounding the Independence Referendum.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of people in Scotland surveyed who are living with a disability feel their voice has not been heard in the referendum debate so far.

Over 100 people were surveyed in advance about their attitudes to the referendum. Questions submitted include "What would happen to the benefits system?"; "How would my independent living and housing situation be affected?”; and "Would the services and support I receive be cut?"

More here

Scotland's Changing Population - A National Statistics Publication for Scotland
National Records of Scotland (NRS) today publishes “Scotland’s Population 2013 – the Registrar General’s Annual Review of Demographic Trends”. It is accompanied by a wide range of other statistics on births, stillbirths, adoptions, marriages, civil partnerships, deaths and life expectancy, which appear in the Vital Events Reference Tables, in “Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2013”, and in website sections on deaths from certain causes and national life tables.

The report is a compendium that brings together key demographic information from a range of publications produced by NRS. It has been produced annually since it was first published in 1855. It also includes an infographics supplement for the first time.

Find out more here

PPHW Reference Group recruitment
PPHW is part of the National Person-Centred Health and Social Care Programme and is funded by the Scottish Government.

The PPHW Reference Group aims to achieve this by providing a platform for people who use supports and services and carers to influence and provide a lived-experience voice.  Reference Group meetings take place every other month (on average) with regular attendance being beneficial.  

Further to Group meetings there are regular opportunities for members to attend conferences, workshops, and training, forums and networking events.

For more information click here or contact download a reference group form here and

Malnutrition on the rise the UK
The BBC reports that the Faculty of Public Health has warned of the increasing number of malnutrition cases in the UK. A 19% increase in diseases such as rickets in England and Wales.

Vice president of the Faculty of Public Health, John Middleton, said food-related ill health was getting worse "through extreme poverty and the use of food banks".

"It's getting worse because people can't afford good quality food. It's getting worse where malnutrition, rickets and other manifestations of extreme poor diet are becoming apparent," he said.

Read more here.

Latest welfare reform news

With welfare reform continuing to dominate the headlines, CHEX brings you some of the latest news from around Scotland relating to welfare and community-led health: News from other networks
  • A bill aimed at modifying the bedroom tax was pushed through to the next stage in parliament by a Labour-Lib Dem pact, with dozens of Tory MPs defying their party line. The bill would mean that if people cannot be found other places to live, they will be exempt from the tax. More here.

CHEX has found the following e-bulletins interesting over the last fortnight:
  • The BIG Lottery Fund has a newsletter which details the work it is carrying, as well as new funding streams and grants. You can find out more here.

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The Scottish Health Awards 2014
This is an awards ceremony for healthcare professionals in Scotland with an aim of recognising the most dedicated and caring NHS workers.

NHS Scotland is looking for nominations for people who have " genuinely made a difference to your life or to that of your family. It might be an individual or a team who have provided outstanding care to their patients or those who are in jobs that normally don't have a high profile and who generally should be recognised for their commitment to the NHS."

They're looking to find out:
  • About your healing hero and/or the teams they work in
  • What they did that was special
  • What difference they made
More information here.

Falkirk's Mental Health Association (FDAMH) would love your vote
Bank of Scotland's Community Fund public vote offers the chance for good causes to win a grant of £3000. CHEX Network member FDAMH is one of the finalists and are looking for your vote.

They will be using this fund to support activities related to women with poor mental health, helping them on their recovery journeys and enabling them to lead fulfilling and participative lives.

Find out more here

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Consultations and surveys

SCVO welfare reform survey
SCVO is researching the effect of welfare reform on organisations and communities at a local level. 

They've been talking to many local organisations in different areas around Scotland, but we would appreciate hearing your perspective too. Please complete this short survey by 17 September and tell us if welfare reform has affected your organisation and your service users.

Take the survey here

The Scottish Autism Questionnaire 
This is a part of the Scottish Strategy for Autism, and will help in planning future service provision for everyone with ASD in Scotland.
The University of Strathclyde would like anyone who has ASD (whether with a diagnosis of autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, atypical autism, PDD-NOS or any other autism spectrum disorder) or who cares for an individual with ASD (including in a professional capacity) to complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.
The information is being collected anonymously – unless you volunteer to give us your contact details because you are willing for them to get in touch with you for follow up. At no point will specific individuals be identified in any report or publication. Any information you provide will be stored securely and will only be made accessible to the principal investigators.

