November 2019 
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Welcome to the second edition of our monthly newsletter, where we feature some of our work and events and highlight news and opinion in Australia and around the world on international justice. 

We've been working hard on some important projects with partners and communities to build cases for legal action and we would be grateful for your support to help us continue that work. 

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The Report | Film Screening + Discussion, Monday 9 December

We're excited to be hosting our first event. In Sydney, we will be screening The Report, a film that follows the efforts of the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence's inquiry into the CIA's detention and interrogation program. We will also be joined by former New York Times correspondent Raymond Bonner and lawyer Fiona Nelson to speak about the impact of the report, the role of journalists and lawyers in uncovering and challenging CIA torture and the work that's still to be done. 

Don't miss it, book your tickets and tell your friends and colleagues! For more details click on the link below. 
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Our Legal Advocacy 
International Criminal Court | Assembly of States Parties 2019 

Stay tuned for updates from us in December in an important week for the International Criminal Court and the Rome Statute system of international justice as States Parties, observer States, international and regional organisations and civil society meet in The Hague, The Netherlands for the 18th session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute. In addition, the Appeals Chamber of the ICC will be hearing oral arguments appealing the April 2019 decision of the Pre-Trial Chamber II which refused the Office of the Prosecutor's request to open a formal investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Afghanistan. We will be there and we'll bring you updates from the meetings, debates and discussions with the delegations and civil society as we hope to contribute to advancing Australia's role in the fight against impunity. 
News & Current Affairs 
Colonial genocide - Australia / The Killing Times research reveal violent episodes and massacres by Australian government forces, police and magistrates against Indigenous peoples in 1920s
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Colonial genocide - Namibia / A new report by the ECCHR on the German colonial genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama people and the quest to seek recognition, justice and reparations
Read the report

Colonial crimes / Belgium begins to face brutal colonial legacy of Leopold II a century after millions died in the Congo
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Universal jurisdiction / Informative thread of some of the current universal jurisdiction action showing a resurgence of universal jurisdiction, particularly in Europe
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UK war crimes in Iraq & Afghanistan / Investigative reporting has revealed political pressure and interference in war crimes investigations by UK government ministers and the Ministry of Defence regarding allegations of torture and war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan
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Occupied Palestine / Palestinian NGOs condemn US policy statement on Israeli settlements as a gross misrepresentation of well-established and recognised international law
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US war crimes in Afghanistan / Trump pardoning of US army personnel convicted or accused of war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq undermines justice 
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Rohingya genocide / A momentous week for accountability for the Rohingya with three complementary legal strategies at the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court and universal jurisdiction filing in Argentina, writes Priya Pillai
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Yazidi genocide /  UN investigative team (UNITAD) set up by the Security Council to collect and preserve the evidence for future prosecutions has identified 160 IS militants accused of massacres of Yazidis in northern Iraq
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Afghanistan at the ICC / The hearing before the Appeals Chamber of the ICC from 4-6 December is an opportunity to restore confidence in the ICC and its ability to provide justice without fear or favour, writes Kobra Moradi
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Iran / Sweden arrests Iranian national allegedly involved in the 1988 prison massacres of thousands of detainees  
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Iraq / Sweden opens investigation against Iraqi defence minister on accusations of crimes against humanity for deaths and injuries against protestors in current uprising 
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China / Leaked papers from Xinjiang on the mass detention camps of 1 million Uyghyrs and other ethnic minorities reveal direct links to President Xi Jingping
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Impunity in Sri Lanka / Return of Gotabaya Rajapaksa to power is the culmination of a decade of impunity following the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, writes Brannavy Jeyasundaram
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Egypt / A new report by Amnesty International exposes Egypt's prosecution service complicity in enforced disappearances and torture 
Read the report
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