SEFORÏS Newsletter - May 2016
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SEFORÏS is a multi-disciplinary research programme that investigates the potential of social enterprises to enhance the inclusiveness of societies. 


If one recognises that some of the root causes of the challenges humanity faces in societies around the world have to do with social inequalities, it seems clear that the social innovations that social enterprises present us with, deserve intense study. It strengthens us in our resolve to work hard in this crucial year for SEFORÏS. We will be able to start sharing more insights and knowledge that can help social entrepreneurship grow, thereby developing ‘soft power’ for positive social impact.

In June SEFORÏS publishes country reports for each of the nine countries that were included in our survey. In November we organise an online course for the social entrepreneurs that participated in our survey. We hope it's a good way to give something back in return for all the time they so graciously accorded to us. On December 9th we organise the first of two SEFORÏS conferences at the Aston Business School in Birmingham. The second conference will take place next year in Brussels. Along the way, we will keep you updated on all these events. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy our newsletter. 

Video update

About the data

Professor Marieke Huysentruyt and Ira Lardinois of Oksigen Lab reflect on the data collection and the research opportunities the unique data gives rise to. Watch here

A research journey of 7 years

Dr. Tomislav Rimac reflects on the 7 years of research on social entrepreneurship that started with SELUSI and is continued with SEFORÏS.
Watch here

Current Events & Social Impact

Against Housing and Energy Poverty

Discover 6 social enterprises from China, Germany, Portugal and the UK that try to achieve social impact in the fight against housing and energy poverty.

Access to adequate housing with resilient energy infrastructures will be ever more key to sustainable and healthy (urban) life. Find out in what myriad ways social enterprises from China, Germany, Portugal and the UK try to achieve social impact in regards to housing and energy poverty. Read More

Social Enterprise in the Spotlight

Miss Macaroon makes indulgence a virtue

Miss Macaroon is a passionate about making the most exquisite and colorful macaroons possible. But there is much more to their story. "Miss Macaroon combines real business savvy in terms of marketing and innovation with genuine heart for its social cause", says SEFORÏS researcher Emma Folmer. Read More

Research News

ViaVia Yogyakarta: Choosing the right strategy

Discover this compelling case study of the social enterprise ViaVia Yogyakarta that recently celebrated its 20th birthday. The case study was written by SEFORÏS team members Petra Andries and Alain Daou, from KULeuven. Read More

Publications & Reports

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  • Professor Ute Stephan gave the keynote “Successful Social Entrepreneurship: Pathways to Social Change” at International Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship (ISSE) in Singapore on April 28th 2016
  • Miriam Wolf and Alexandra Ioan held the “SEFORÏS session: Social entrepreneurship – trends and patterns in the EU and beyond" at the Workshop on Emerging Trends in Social Innovation in Berlin on April 28th 2016
  • Professor Ute Stephan spoke at the conference Female Entrepreneurship in Japan on February 28th, 2016
Find more updates on our website
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