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June 2016
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Dear <<First Name>>,

I was listening to an interesting podcast from Hidden Brain on NPR. It was about How Google’s Laszlo Bock is Making Work Better. Mr. Bock is the Senior Vice President of People Operations for Google and he said, “We spend more time working than anything else. It’s not right that work be so demotivating and dehumanizing.” One of the ways that Google empowers their employees is by getting them to think they are founders or owners rather than employees. When employees feel like they ‘own’ their work, they will most likely do better.

This can be done by taking away power from the managers and giving it to the employees. This makes the employee more productive and allows them to get their work done. In the end, the manager becomes a coach and counsels the employee when they need guidance and support. To make sure this process works, the company needs to be transparent and we need to make sure we have the same goals, which gets into understanding each member of the team, and their personal and professional goals.

We have recently hired a few interns and junior engineers. As I walk into the office every day, I ask them how they are doing and my favorite follow up question is why they feel that way. Just to give you an example, Leo answers: “Fine, thanks for asking,” Ami answers: “Good,” and Francisco answers: “Living the dream!”

I wonder about how each answer reflects on the upbringing and life experiences of each one of these young professionals/professionals to be, and what led them to adopting those answers. How do people around you answer?

Best regards,

Carlos Banchik,

Career Day

Rob Naples, Vice President, and Neda Saeedy, Project Engineer, went to Vincent L. Triggs Elementary School to present at their 6th Annual Career Day. During each session, Rob asked the group of students, “Who can tell me what an Engineer is or does?” A third grade student said,

Engineers improve Humanity.”
Those three words that came from a third grade student perfectly described why we do what we do.

SOFiSTiK Training

Innova utilizes some of the most advanced software and technology. We ensure that our staff is up to date and we provide continuous training for the different software programs we use. Recently, a few of our engineers participated in a 2-day SOFiSTiK training instructed by Jose Bernardo Lobo at our offices.

Our engineers explored modeling methods which allow the user to create a model directly from an alignment (string of poly-lines) or even a surface in AutoCAD. This way, a bridge or other transportation structure is created directly from the roadway alignment, or a slab or roof can be created from an architectural rendering of the structure. A finite element mesh is then generated which allows user defined loads, materials, and other variables. The structure can then be designed using the required codes.

Welcome to Innova Ami!

Innova is pleased to introduce a new addition to our engineering team:

Ami Ilagan joins us as a Junior Engineer from the Universtiy of Nevada, Las Vegas. Ami had previously worked with Innova as an intern during the summer and holiday breaks as she pursued her Masters Degree in Structural Enginering. We are pleased to have her join our team.

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