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January 2017
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                                                           President's Message

I recently attended a local session of the Commercial Real Estate   Development Association, NAIOP. The event was about the 2017 Outlook for the industry. It was appropriately called: "Looking for a Sign. The keynote speaker, Dr. Mark Dotzour, a Real Estate economist, spoke about the Economic Outlook for Commercial Real Estate in this and the upcoming years.  Dr. Dotzour said he gives about 70 of these talks per year, and his mastery in dealing with crowds was evident. He had a number of very funny lines in his presentation that really kept the audience entertained.
For those of us who look at the economy and real estate from afar, Dr. Dotzour indicated that:
  • He is optimistic as to where the economy is today and where it is going.
  • The economy is supercharged after 75 months of economic expansion and really low interest rates.
  • He thinks that there are two to three years left on this economic cycle. If the expectations and policies can be managed, we can extend the cycle.
  • While the economy is close to full employment, and he is weary of large public investment projects that may lead to inflation. 
  • Dr. Dotzour mentioned that the media sells "crisis" as a way to increase revenue. That is the reason he encouraged people to check many sources of media, as they have complimentary visions of the same reality. 
  • The strength of our economy is causing large investments from the outside world, devaluing their currency and causing trouble for our exports. For the US, an 18 trillion dollar economy, exports in 2015 were 1.51 trillion dollars. 
The question to ask ourselves is how would we take advantage of these opportunities ahead of us.
At Innova, we are betting on a future with a goal that realizes our promise: Better Solutions. Engineered.
Wishing a healthy, peaceful, prosperous New Year for us all!
Carlos Banchik,

Innova: Engineering Innovation

Innova stands for innovation. Utilizing the most progressive technology results in extraordinary speed and precision. We excel in large and small projects of just about every type, but we are also known for work in areas which other firms may not have much experience.
For instance, there have been high profile projects where the team re-designed structures after construction started using existing scrap materials in order to save the contractor from going over budget.
Carlos Banchik, President of Innova, is internationally renowned for his designs on monorail projects, and he is the President of the International Monorail Association.
Rob Naples, Innova Vice-President, is known for his work in steel fabrication, but also has extensive experience in wooden carousel design.
Contact Innova today for projects requiring specialized design and review! 


Construction Has Its Ups & Downs

Structural Engineers love a great challenge. The team at Innova Technologies have designed beautiful structures to support intricate chandeliers, spanned great divides with notable bridges, and helped put smiles on children's faces in whimsical buildings filled with their favorite cartoon characters. All of these projects follow the same basic principals.
This photo of an industrial elevator shows the structures working together to support heavy loads. Utilizing the existing structure, we designed this freight elevator for a mechanical contractor, to be attached to the side of the building during construction. The design utilized the smallest amount of material for maximum strength. 


Associate Spotlight

Steve Moore has been a Senior Project Engineer with Innova since 2009. A 20 year resident of Las Vegas , Steve is happiest when he is cycling around the scenic route in Red Rock National Park. In fact, he puts nearly 4000 miles on his bike every year!
Asked his favorite part of being a structural engineer, he smiled and replied, "Problem solving." It is his steadfast attention to detail that made him particularly valuable when working on his favorite project to date, the monorail in Brazil.
Married for almost 39 years, Steve and his wife, Merri, were a huge hit at the company holiday party. Their laughter was contagious! 
Steve Moore's pleasant demeanor and impeccable professionalism earned him the Associate Spotlight for January 2017.

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