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                                 Observations or Complaints…

Good afternoon my friends & welcome to my world for another week. I believe it is usually poor human action which leads to complaints becoming a problem. Our mental & emotional baggage takes the form of bad memories, festering resentments & useless regrets. We waste time berating ourselves & others about bad decisions & experiences which are behind us.

In my experience these days, regretfully, when making a suggestion or comment, I often feel the need to qualify such as an ‘observation’, as not to do so can be seen as one of a complaint. However, the magic of the past, whether good or bad, can be used to transform any mental garbage into a useful experience. A past mistake can become an asset when we share it with others. Pain & suffering can teach a lesson helping us to grow.

Conversely complaining usually makes things worse. The cycle often goes like this: you have a problem so you complain & stay stuck. You feel bad, so you complain even more & end up with stress, but no solution. How many calm & undisturbed complainers do you know? So, I have learned complaining will typically not get you where you need to go.

Perhaps an example & a story to clarify. There was a time when people thought the earth was flat, & man would never walk on the moon. In 1899 the US Patent Office almost closed because the commissioner, Charles H. Duell, said; ‘Everything which can be invented has been invented.’ In retrospect this statement is ridiculous, but I have met some people who have the same mind-set.

They stop learning because for example a belief they are too old. Others are afraid to change careers in case a pension is jeopardized. Others do not pursue dreams in case they fail. Society is becoming so used-to self-imposed limitations & telling themselves, ‘I cannot do this’; they begin to think they are not able to do anything. In essence they have built a box, crawled inside, & are now looking for something or someone to blame, pretty much because of their own lack of faith.

A story then for you as an example of how to reverse this new paradigm & trend. A little boy was crippled & the doctors said there was nothing they could do to help him. So his mother took an orange crate, put him in it, tied a rope around it, tied the rope to her waist, & pulled him around with her. After a while the boy developed a habit his mother did not like: he began to rock his box. Sometimes he rocked it to the point it tipped over & he fell out. No matter how many times she put him back in, he kept doing the same thing.

Eventually the boy rocked his box until he was finally able to get out of it. Then, to the amazement of everyone, he learned how to walk & ended up with a great life. Sounds like a fairy tale ~ & they lived happily ever after. This little boy did something the doctors & not even his mother believed could happen. He refused to settle for life inside a box someone else had put him in. 

So my question for you this week dear reader, has someone put you in a box recently, especially one you do not wish to be in? If so, keep rocking your box until you are free! Other people are self-appointed ‘experts’ at telling us what we can & we cannot do. They do not always celebrate anything ‘out of the box’, which can often be something ‘out of the ordinary’.

We were not made my friends for being put in a box ~ we do it to ourselves, trust me here, I have been there; & we need to take the initiative for breaking out. If you are there now, resolve today not to worry about the baggage any longer than it takes to identify it & release it for transformation.  

Thank you for taking the time to be with me once again. I hope my journey may encourage you also. This is Kenn Butler in Paradise, Nelson, with my best wishes for success & results in the week ahead. Please take care out there. I look forward to being with you all again next weekend.

1              Inspiration courtesy of The Word for Today ~ a free, daily devotional written by American Christian pastor Bob Gass & published around the world. June 22nd ~ Rock Your Box

Kenn Butler
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