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December 2015
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Dear <<First Name>>,

Another year comes to an end, and we are surprised by the speed at which life is moving. It is difficult to regain balance during the year, so at the end of the year, with its slower pace, we have the time to think and plot our course ahead. Listening to a recent podcast, I heard an exceptional panel of doctors (Dr. Mark Hyman and James Gordon) and a philanthropist (Penny George) talking to Krista Tippett about the evolution of medicine, from a science that treats body organs and parts, into a more holistic approach. It is not our normal subject, but it was interesting to hear something I read about more than a decade ago in a book by Dr. Dean Ornish from UCSF, Reversing Heart Disease. The secret for human health and reversing heart disease are contained in very few steps or practices, backed up by research. 

As I remember the steps were:
  • Stop addiction to alcohol or tobacco. 
  • Eat a wholesome diet: Eat vegetables, low in saturated fats. Easier to undertake if we are motivated. 
  • Exercise regularly: Break a sweat each time you exercise. This enhances not only your health, but your mood as well. 
  • Have meaningful relationships: Intimate and familiar relationships and a group of friends that you can trust and be yourself with. This provides us with a sense of community and shared objectives.
  • Meditate: Helps rebalance life and puts us in touch with our inner selves.
All of these steps lead to a sense of balance and allow us to find purpose and meaning in life. 

May your holiday season be marked by your finding your internal voice again, reconnecting with your loved ones, and recommitting to our activities for next year!

Happy Holidays,

Carlos Banchik
Innova Technologies, Inc.
Note: Innova will close at noon December 24th , and reopen January 4th so that we may also reconnect with our own families and loved ones during this Holiday Season.
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