Take the survey here

Dementia Carer survey
The Dementia Carer Voices project team put together a short survey to enable them to capture key messages from carers which will be used to influence future policy.

If you’ve not yet submitted a response to the survey and would like to, and if you have experience of caring for someone with dementia you can contribute and have your say on your hopes and concerns for the future by clicking here

The survey will be closing on Friday 31st October so if you would like to respond, please make sure you have filled out the survey by this date.

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Attitudes to greenspace in Scotland - a review of key trends between 2004 and 2013
The report published by Scottish Natural Heritage highlights key findings from surveys conducted between 2004 and 2013 that relate to people's attitudes to greenspace in Scotland, and includes the first year of data collected by SNH's Scotland's People and Nature Survey (SPANS). 
Surveys show that regular visitors to their local greenspace are more likely to rate their health as good. Also, those rating their health as good are more likely to meet the national guideline for physical activity within an outdoor environment. However, the report finds that less than half of us visit our local greenspace or the wider outdoors once a week or more.

Download it here

How good is our third sector organisation?
How good is our third sector organisation? (HGIOTSO?) is a new resource which is being developed to support the third sector. The resource complements the work of Evaluation Support Scotland and others such as the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations to assist third sector organisations to self-evaluate and to improve more effectively. 

The quality indicators within 'How good is our third sector organisation?' reflect the developing context within which public services now operate. The indicators focus on the impact of third sector services on improving the life chances of children, adults and families, and increasing community resilience. 

Find out more here.

Older people eat well: literature review - CFHS
In early 2014, CFHS worked with Evaluation Support Scotland to commission a short evidence review of the literature on the ways in which the third sector supports older people to eat well. This has now been published as part of the ESS ‘Stitch in Time’ programme.

The starting point for the review was the nested outcome model developed by CFHS and colleagues in NHS Health Scotland – older people eat well. 

Find out more here

Is football good for local communities?
This article examines whether communities can benefit from investment and indeed ownership of football clubs. Are they important parts of a community and do they still represent the geographic areas where they are based?

Read the full article here

Census 2011: Release 3F - Detailed characteristics on Health in Scotland
The statistics published today by the Registrar General for Scotland on the Scotland’s Census website  present further details on health from national to local level.

You view the main points here

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Absent Friends small grants fund
A small grants fund has been set up to support organisations to participate in To Absent Friends, a people’s festival of storytelling and remembrance, running 1-7 November 2014.

We are particularly keen to support small organisations to undertake local activities that provide public opportunities for storytelling and/or remembrance of people who have died.

More information is available here.

Grants available to stroke survivors across Scotland
The Stroke Association Life After Stroke Grants are for people who are experiencing financial difficulties caused by a stroke.  They provide financial assistance for up to £300 for a defined need for that person.  Many of the charity’s Grants are provided to cover the cost of white goods, energy bills, beds and bedding, medical equipment or disability aids not available from the NHS.  They may also be used for specialised respite or family holiday inside the UK, or travel costs for compassionate reasons.

For copies of  postcards about the Grants, please contact

For more information click here

Zero Waste Scotland Launches Litter and Flytipping Community Action Fund
Zero Waste Scotland is inviting constituted community groups that have ideas for projects to help tackle litter and flytipping in their area to apply for grants of between £500 and £10,000. The £100,000 Litter and Flytipping Community Action Fund forms part of the delivery of the Scottish Government’s new national litter strategy, Towards a Litter Free Scotland, which was launched in June. Keep Scotland Beautiful is administering the Fund on behalf of Zero Waste Scotland.

Constituted community groups in Scotland that have experienced persistent problems of littering and flytipping can apply for funding for community-led projects to tackle litter and flytipping on the ground; promote increased community ownership of the issues; and raise awareness and stimulate long term public behavioural change.

