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                                Making Pies…
Greetings dear reader & welcome to my world again this week. Well, here we are then, just a few days away from another passing year. It is at times such as these, with some space capacity in terms of our time, one reflects on the year just past & the new one yet to come.

What I have learned this last year, is we are all infinite beings with infinite power, abilities & access to infinite amounts of love. Look at nature & see how abundant it is, with plants, trees, birds, flies, animals abound. The same amount of abundance is available to each & every one of us.
We are all infinite beings, we are equal, not better than, not worse than, but we all still have a unique essence. As an individual, you matter. You add something to the mix called life which only you can add. Honour this. Honour you. Know with every fibre of your being you are valued & loved beyond words.

The best thing you can do for anyone, including yourself, is to like you, your body, & your life. Liking yourself will allow you to receive the greatness of who you really should be. By being this greatness of who you truly are, you will positively affect your environment just by breathing.

What is your job here? Your job is to be the best you can be.
How do you do this? You do it by liking yourself, your body & your life. You allow yourself to expand into your greatness regardless of how uncomfortable it can be for others.
Be easy on yourself! Nurture yourself. This is what the Universe wants from you.

When you see someone achieving something great, take it as a sign it has opened a door of greatness for you and others. Often when others win the lottery or get a sought-after, high-paying job, we can take it badly. Somehow, so many of us have developed a ‘pie mentality’: if someone gets the coveted job, we think a big portion of the pie is gone & we are left with just a smidgen.   [1]

The reality is really, when anyone gets a coveted job, wins a lottery or does well in business, it creates more pies, so others have the opportunity to do the same.

Go make pies. You deserve it, your friends & loved ones deserve it!

You are a powerful infinite being. Be you & change the world!
I like you, in fact, I love you. Thank you!

I hope my comments are helpful this week dear readers, & again, provide just an opinion, from my world. Thank you for taking the time to be with me, I hope my journey may encourage you also. This is Kenn Butler in Paradise, Nelson. With my best wishes for 2020 & another year…                        I may take the next week off, but look forward to being with you all again soon.

[1] Inspiration & appreciation to Angela Gower-Johnson. From childhood Angela has been gifted with the ability to tap into people's energy & thoughts. As she grew older, she embraced & enhanced this gift by seeking wise counsel & ancient teachings. Her natural curiosity & desire to deal with her own life challenges has lead her on a magical journey of spiritual & personal development spanning three decades.

Kenn Butler
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