SEFORÏS Newsletter - September 2015
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SEFORÏS is a multi-disciplinary research programme that investigates the potential of social enterprises to enhance the inclusiveness of societies. 


Over 600 social enterprises surveyed

SEFORÏS surveys social enterprises across Europe, Russia and China. So far we have conducted in-depth interviews with the directors of over 600 social enterprises. We will reach a thousand by the end of the year.

Current events

Facing emerging and unexpected challenges - Social entrepreneurship and the refugee crisis in Germany

In the last months, thousands of refugees have crossed the border to Germany. 800.000 refugees are expected to arrive in 2015 and the state is struggling to provide shelter and support. The refugee crisis provides grounds for us to reflect on how different types of actors - state actors, welfare organizations, civil society organizations and social enterprises - mobilize and organize to face emergent and unexpected social challenges. Read more

Research news

Women ceo's in social enterprises earn 29% less than their male counterparts

Our research looks at the gender pay gap among social entrepreneurs, using our earlier round of survey data SELUSI, direct predecessor to SEFORÏS. We find that even as social entrepreneurs, women earn 29% less annual salary (27% hourly wages) than their male colleagues. At the same time, we show that female social entrepreneurs are more satisfied with their jobs than their male counterparts. Ute Stephan, Sunčica Vujić and Saul Estrin unpick the paradox. Read more

Social enterprises in the spotlight

"We are all Peepoople"

Peepoople's mission is that all people shall have access to dignified and hygienic sanitation – with a long-term goal to reach 150 million people daily.

ColorADD hacks colors

The Portuguese social enterprise ColorADD facilitates color identification for people affected by color blindness, while contributing to their social integration and welfare.

Emerging insights

Taking the impact of social enterprises to scale

This article focuses on the challenge of how to increase the real impacts that social enterprises make. How can we accelerate the scaling of impactful social enterprise experiences? In short, how can we help grow social enterprise in true impact? Marieke Huysentruyt suggests 3 powerful, practical strategies that can really help jumpstart the 'impact growth' of social enterprises. Read more


Organizational and institutional innovation on and around societal challenges

Professor Johanna Mair gave this presentation at the Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy in Milano on the 3rd of September 2015. The Academy is organized by EU-InnovatE, a EU-funded interdisciplinary research project which addresses the obstacles and prospects for sustainable lifestyles and green economy in Europe. View the presentation here.


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SEFORÏS is a flagship multi-disciplinary, multi-method international research project on social enterprises funded by the European Commission. For more information, visit our website  
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