The funding can be used for the following types of activities:
  • Clearance of litter and flytipping followed by adoption of the land for the benefit of the local community.
  • Installation of physical barriers to known flytipping sites.
  • Local campaigns and initiatives involving the community, schools and businesses.
  • Partnership working with the local authority and/or other landowners.
  • Promoting national litter strategy activity at the local level.
  • Input to the provision of community litter plans.
  • Trialling of community reporting mechanisms and/or litter and flytipping monitoring techniques.
The deadline for applications is 19 September 2014 (5pm).
Application forms are available here.

People’s Postcode Lottery’s Dream Fund 2015 to Open Shortly
The Dream Fund 2015 will open to applications from registered charities and community organisations in England, Scotland and Wales on 1st September 2014.

This will be the fifth year in a row that the People’s Postcode Trust has launched the Dream Fund to encourage charities, voluntary groups or community interest companies to work together to realise projects of their ‘dreams’. The lead organisation must be a registered charity with a bank account in order to be able to distribute the funding.

This year the Dream Fund will be bigger than ever with a total of £1 million to be given to two winning projects:
  • One of £750,000 for larger charities with an income exceeding £1.5 million.
  • One of £250,000 for smaller charities with an income of £1.5 million and below.
To be eligible, the project should be innovative, creative, and original. It should be a genuine dream, meaning that it is something that the group always wanted to do but never had the funding to make it a reality.

The project should deliver a lasting impact and engage the wider public. In addition, it should also meet one of the following six objectives of the People’s Postcode Trust:
  • Advancement of participation in sports.
  • Advancement of community development.
  • Advancement of environmental protection.
  • Advancement of health.
  • Advancement of human rights.
  • Prevention of poverty, distress and sickness
Full details, including the 2015 Guidance Notes, can be found here.

Historic Scotland Invites Voluntary Sector to Apply for 2015 Funding
Voluntary sector organisations in Scotland have until the end of September to apply for funding to safeguard Scotland’s 
historic environment and promote its understanding and enjoyment.
The 2015-18 round of Historic Scotland’s Direct Funding for the Voluntary Sector programme is targeted at projects and 
organisations that provide services or input to the Historic Environment Sector.

Projects should help the agency meet the following corporate objectives:
  • To care for, protect, and enhance the historic environment.
  • To secure greater economic benefits from the historic environment.
  • To increase public appreciation and enjoyment of the historic environment.
  • To ensure that the historic environment delivers benefits for communities.
  • To promote and develop knowledge and skills.
  • To build capacity in the historic environment sector.
Funding is available on a three-year basis and is made on a ‘full cost recovery’ basis. The level of funding will depend on the agreed outcomes and objectives of the work between the applicant organisation and Historic Scotland.

The deadline for applications is 30 September 2014.
Full details can be found here.

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Stronger Voices - SHC (Various)
On the 4th of June 2014, the cabinet secretary called for the development of proposals that would ‘strengthen the service user and public voice’ in health and social care. The Scottish Health Council need your help in developing proposals that will enable that voice to:
  • Be reliable and consistent
  • Evidence based
  • Drive improvements in services
  • Represent individual and collective perspectives
  • Be inclusive
  • Make use of online technology and social media
The event is  for 3rd  sector organisations, service users and the public will be held on:

  • Thursday 2nd October    
  • Concert Halls
  • Register here
  • Thursday 9th October    
  • Discovery Point
  • Register here
  • Friday 10th October    
  • Register here

Good for Health? The Economic Crisis, Austerity Measures and Welfare Reform in Deprived Areas of Glasgow - 24th Sept (Glasgow)
  • When:  Wednesday 24th September 2014, 2pm
  • Where: MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow, Top Floor, 200 Renfield Street, Glasgow, G2 3QB (The Herald building)
This discussion seminar will focus on this issue by presenting the findings of survey studies and in-depth interviews carried out in Glasgow between 2008 and 2014.

