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A Word from the President

Happy New Year to all and I trust you will have a successful 2014. Certainly Ifpra has a large agenda to energise Ifpra, deliver greater value to you and develop a new model world urban parks organisation or “New Ifpra” with our friends in other organisations.

Firstly you will have noticed the new-format monthly Ifpra e-Newsletter that integrates with Ifpra’s new website. Some of you will have checked out the website while under development and it is now live at Ifpra’s original address

We are keen to know how you find the website and all ideas and comments are welcome at For the first time it is possible to translate the website into 50 languages and although the quality of a computer translation can be poor, this should continue to improve and make the website more internationally accessible.

Later stages will include a member’s area and on-line membership fee and event payments. The e-Newsletter displays quickly in the body of your email without attachments or need to open PDFs, and links to the website to see the full article or to read it in a different language. We are also exploring options for free iPhone and tablet-friendly applications, such as Flipboard.

Now I must tell you that your Executive has had to make the hard decision to cease the production of Ifpra World for the time being, primarily for financial reasons. Currently as a 250 member organisation we do not generate sufficient income to maintain a printed magazine that costs more than half our income, and we have other services and priorities to consider during a significant development phase.

Indeed there are associations with 1,500 members that prefer frequent, flexible and interactive internet-based communications to a printed periodical magazine, and this too is why we have been developing our internet communications.

However Ifpra World has been an important part of Ifpra and a flagship communication over the last decades so I have asked Alan Smith, as the long-serving editor of Ifpra World to do a Special Issue for March to celebrate and salute Ifpra World’s contribution through a retrospective selection of the best of Ifpra World over the years.

I’m also proud to announce that the Ifpra Academy website has gone live at This has been a significant achievement by the Ifpra Academy Board of Regents in partnership with Indiana University’s Eppley Institute for Parks and Lands.

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Our new website is live

Ifpra has launched a modern new website for members and other people interested in urban parks and recreational facilities.

Online at, the site provides news and reports on recent parks, gardens and open spaces conferences, as well as information about Ifpra programmes and events. We have also added a computer translation function (see the drop down menu at the top right) to help non-English speaking Ifpra members make some sense of the content on the website.

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Ifpra medallist profile - John Brandenburg

Australian member John Brandenburg was awarded the prestigious Ifpra Gold Medal in October 2013 “In recognition of significant and dedicated service to furthering the values and ideals of the Ifpra vision” over a period of more than two decades.

The medal was presented by incoming president Emmanuel Trueb, who awarded three gold and three silver Ifpra medals to members who had made significant contributions to Ifpra.

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Cliff Lacey to be Yardstick manager for Canada

In January 2014, Cliff added a role to his consulting services. Cliff is the Yardstick Canada Project Manager. He will promote the Yardstick park and recreation benchmarking program across Canada and support those communities that are already part of the program.

Cliff has a background in Parks and Recreation Management in Government organisations and was Manager of Parks and Open Spaces at Strathcona County Council, Alberta before turning to consultancy.

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Pre Ifpra World Congress Tour in Alberta, Canada

Cliff and Gail Lacey and Barry and Jan Manchak were among Ifpra members who took part in a tour of parks and special places in Alberta, Canada, prior to the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Conference and Ifpra World Congress at the end of last year.

Read Cliff and Barry’s account of the tour, accompanied by some great photos taken by Gail.

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Member Contact List Circulated

By now Ifpra members should all have received an updated contact list with the names and email addresses of your fellow members. The list was circulated earlier this month to members only to help us keep in touch and share knowledge and ideas. We hope you find it useful.

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Ifpra Rep Sought for Healthy Parks Healthy People Guidelines

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is seeking an Ifpra representative to join a working group responsible for developing its Healthy Parks Healthy People Guidelines document. The guidelines will provide best practice advice for organisations that wish to improve human health by reconnecting people with nature.

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Ifpra Asia Pacific and Malaysia Urban Greenspace Conference

The Ifpra Asia Pacific and Malaysia Urban Green Space Conference will be held from 24-28 June in Penang, Malaysia.

Registrations for the conference are now open and oral and poster paper submissions from Ifpra members are welcome. The conference, presented in English, will mix regional South-East Asia with broader international perspectives.

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Other events

We have an exciting schedule of events planned in fascinating locations all over the world. For information about all upcoming Ifpra conferences and events, visit our website.

See all upcoming Ifpra Congresses and Events section of our website>>

Contributions welcome

We welcome your contributions to keep the newsletter interesting, vibrant and relevant. Contributed articles up to 1,000 words in length are preferred, and each should ideally be accompanied by a photo or image.

If you have a news article, research summary, event report or photo to share with the Ifpra community, please email Ifpra CEO Digby Whyte at or James Heffield, Ifpra Communications, at
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