SEFORÏS Newsletter - June 2015
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SEFORÏS is a multi-disciplinary research programme that investigates the potential of social enterprises to enhance the inclusiveness of societies. 

125 Social enterprises surveyed, 875 to go

SEFORÏS has started the survey of 1000 social enterprises across Europe, Russia and China. So far we have conducted in-depth interviews with the representatives of 125 social enterprises. We should reach a thousand by October 2015. 

The survey will provide us with a bottom-up view that should help us better understand the role of social enterprise in leading to a more inclusive, innovative society. Critical to the success is integrating the issue of context - how formal and informal institutions, social capital environment and resources affect social enterprise performance and vice versa. In conjunction with the analysis of governance, impact, financing and innovation, this should allow us to develop thoughtful insights for new policy geared toward social entrepreneurs and social innovation. 

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VIDEO: Meet the survey team

Meet some of the members of the SEFORÏS survey team in this video that was made during their survey training in Brussels last March. 

From our blog

Is it possible for social enterprises to thrive post the UK elections?

By Dr. Emma Folmer & Prof. Ute Stephan (Aston Business School)

High ranking South Korean officials curious about SEFORÏS and SELUSI research findings

By Dr. Tomislav Rimac (Autonomous university of Barcelona)

Studying social enterprises and ecotourism organisations in Mexico

By Dr. Tomislav Rimac (Autonomous university of Barcelona)

Prof. Johanna Mair talking social innovation with Angela Merkel

By Prof. Johanna Mair and Dr. Miriam Wolf (Hertie School of Governance)

In the spotlight

Social Entrepreneur: Joel Davis, Tutors United

Joel Davis was just 17 years old when he won his first Award from UnLtd as a young social entrepreneur in 2012. Two years later he is now the youngest person ever to receive the Scaling Big Venture Challenge Award. His venture, Tutors United, provides tuition to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, while creating paid part-time employment and experience for university students. Read more...

SEFORÏS Partner: UnLtd

UnLtd is a charity that supports social entrepreneurs in the UK – people who have the determination and commitment to change the world around them. Read more...


Find out more about conferences, workshops and lectures SEFORÏS members participated in on our website, here
23 May 2015
Workshop: "The Role of innovations in enhancing NGOs Sustainability"
First findings from SEFORÏS presented at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow
Alexandra Ioan
Moscow, Russian Federation
21 May 2015
Social Enterprise Day
Prof. ​Marieke Huysentruyt
Utrecht, Netherlands 
19 May 2015
Lecture by Prof. ​Marieke Huysentruyt
Moscow School of Civic Education 
Moscow , Russian Federation
15 April 2015
UnLtd SEE Change Scale & Growth Conference
Presentation on “Social innovation” – Key drivers and how to make social innovations stick to deliver social impact
Prof. Ute Stephan
Nottingham, United Kingdom 
11 April 2015
Berkeley-Paris Organizational Economics Workshop
Lecture: "CEO’s Values, Management Style and Firm Performance: Evidence from Social Enterprise in Europe"
Prof. Marieke Huysentruyt
Berkeley, United States 
26 March 2015
Social Entrepreneurship Exchange Network
Workshop and panel discussing ‘Value of Networks’ for Social Entrepreneurship
Prof. Ute Stephan
Birmingham, United Kingdom

10 March 2015
Social Entrepreneurship Research Day
Presentations and paper development workshop lead by Aston SEFORÏS
Prof. Ute Stephan, Dr. Emma Folmer, Andreana Drencheva, Prof. Tomasz Mickiewicz
Birmingham, United Kingdom 
16 February 2015
EFESEIIS Project Meeting and Stakeholder Workshop
SEFORÏS Presentation: Input on how to create enabling eco-systems for Social entrepreneurship
Prof. Ute Stephan
Warsaw, Poland
19 January 2015
2nd International German Forum
Conference and Discussion about "What matters to people – innovation and society”
Prof. Johanna Mair
Berlin, Germany
Academic partners and research institutions
Social entrepreneur support and financing organisations
SEFORIS is a flagship multi-disciplinary, multi-method international research project on social enterprises funded by the European Commission. For more information, visit our website  
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