Although key indicators suggest that the UK economy is now on a path to recovery, it is crucial to understand the effects of the financial crisis, rising prices and impending welfare changes on people’s health and wellbeing in the longer term. In this spirit, this seminar will review the experiences of households that are particularly “at risk” and discuss their preparedness for the full implementation of the welfare reform in the coming years. In particular, this seminar will focus on three issues, including:
  • “Hardest hit” groups
  • Most prevalent financial difficulties and people’s responses
  • Effects on people’s health
For more information and to attend, please email:

Scottish Rural Parliament (Oban)
What do we really mean when we talk of rural Scotland? Who are the people that currently speak up for rural Scotland? Should other voices be heard as well? The first Scottish Rural Parliament which convenes in Oban in just 8 weeks’ time is an opportunity to explore these questions and to help set an agenda for the future.

If you wish to attend, you can register your interest here up until the 25th September. Places will be allocated on the basis of an aspiration to achieve a widest possible geographical spread. 

More information here

Reviewing the CDNOS - 6th Oct (Glasgow)
The Federation for Community Development Learning is once again working with partners across the UK to review the Community Development National Occupational Standards (CDNOS). In Scotland the partners are the CLD Standards Council, The Scottish Community Development Centre, The Scottish Community Development Network and The University of Glasgow - CRADALL
  • Date:    Monday 6th October
  • Time: 1.30-4.30pm 
  • Place: The University of Glasgow, 11 Eldon Street, G3 6NH
  • This is a Free Event 
The CDNOS describe what a person needs to do, know and understand to carry out good quality community development practice, and assist in the development of the workforce by promoting good practice, bringing together the skills, knowledge and values that underpin the work. You can find further details here.

This event is a part of a wider review process which will also see an online consultation survey to ensure that all those looking to contribute are able to. Further information on this will be provided soon. 

The workshop will explore:
  • What are the key issues facing communities and community development practitioners?
  • Discuss the key purpose, values, roles described in the current CDNOS and suggest what needs to change, go or be added
  • How we can make the revised CDNOS both stronger and more accessible?
  • What role do the CDNOS have in a Scottish context?
  • Anybody who is involved in community learning and development practice, in any setting or role, is welcome to attend and share ideas - you do not need to be familiar with the current CDNOS.
Please complete the booking form here

CHANGE OF DATE: "SCDN Conference and AGM - The State of Social Justice: Community Development in a post referendum Scotland  This free event will give CD practitioners the opportunity to discuss some of the assumptions that are inherent in most programme developments and practice directives and consider how these policies and practices might affect a post referendum Scotland: 
  • assumptions such as the necessity of austerity measures in a country of considerable wealth
  • that, economic growth is paramount
  • and the desirability of reduction in public services.
Within this environment, where does social justice feature? Social justice is one of the key values which underpin CD practice and yet, many practitioners are expected to work with communities to ‘manage’ socially unjust impacts and programmes which can deepen inequalities.

More information to follow soon about speakers and workshops but in the meantime you can register here.

Places are limited for what is shaping up to be a lively event with lots of opportunities to network and share ideas and we advise early booking to avoid disappointment. 

Previously listed
Welfare Reform, NHS and Health & Social Care - 2 Oct (Edinburgh)
This free event is for all those working in the NHS and health &social care in Scotland. With presentations and discussion led by leading academics, clinicians, frontline staff, service users and policy makers this event will:

Explain why welfare reform continues to be a challenge for the NHS and health & social care organisations.
Illustrate what the Scottish Government, NHS, local authorities and third sector are doing to mitigate the impact of welfare reform on health and health & social care services.
  • Scotland’s 2nd Learning Event - Edinburgh
  • 10.30am to 4.30pm on Thursday, 2nd October 2014
This is a free event and places are limited. To register interest in attending, contact Alison Newman at NHS Health Scotland. Email: Phone: 0141 414 2858

Whose Shoes? Masterclass - 24 Oct (Glasgow)
This is an award-winning and exciting workshop allowing you to 'walk in other people's shoes' through a range of activities and topics.
  • Friday, Oct. 24th
  • 10am Glasgow City, United Kingdom Scotland
This event will give you a chance to hear from Gill of Whose Shoes? and Ken who is living well with dementia, then they will give you the opportunity to try out the approach under the watchful guidance of Gill, Ken and the team. A networking lunch and a chance to talk to Ken, Gill and all the team will also be available. You can find out more about the @WhoseShoes approach here.To find out more about Dementia Scotland Consultancy and Training see here.

