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                                        An Easy One Minute

Good afternoon dear reader & welcome to my world for another week. I came across some fascinating information this last week. One minute is all it takes to improve your memory, boost your self-esteem, & help you to be more productive & happier.

So, this is how I understand this is done. Take a pen & hold it up to your face, about 30 centimetres from your eyes, then focus your gaze on the point of the pen for one minute. Do not let yourself think about unpaid bills, cleaning the garage, the report due at the office, or even who Taylor Swift is dating. Stop the inner chatter of your mind, hold your focus on the point of the pen, & just breathe. [1]

One minute is all it takes, in fact setting a timer will help prevent worrying about the passing time as well. Focus your eyes on the pen for only a minute. The suggestion also cautions doing this for more than a minute as it may cause eye strain.

Why this Works? Yes, you may feel silly at first, but one minute staring at the pen can help you increase your focus & concentration. According to studies, [2] due to technology & over-stimuli of our hectic, multi-tasking lives, the average person has an 8.25-second attention, which is a little less than a goldfish. However, this pen life-hack trick is the equivalent to a minute of deep focus meditation, the perfect antidote to this over-stimulated life.

Usually associated with Buddhist monks & Eastern practices, meditation has been embraced by modern successful entrepreneurs of our time like Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson & Michael Jordan, to aid them in their productivity, generating ideas & focus.

One minute of deep focus on a daily basis can calm your “monkey mind,” as life coach Tony Robbins likes to call the incessant mental chatter & worry dancing around our brains all the time. Once you tame your monkey mind, you are better able to concentrate on the tasks before you.
One minute of pure focus can make you feel more relaxed, more productive, less stressed & even happier. Researcher Catherine Kerr of the Osher Research Centre stated meditation helps to improve rapid memory recall [3] by tuning out the outside distractions around you. One minute of meditation can boost your immune system, decrease pain & make you feel more compassionate. [4]

You can learn faster, learn more, get better grades, stay more focused & become calmer at the same time. Tasks which once seemed daunting no longer feel this way. The task did not change, you did. Your reaction to the situation changes the situation. This quick life-hack changes you for the better.

Personally, I struggled with meditation until the last 10~12 years, however, & I am still learning, but anything to alleviate the inner chatter of your mind & negativity which arises periodically must be beneficial. Using this easy life-hack trick on a regular daily basis can I suspect help one become anything more focused & better than before. One minute, one easy life-hack & one pen. What do you have to lose dear reader?

Thank you for taking the time to be with me once again, & I hope my journey may encourage you also; this is Kenn Butler in Paradise, Nelson, with my best wishes & too you all, a splendid Christmas week.

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Kenn Butler
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