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Firstly, on behalf of every DOC family member, huge congratulations to Firoz for completing his 2nd Munga and achieving 90th place, under very difficult conditions.  Here is Firoz at the finish line.  Can't wait to read his race report.  

Please take note that we have postponed the Kiddie Christmas Night Ride scheduled for 12 December.  A new date will be announced in due course.

Developing an elite level pedal stroke

Not everyone is gifted with the physiological abilities that help Chris Lieto, Fabian Cancellara or Alberto Contador dominate their respective cycling domains.  However, with some hard work, it’s possible to develop cycling skills that are as good or better than such elite athletes.  This is the case when it comes to pedal stroke efficiency.

As is evident in swimming, strength and conditioning aren’t the only determinants of speed in the water.  An athlete with superior swim stroke efficiency and swim skill can glide past a stronger and more fit athlete with a inferior swim stroke/skill.  Cycling is much the same.  Gliding through each pedal stroke producing the most efficient power output allows an athlete to maximize their strength, conditioning and endurance to produce the best possible cycling performance.

A lot more goes into technical climbing than just “pedal and pray”!  Getting your bike up and over technical terrain requires you to use multiple tools in your riding toolbox usually in quick succession, at low speed and with precision.  Let’s break down the art of technical climbing and see if we can get you clearing those daunting climbs with less frustration and more success.

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DOC Gang Etiquette rules

By Mark Segers

As representing the DOC MTB family should be something that we are all exceptionally proud of doing, we have decided to have our own set of DOC Etiquette rules.

This Family was founded by people who care about the sport and strays that we met on our journey.  In 2012, 5 overweight guys and 1 skinny oke, all who were exceptionally unfit, started exploring the dusty tracks that we ride today.

DOC’s original name was Dilapidated old Cronies.  We used to have lots of fun back in the day and it’s time to bring the joy of MTBing back to the group.

Our Motto was that:    We Leave Nobody Behind and that’s how we have run this family for the past 9 years.  

So here goes:

1)    If you are in possession of DOC cycling jersey and you’re riding with the group, then be proud to wear it.  If you have become a lean cycling machine aka race snake, and your cycling jersey is now too big, then it’s time for a new one.  Letour will be happy to get the correct size/cut to show off the new-found six-pack. BE PROUD TO WEAR YOUR DOC KIT 

2)    Be courteous at all times, to all other riders, as well as roadies 😊.  Let’s abide by the rules of the road as this will save lives.

3)    If you are riding with a group and have time constraints, please do not enforce this on everyone else. Advise the ride captain of your intention to cut short, let him know when you leave the group to make your own way home. Also, pop a message on the WhatsApp group to advise that you are home safe and sound.

4)    If someone has a technical problem and you have the tools and the ability to help, then please do so as others can learn from you.  The quicker the technical is fixed, the quicker you can resume your ride.

5)    Please make sure that your bike is serviced on a regular basis and wheels are slimed every 3 months.

6)    If you have just come back from holiday and have gathered a few extra kgs, or been off the bike for a while, please don’t ride in the group you were previously riding in. Rather drop back a group and get your strength and fitness back.

7)    If our rides/times do not suit your training program and you are willing to take a group, then please discuss this with us as there may be others who will want to join you.  It is difficult to cater for all training needs & time slots/family commitments, but let’s try and work together on this, rather than having break-away DOC groups.

8)    Do not attempt to ride if you are sick or recently recovering from flu. 

The DOC family has grown over the years and it’s not easy to cater for everyone, but as one of the biggest MTB groups in SA, we have done something right.

What You Should Be Carrying With You On Every Ride

  • Chain links
  • Drop out
  • Spare tube
  • Tyre leavers
  • Bombs
  • Check your tyre sealant, this needs to be topped up every 3 months.
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Weekend Ride Schedule during the holiday season

Saturday & Sunday rides will continue through December as usual, i.e. meet at Rietvlei 06h15 to leave at 06h30.  Ride captains, route and distance can be discussed and decided upon by all.

Please continue to practice social distancing, i.e. no hugging, do not ride if you have been in contact with anyone who is positive, do not ride if you are not feeling well, have your buff handy.  We all know the rules! 
  • We love having 'newbies' joining the Beginners Group, but before you do, you must be able to ride at least 30km and/or ride 2 laps of Rietvlei.
  • For those coming out of hibernation, please check the average speed below and slot into the group relevant to your fitness level.
  • Routes may be changed on the day, subject to numbers and ride captains.
  • Groups will be split if too large.

Just a reminder for those riding on Sunday - the Midvaal 100 Miler race will be taking place, starting from The Circus.  Please plan your route accordingly.                    

Weekday Night Rides 


(Now every Tuesday night with alternating Ride Captains)
Ride Captains:  The Bat Team (Mike & Glenda) 
Ride Captains:  Whispering Captains (Graham & Tania)
Distance:  30/35km at a chilled pace of 16/18 average km/h
Race Snakes: 
leaving at 18h00 at an average speed of 22/23 km/h
Green group:  leaving at 18h30 at an average speed of 21/22km/h
Mellow Yellow group:  leaving at 18h30 at an average speed of 16/18km/h.

All night rides are subject to having a minimum of 8 riders.

Check Telegram for regular updates on the day.

NB:  you cannot ride without a light!

How To Ride At Night | Everything You Need To Know About MTB Riding In The Dark

Cool DOC Kit For Sale

(in all sizes, especially 'too many trips to the fridge' size)
Shop online 

or you can contact Gary Crossley on 083 310 5304
Just a reminder that we have upgraded DOC face masks for sale as well.

Wear your DOC kit with pride, unless you are doing dodgy stuff!!
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