You can find out more and book here.

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Conferences and seminars

Risk and Resilience – Conference for Health and Social Care Professionals Working with Older People - 22 Sept (Edinburgh)
Faith in Older People and the University of Edinburgh are running a one day conference in Edinburgh on the 22nd September 2014, to explore how older people are able to keep their wellbeing buoyant and how to develop their resilience.

The day will include presentations and interactive workshops, run by Professor Charlotte Clarke (School of Health and Social Science, Edinburgh University), Rev. Harriet Harris (Chaplain, Edinburgh University) and Maureen O’Neill (Faith in Older People). The cost is £65.

Further details here

Glasgow's Annual Homelessness Conference 2014
This conference centres around the consultation work that has been happening in Glasgow to tackle homelessness. 
  • 7th October 2014
  • Glasgow
There will be keynotes from Eric Steel, Head of Homelessness Services, Glasgow City Council and Grant Campbell, Chief Executive, Glasgow City Mission as well a series of workshops and discussions. There's a detail programme and booking form available here which provides details of the day. 

Community Food and Health Scotland Annual networking conference - 29 Oct (Glasgow)
A national networking conference hosted by Community Food and Health (Scotland) - a unique opportunity to network with community food colleagues.
  • Wednesday 29 October 2014, Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow
  • Registration starts at 9.30am with the conference starting at 10.15am
The conference will be an opportunity for people to come together, learn from each other and share experience, evidence, hopes and concerns on all aspects of food, inequality and social justice. A day where people can learn and discuss national activity as well as local practice.

To register for this event click here

Keeping you in mind : Making the most of mindfulness - 30 Oct (Glasgow)
With Choden, co-author of Mindful Compassion with Professor Paul Gilbert OBE and Michael Bready, Director and founder of Youth Mindfulness. 

Quarriers, in partnership with CALM Training, invites you to join us for a one day conference in October exploring the benefits of mindfulness.
  • Thursday 30 or Friday October 31 214, William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre, Govan, Glasgow.
  • £160 per person, or book five places and get one for free
An increasing body of scientific evidence shows that mindfulness can bring benefits to both individuals and organisations. This conference provides an opportunity to explore and discuss the potential impact of mindfulness based interventions within health, social care and education.  This conference is open to both those who are at the beginning of exploring mindfulness and to those who want to deepen their understanding of it. It will be a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the subject and to listen to speakers who are currently involved in ground breaking developments at a national level.  

To register, click here

Autism 2014 conference - 27th Nov (Glasgow)
Don't miss out on this year's highly anticipated Autism 2014 Conference in Glasgow.
  • Date: Thursday 27th November, 2014                    
  • Location: Hilton Grosvenor Hotel, Glasgow 
Knowledge updates, best practice and practical strategies delivered by leading experts. The conference is a must attend event  for professionals working with children and young people in education, social work and healthcare. 

Limited spaces available, please book early to avoid disappointment. For more information click here

Person Centred Healthcare for Children and Young People, Myth or Reality? - 14th Nov (Edinburgh)
Action for Sick Children Scotland’s conference will explore the extent to which NHS provision for  children and young people meets their needs and involves them in their healthcare. Is Scotland meeting its obligations under the UNCRC to uphold their health rights? How will the Children &  Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 impact on children and young people’s health agenda?

Find out more here

Previously listed

Town Centres & Community Development and Engagement - 25 Sept (Edinburgh)
Scotland's Towns are working jointly with Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC), they are delivering a scoping exercise to unpick a number of issues such as: what role do local partnerships see communities playing in local town partnerships; what kind of "communities" are town/town centre partnerships serving; are communities already involved in some partnerships - if so, who is it; if not, what are the barriers/challenges in getting them involved?; are there capacity issues for both communities & local partnerships, that can be supported; if so, what type of support is needed and how best could that be resourced/provided? 

If we find we have a clear agenda and real interest in pursuing specific issues further we will jointly seek to address this in a practical approach.

