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Why not take part in Blooming Monday. 
It's fun and easy to do and it raises awareness of  

- Depression and other mental health problems
- Mental Health Research UK's high caliber research 
and it helps fight the stigma.

You might even win our competition.

Dear Supporter,

I am writing to you specially as one of Mental Health Research UK's supporters to ask whether you would help us to raise awareness of the more common mental health problems such as depression.
For the last few years we have had an awareness raising campaign on 'Blue Monday' - the 3rd Monday in January - supposedly the most depressing day of the year. We are asking people especially in their workplaces to dress in bright clothes that day, even if it is just a bright tie or scarf, and to use it as an opportunity to talk about mental heath issues.
It is meant to be a bit of fun and an opportunity to get people talking about mental health issues. It isn't primarily a fundraising event though some of our supporters are happy to have a bucket collection for MHRUK on the day which is always most welcome!
Here is a link to our one page guide to Blooming Monday.  Learn More

Best wishes

Professor Clair Chilvers - Chair of Trustees

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