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Well, I am sure that we have all realised that Winter has attacked us from one side and Eskom from the other side.  Double Whammy!  Layer-up cup cakes and keep on riding your bicycle as we all know that Summer Bods are made in Winter.

GOOD LUCK to those doing the Berg & Bush next week.  Have fun and keep the rubber-side down.


Sunday, 04 September - Kiddies' Spring Day Ride 
Friday, 24th to Sunday, 26th September - Parys long weekend (accommodation to be booked direct - Contact Us (

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Our Local Legend, Molly de Jager,
Successfully Summits
Mount Everest

“Never again” – that was my emphatic answer when asked if I would go back to Mt Everest. It was 2015, just days after I’d survived the avalanche that struck Base Camp on 25 April.

Fast forward to 12 May 2021 at 08:20 am, and I stood on the summit of Mt Everest 8848m, the 6th South African woman to do so.

Fortunately, many adventurers, especially high-altitude ones, suffer from some sort of memory loss. We quickly forget the pain, suffering and loss of our last adventure and are soon rearing to go for the next one.

My capacity for suffering, love of mountains and appetite for altitude began in February 2000 when I climbed Kilimanjaro. What started off as a road trip culminated in reaching the highest peak in Africa, and set me off on the quest to climb the 7 summits 10 years later.

I have since climbed:

  • Mt Elbrus (2010)
  • Aconcagua (2014)
  • Denali (2014)
  • Carstensz Pyramid (2019)
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Race to the Sun Race Report 

By Ivan Bailie

Should I, shouldn’t I? Can I, can’t I? These were some of the thoughts going thru my head all triggered by Capt. Tania who said she was not available to take the Mellow Yellows on Sat 8 May because she was going to do Race to the Sun. So basically 5 days to the event. Not ideal to get in some extra late training for the event. I of course wanted to do Race to the Sun. Up to now, I had done a few 100km rides of which the recent Vaaldam Ride was one. So, how much more difficult can an extra 60km be with no specific longer than 100km training? Hmmm, time to consult with coach Bennie. He has done several long distance rides and in my mind he will give me the low down on Race to the Sun. So I phone Bennie. Tell him what I want to do. He asks, “How many km’s do you clock up in a week?” Answer, “250km”….” You can do it, just don’t hammer the first 80km, pace yourself, eat at the water points and eat energy bar between water points. Make sure you have enough hydration. Go and enjoy the ride! Remember the 2nd half will be tougher.”

Next problem, I do not have a Race to the Sun entry. So I start asking around on various groups. Nothing by Wednesday, still no entry. Now I’m thinking I’m not going to get an entry. Oh well, I can do it next year. SIGH. I’ll just be one year older and father time is catching up. SIGH.

3 Common Bike Set Up Mistakes that will sabotage your standing climbing.

By James Wilson

Most mountain bikers don’t realize how important their bike set up is for standing climbing. In fact, a lot of what most riders feel as standing climbing being “hard” is really your bike set up making it that way.

The irony is that these bike fit tips will also help your skills as well – you’ll descend with more confidence, corner faster and feel more stable when/if you jump.

What’s worse, some very common bike fit advice falls into this category. Here are 3 common bike set up tips that make it harder to stand up and pedal and how you should have your bike set up instead:

1) Having a long stem to help with climbing. This advice comes from the theory that you need to spread your weight out over the bike in order to keep your front end weighted while climbing. The problem is that this only applies to seated climbing and when you stand up with a long stem your weight gets pulled too far forward, making it tough to get your hips back to weight the rear end. Using a 50-60 mm stem will not only make it easier to get your weight in the right spot for standing pedaling but give you much better control of the bike on descents as well.

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What You Should Be Carrying With You On Every Ride

  • Chain links
  • Drop out
  • Spare tube
  • Tyre leavers
  • Bombs
  • Check your tyre sealant, this needs to be topped up every 3 months.
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Weekend Ride Schedule

Please continue to practice social distancing:  DO NOT RIDE IF YOU HAVE HAD COVID, until cleared to do so by your Doctor; no hugging;  do not ride if you have been in contact with anyone who is positive; do not ride if you are not feeling well; have your buff handy.  We all know the rules! 
  • We love having 'newbies' joining the Beginners Group, but before you do, you must be able to ride at least 30km and/or ride 2 laps of Rietvlei.
  • Please check the average speed below and slot into the group relevant to your fitness level.
  • Routes may be changed on the day, subject to numbers and ride captains.
  • Groups will be split if too large.

Weekday Night Rides 

(subject to weather conditions)
Social Tuesdays
18h00 to leave at 18h15
Pace:  16/18kph
Distance:  35/40km

Workout Wednesdays 
Meet:  18h00 to leave at 18h15
Race Snake pace:  22/23 kph
Green pace:  20/22 kph
Distance:  40 to 50km

All groups are subject to a minimum of 8 riders.
Check Telegram for regular updates

NB:  you cannot ride without a light!

Why go mountain biking at night? - YouTube

Cool DOC Kit For Sale

Contact Gary Crossley on 083 310 5304

Wear your DOC kit with pride, unless you are doing dodgy stuff!!

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Facebook Group
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