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A word from the President

EmanuelThis month you will receive an e-link to a special issue of Ifpra World celebrating the magazine’s contribution through four decades as a flagship Ifpra service.

We asked Alan Smith, as Ifpra World editor, to make a personal selection of articles that illustrated these four decades. He has selected 16 interesting articles in a special 36 page issue, as well as providing an editorial overview. Please feel free to share the link, or a downloaded PDF, with your colleagues as we would like members and non-members alike to celebrate and enjoy this occasion.

As you know, Ifpra World has been shelved for now on the basis of cost (the special issue is electronic-only), a need to focus resources on building other services and a potential new Ifpra, and on using more immediate and translatable electronic media. One of the key values of Ifpra World was sharing plans, best practice, activities and park issues with one another and I encourage you to continue this by making contributions to this e-newsletter and our website.

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Your contributions: the 'best' green space

Last month, we asked you to tell us about the ‘best’ green space. Please keep these rolling in.

Gaziantep Municipality Park, Gardens and Green Areas Department in Turkey submitted the Atatürk Kultur Park in Gaziantep, along with this poster highlighting some of the park’s attributes, such as cafés and restaurants, children’s playgrounds, sports and science facilities, and important buildings such as the Ulu Camii (Grand Mosque).

Derek Roozen from Christchurch City Council put forward Hagley Park in Christchurch – “a central city park, moving with the times”. He’s provided a description of the park, which can be found by following the link below.

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Asia-Pacific conference promotes green cities

More than 100 participants from around the world attended the Ifpra Asia Pacific and Malaysia Urban Greenspace Conference last month in Penang, Malaysia.

The conference was held from 24-28 June and was built around the theme of Parks as melting pots and venues for environmental learning.

Hosted by Malaysia for the first time, the conference discussed challenges and shared best practise and methods for balancing a healthy development for human needs and conservation of natural resources in urban areas.

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World Urban Parks Organisation Task Force

The Task Force Strategy Group is now consulting with the Task Force Reference Group on key issues relating to the need, role, benefits, governance, budget and membership fee of the new model organisation.

The Reference Group is an expanding group of leaders, both outside and within Ifpra, representing city parks departments from around the world as well as national associations, universities, businesses, NGOs, and respected individuals.

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US parks a drone no go zone

The US National Park Service has outlawed launching landing or operating drones from 84 million acres of public lands and waterways, saying the unmanned aircraft annoy visitors, harass wildlife and threaten safety. Whether drones or model aircraft, this form of recreation has proven difficult to accommodate in urban and now non-urban parks.

To read more, see the livescience article: Drones Banned from All US National Parks.

State of UK Public Parks 2014 raises alarm

Parks in the United Kingdom are at serious risk of slipping back into decline, similar to the 1970s and 1980s, according to a new report released by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Heritage Lottery Fund recently commissioned three surveys to determine the state of the United Kingdom’s public parks.

The report showed public parks are currently in a good state, with usage increasing and communities taking on a greater role, but this is in danger of declining.

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Vibrant new website for The Parks Alliance

The Parks Alliance was established last year to give the UK’s greenspace organisations and stakeholders a unified voice.

This new organisation now has a brand new website to match.

Viewers are greeted by a vibrant homepage that is simple and easy to navigate. Users can find out more about the organisation, its perspectives, and objectives.

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Fresh online look for Basel Park Department

Switzerland’s Basel Park Department has given its website a fresh new look this month. The new website is well structured, fresh and accessible to ensure it meets the needs of today’s online community.

As well as providing information about the organisation, the website caters to both private home owners and businesses involved with green space activities. There are helpful tips for leisure gardens, as well as useful information for businesses and services.

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Lyon's approach applied to urban planning

By Daniel Boulens

The French city of Lyon is involved in international cooperation with many other cities around the world. Addis Ababa, a fast growing city in Ethiopia, is among these.

There are many examples of international cooperation around transport, water supply, architecture and social matters. However, landscape in urban planning is something new.

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Yardstick Benchmark of the month - July

This regular item shares a little of the value of Yardstick each month from the 2013 data for Parkcheck members in Europe, North America, Africa and Australasia. While Yardstick provides data on a number of common benchmarks for all countries, users within a country or region can also agree to establish additional benchmarks particular to them.

Two examples relating to the number of parks staff and salaries paid in New Zealand are provided at the following link as an example of what Yardstick users can request.

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Nordic Parks Congress

Gardeners and park managers, both Nordic and international, will soon be heading to Malmö, Sweden – the City of Parks – for the Nordic Parks Conference, held from 20-22 August.

The congress theme - green city - is an important one, as increasing urbanisation continues to impact on sustainable cities. City residents’ quality of life is crucial if a city is to be designated as successful and prosperous.

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Upcoming events

We have an exciting schedule of events planned in fascinating locations all over the world. For information about all upcoming Ifpra conferences and events, visit our website.

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Call for contributions

We welcome your contributions to keep the newsletter interesting, vibrant and relevant. Contributed articles up to 1,000 words in length are preferred, and each should ideally be accompanied by a photo or image.

If you have a news article, research summary, event report or photo to share with the Ifpra community, please email Ifpra CEO Digby Whyte at or James Heffield, Ifpra Communications, at

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