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Learn How to Make the Case For Force-free Dog Training 

Have you had trouble  “making the case” for dog-friendly, Do No Harm, dog training and animal care to your fellow pet parents, or perhaps to pet professionals that you know?

Good news! My seminar, titled “Understanding Research: Making the Case for Force-free Training,” presented at the inaugural 2015 Pet Professional Guild (PPG) summit, is now available on DVD, to help you. Learn how to make the best use of the scientific materials available to you in order to most effectively support a position as Force-free pet parents and pet professionals. This presentation will help you sort through and understand the scientific resources to back up your Force-free methods with scientific facts. Facts and science are much harder to argue with than opinion!  Read more...

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What people are saying about this seminar:

“Truly, one of the best presentations I have ever been to!” – Abigail Witthauer, owner of Roverchase, a bond-based choice teaching facility. Pelham, Alabama

“Ms. Michael’s brilliant presentation was a game changer in my professional career. This is a must see video if you are a professional dog trainer looking to step it up a notch. To the science-based dog trainer that may not have a specific background or degree in science or psychology, this presentation has crucial resources to take your professional game to the next level. For dog owners that have an interest in behavior, you will love this too! You don’t have to be a dog trainer to enjoy this discussion and be inspired by Ms. Michaels.” – Dawn Hanna, dog trainer at Oh Behave Dog Training. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“As a former zoo gorilla trainer, I enjoyed the information on Linda’s training of wolf-dogs in a sanctuary setting. Linda Michaels’ presentation is a must-see for any animal trainer interested in the scientific basis for humane force-free behavior modification. Motivating animals to co-operate in their own training and care through positive methods will produce desired behaviors without the risk of the negative consequences of other less humane techniques.” – April Bove-Rothwell, zoo trainer. San Diego, California

“With a Master’s degree in Psychology, Linda is especially well-versed in understanding and applying research to her work with dogs and pet parents. If you are a force-free trainer who really wants the science-based information that supports your efforts teaching pet parents and others why these methods are effective (and why compulsion and force are methods that should have long ago been left in the dust), you will find this DVD indispensable.” – Francine Miller, owner of Call Ms. Behaving Dog Training. Carlsbad, California

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