Find out more here

Scottish Learning Festival 2014 - 24 / 25 Sept. (Glasgow)
The theme of SLF 2014 is raising achievement and attainment for all with a focus on maximising educational outcomes through:
  • early intervention and prevention - for children, young people and adult learners in order to maximise educational outcomes;
  • health and wellbeing - ranging from physical education and sport to the full range of health and wellbeing subjects which are the responsibility of all practitioners;
  • employability skills - to secure a highly educated, well prepared and well-motivated young workforce able to compete in a global market.
Find out more and register here

Early Years Policy and Practice Conference - 4 Oct. (Glasgow)
A number of changes have recently had an effect on the early years sector. At the Scottish Pre-School Play Association’s (SPPA) Early Years Conference leading UK early years experts will discuss the changes to policy and the how they impact on practice, and will explore how to enhance the overall experience within early years settings in order to improve children’s learning outcomes.

Workshops include
  • Computers and Technology in Early Years Settings.
  • Improving Practice - Understanding the Early Years Collaborative.
  • Getting off to a Healthy Start – Encouraging Children to have good eating habits.
  • Before they Start School – Start Swimming.
This will be beneficial to anyone who works within the early years sector. Whether you are a decision maker or delivering change on the ground, this conference will be of benefit to you. 

For more information and booking details visit or phone to reserve a place on 0141 221 4148.

CRNS Conference: Too Good To Waste - 23 Oct (Glasgow)
Organisations are invited to join Community Resources Network Scotland at their 10th Anniversary Conference on 23 October 2014 at the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow in order to explore together new innovations, best practice, and successful business models that are keeping pace with a new and constantly changing economic landscape – a landscape that is creatively circular rather than linear. 

This conference will:
  • Engage with a network of thought leaders, practitioners, and sector leaders advancing dialogue and collaborative action on waste prevention and reduction.
  • Discuss the emerging circular economy, and the resulting business opportunities.
  • Hear about leading edge - and replicable - successes in the public, private and community sector.
  • Participate in opportunities to advance national, cross-sector, collaboration. 
More information here

Annual Public Health Conference - Call for Abstracts 6 / 7 Nov (Inverness)
The FPH Scottish Conference is an important opportunity for those working across the spectrum of public health to come together in order to provide context for their work, develop new and strengthen existing networks, and gain inspiration.
This year’s themes combine the established domains of public health practice with topic areas which represent extensive challenges and opportunities for a range of other agencies, but in which a strong public health voice is needed. We will hear
from interesting and motivational speakers from a variety of backgrounds, and hold what we are sure will be a lively panel session to get those critical juices flowing.
  • Thursday 6th & 7th November
  • Macdonald Aviemore Resort, Inverness
The organiser are now requesting abstracts for this event. You can find out more at by clicking here.

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Take the mystery out of Person Centred Planning - 16-19th Oct (Glasgow) 
Person centred planning is an approach that empowers people to make changes in their life, achieve their dreams and live the life they want.
  • 16th –18th September 2014, 10.00 – 4.00
  • SCLD offices, Merchant Exchange, Glasgow

The course trainers, Clare Mills and Catherine Hurrell have a wealth of experience in helping individuals, families and organisations to achieve change through person centred planning. Catherine and Clare will show you that planning with people is about talking and listening to individuals and those who love them, care for them and know them best.

Come along to the course and you will gain:
  • Opportunities to explore your own values and how they relate to those of inclusion and person centred practice
  • Person centred approaches that you can use in your everyday work 
  • The confidence to involve the individual and those people who are most important to them 
  • In depth knowledge of the MAP planning tool
  • Problem solving tools to help discover new solutions and learning
  • Taster of graphic recording skills and scribing practice time
  • Time to reflect on your own style and ways to build on your strengths
If you book 3 places or more we will give you a discount of £50 per person. To book email: or call John Somerville at SCLD on 0141 559 5720 alternatively you can book online here.

