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Greetings dear friends & welcome to my world again this week. A few troubling studies have been released in the recent weeks depicting the ongoing decline of belief & confidence amongst Millennials. Millennials are typically known to be people born between the years 1980 & 2000, & they will be the largest generation within a few years. While the lack of drive & enthusiasm have been widely discussed for some time, the bad news about the lack of such conviction in Millennials is we do not care enough to make a difference.

We are a proud nation once founded upon the back of a culture where our values of hard work has been replaced by a pursuit of individual happiness & dissatisfaction generally.

The lack of belief or confidence in oneself amongst Millennials is unlike anything we have ever seen before. In the circles I run in, we are quick to throw blame on Millennials for being immature & to place the blame on them for why this country is going down in flames. To be fair, we probably need to take much of the criticism, given it is primarily our generation who have both allowed this to happen & in many cases trained ~ hence the culture today.

The studies of these findings highlight three major problems I see:

Standing on the Side-lines
What is troubling to me is not the statistics & the studies depicting the lack of confidence in Millennials. The statistics do not scare me. Rather, how we are responding to Millennials. Rather than offering encouragement, we are quick to place blame. It is a lot easier to stand on the side-lines yelling at the refs than it is to put ourselves in the game.

As an alternative to being an influence, we watch television every night.

Rather than getting involved, we wait for someone else with vision to extend to the next generation first. After all, if he or she is not on board with this, why should we be? At some point, we have to acknowledge the excuses no longer cover up our lack of care for others.
I have yet to meet a single person who did not struggle with confidence in something somewhere along the journey of life. Goodness, I know I did in my early life & career.

I have seen the movie The Way & was struck with how much we give the idea of unwavering faith a platform. With this picture of an ideal belief in one hand & our own reality, as an unending journey with struggles, doubts, & mistakes in the other hand; it is no wonder we walk away to somewhere else to meet our needs instead.

The current environment most of us have come to know is a rules-driven, legalistic, head disconnected from heart, sit up straight & pay attention, type of duty.

Disparaging statistics about Millennials aside, I believe we are only further alienating people who are searching for a place to share in the struggles & questions of life with others.

Millennials have often known life to be a place where people & leaders put on their happy faces to fake their way through life. Rather, we need to be a place where we engage in the harsh realities of life.
People are constantly searching for hope, for love, & for someone to genuinely care for them right where they are. The bad news about the lack of faith among Millennials is we do not see it as an opportunity. I am not advocating for passing off blame from Millennials. We have much to learn when it comes to navigating life.
I am just simply asking you to stop blaming Millennials & start getting to know them.

By engaging others in personal relationships, you will change statistics without realizing it. Do not throw around survey statistics; extend a hand instead.

I hope my comments each week are helpful dear readers; & again, provide just an opinion, from my world. Thank you for taking the time to be with me, I hope my journey may encourage you also. This is Kenn Butler in Paradise, Nelson, with my best wishes.


Kenn Butler
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