Learn to resolve conflict in your community (Glasgow)
The Scottish Community Mediation Centre is working with Scottish Community Development Centre to present a five-day course on mediation and resolving conflict constructively. The course is an opportunity for anyone who has to deal with local conflicts to learn practical and effective skills in helping people find common ground and a mutually-agreed way forward.
  • Glasgow
  • 7th November - 1st December
  • £350 pp
The first two-day section looks at where conflict arises, how it affects us and techniques for managing it constructively. You will learn how to identify different sources of conflict and how to turn conflict into agreement.

You will then complete a brief home study exercise where you will learn about the social, legal and ethical contexts of mediation in Scotland and beyond and about different models of mediation. This is followed by three days of practice in direct mediation skills, from first contact with potential clients to handling a mediation meeting. You will have the opportunity in a relaxed and supportive environment to learn all the basic skills a mediator needs to begin to practice successfully. Participants are expected to attend the whole course and complete the exercises.

Find out more and book here

Emotional CPR (Perth)
PLUS Perth and Borders Recovery Network are pleased to announce that Daniel B. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D., Executive Director of the National Empowerment Center in America will lead two separate certificated training programmes on eCPR in Perth, Scotland, in the week beginning October 6th.

Venue: Perth
Cost: £110
Dates: First Course
  • Day 1—Mon 6th October
  • Day 2—Tues 7th October
Second Course
  • Day 1—Weds 8th October
  • Day 2—Thurs 9th October
  • Times: 10am—5pm
Emotional CPR (ECPR) is an educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps: connecting, empowering and revitalising.

To Book a place or for more info contact PLUS on 01738 626242 or

Financial wellbeing workshops
Interested in being better equipped to help your colleagues or clients with money matters? The Plan B Partnership social enterprise specialises in financial wellbeing and on 24th September they will be delivering a one day debt skills for none-advisors training & networking event. 

At £25 per person this event is extremely good value as you have an opportunity to learn specifically about Scottish debt solutions, how and when they fit certain circumstances and changes to legislation affecting the advice sector & services you already refer to or use. 

You will also have networking and good practice sharing sessions with third & public sector colleagues from across Scotland who like you, know that financial exclusion and debt are a health & social development challenge within every day work. 

The event is for people not already “money advisors” with CABx’s or councils. The event is for MH Workers, employability workers, housing officers/tenancy sustainment, health workers, healthy working lives reps, welfare rights workers, cancer care workers, HR/recruitment staff and many others. 

Plan B also have a series of financial wellbeing services targeted to particular client groups such as Over 50’s & carers, charities worried about workplace auto-enrolment, people who are newly single, couples who are about to marry/live together, none resident fathers, low income workers, business start-ups & people interested in help2buy schemes whose income is either mostly or all benefit based. 

Find out more here: & 

Previously listed

An interactive session exploring inequality, how discrimination occurs, and equality in the workplace - 1 Oct (Inverness)
This free training covers the concepts of equality, discrimination and human rights in the workplace. It aims to raise attitudinal awareness, examine ways to break down barriers to equality and diversity and explore how an equality and human rights based approach can improve performance and sustainability.
  • Date: Wednesday 1st October, 9.30am - 1.00pm
  • Venue: Fairways House, Fairways Business Park, Inverness, IV2 6AA 
The agenda will cover:
  • What 'equality', 'diversity' and 'human rights' mean, how they connect to each other and why they are important
  • How discrimination can occur, looking at prejudice, assumptions and stereotypes
  • Equality in law, examining the importance, application and relevance of the Equality Act 2010 
More here

NHS Health Scotland Trainer Support programme (Various)
National policy requires everyone to take action to reduce health inequalities. This programme supports you as trainers to: 
  • Discuss policy aimed at reducing health inequalities in relation to your training role
  • Make your training delivery fairer and more inclusive
  • Reflect on and improve your training practice 
All sessions are free of charge. You can pick and choose sessions that are most relevant to you.

Making training fairer
  • The session will take place from 14:00 – 15:00
  • Live online webinar: 26 November 2014
Creating Imaginative Learning 
  • This 3 day course will run from 09:30 – 16:00 each day
  • Perth: 10-12 November 2014
Health inequalities and training             
  • This half day session will take place from 10:00 – 12:30
  • Glasgow: 30 September 2014
  • Edinburgh: 8 October 2014
  • Dundee: 28 October 2014              
Delivering Imaginative Blended Learning 
  • This half day session will take place from 13:30 – 16:00
  • Glasgow: 30 September 2014
  • Edinburgh: 8 October 2014
  • Dundee: 28 October 2014            
Find out more here.

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LGBT Health and Wellbeing - Trainee Project Assistant (Edinburgh)
LGBT Health and Wellbeing are seeking to recruit a motivated, positive and enthusiastic individual for the role of Trainee Project Assistant to assist with administrative and general tasks that support the work of service delivery staff and managers.
  • Salary £13,946 pro rata
  • 25 hours (part time)
  • Temporary 26 week contract
This is an interesting role within a dynamic organisation and offers lots of opportunity for learning and personal development.  Full induction and on-the-job training will be provided.

This vacancy is only available through Community Jobs Scotland.  Applicants must be aged 20 to 24 years and meet the specific eligibility criteria.  Applications can only be made via your local Jobcentre Plus or Skills Development Scotland Advisor.

To view the job description click here or email

Forth Valley Advocacy - Senior Advocacy Worker
Forth Valley Advocacy are looking for an exceptional person to guide staff on all advocacy and legislative matters. You must be able to work flexibly, manage your time well and respond to the daily enquiries of those you line manage.
  • Full time (37 hours per week)
  • Salary £27,500
Closing date for applications is 5.00pm Tuesday 16th September. Application forms and more information are available here

West Lothian Council - Community Health Development Officer (Broxburn)
To strategically develop, co-ordinate and implement a Play Strategy and Action Plan for West Lothian in partnership with the Community Planning Partnership and its member organisations. You will be responsible for coordinating and delivering the action plan in partnership with a range of service areas and voluntary organisations,
  • Salary:£27,198 - £31,103
  • Salary info: Fixed Term for 2 years.
  • Closing date:21 September 2014
You will work closely with the other multi-agency, multi-disciplinary partners across West Lothian Community Planning Partnership in the course of their duties. This involves other service areas within West Lothian Council, NHS, Private and Voluntary sectors. You will be a member of the multi-agency Health Improvement Team at Strathbrock Partnership Centre and will contribute to team activities.

More here

Community Transport Glasgow - Community Development Worker (Glasgow)
CTG are looking for a motivated, resourceful and confident person to help us improve access to transport for community groups and other agencies working with vulnerable people in specific areas of Glasgow. The role will involve community consultation and partnership working with a variety of agencies and groups to develop local transport “hubs” in key locations.
  • Salary:£18,000 - £20,000 pro-rata
  • Salary info:20 hours per week (Fixed term contract to March 2015)
  • Closing date:22 September 2014
Candidates must have experience of working in the community and managing volunteers, ideally in a community transport setting. A current, clean driving licence and use of a vehicle is desirable.

Community Transport Glasgow (CTG) was established in October 2003 to deliver high quality, reliable, accessible transport solutions for disadvantaged communities in the city, operating from its base in Shettleston.

Find out more here

see me - Programme Officer (Glasgow or Edinburgh)
‘See me’ is Scotland’s national programme for reducing stigma and discrimination. ‘See me’ aims to create and deliver a transformative stigma and discrimination programme based on the knowledge that people with mental health problems are amongst the most excluded in our society. 

You will ensure the national programme for stigma and discrimination is delivered to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people experiencing mental health problems.
Reporting directly to the Programme Manager – National, you will help to deliver the children and young people’s programme plan to achieve the required outcome of reducing stigma and discrimination in Scotland.

A commitment to co-production and equality will be essential.
Closing date for all applications is Friday 26th September 2014 @ 12 noon. Interviews will take place on Thursday 9th October 2014. More information here

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The Scottish Co-production Network
SCDC (CHEX's parent organisation) also manages the Scottish Co-production Network, a membership of people interested in learning, practicing and developing co-production in Scotland.

The Network hosts more than 600 members who are invited to pposttheir experiences on the site, attend events and generally shape the direction of the Network itself - all for free and open to anyone who has an interest.

You can find out more here.  

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